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  1. lot of question

    and where can i find danny?
  2. lot of question

    where can i find the key in mayors house? find goose for dirkon... find king lionel for elves.... uncurse the city of ejindro find alchemist new kettle find a ghost........ and where can i find danny? aislingyngaio: Merged posts
  3. southern isle

    i cant even pass it all enemy is so strong. how can i defeat it? and also the rootwell i get die easily///helpppppppppp
  4. bottle to capture fairies...

    i already talk to the king... and in my jornal says that i have to find bottle to capture the fairies......
  5. i been n sedona, but the only thing i see is the broken orb...where can i find the bottle?
  6. going to the wild woods

    any stradegy how to fight monster in mt. orion? really hard...
  7. how many exp. u should be to fight the monster in wild woods?
  8. the red egg

    thanks for the help.....
  9. the red egg

    yeah i been playing for almost 1 hr. n half and still the same....
  10. the red egg

    hello pls. help in aveyond quest, its been an hour or so and the old lady still saying shes waiting for the egg to be hatch, how many hrs. do u have to wait for u to come and check if its red or gold?
  11. nid help again

    and also the dog i cant even find it....
  12. nid help again

    how come on the map of the Land end i can see the cave of mt. orion and the enchanted garden, but when i explore it, its all block.... why is that? and also the dog i cant even find it....
  13. helpppppppppppp

    ah ok, another question, in wild wood in walkthrough say that on the east of the Wildwood Forests are some frozen men, but i cant even see it....
  14. helpppppppppppp

    who is argogyle? im sorry im just so confuse here, the aveyond 2 is clear for me rather than the 1st.......
  15. helpppppppppppp

    the aveyond is where i can find the sun shrine right? if not how to get there? where will i go?