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  1. I go for long and there's a demo...? DOOWWWNNNNLLOOOOAAADD ITTTT!!!!! XD XD Oh shit, i got test tomorrow -__-' Just can play it few days later then...
  2. Delphinus


    Well, hey, i think i can make pic for you, just look at my profile and go to my deviantart for example ^^
  3. Delphinus

    Where are you from?

    Philipines? Cool, we same south-east-asian then :D (i'm Indonesian, but i guess you'd now it from my avvie ._. )
  4. Delphinus

    umm.. How to make sprites?

    Easy way: Character maker, there's link of the progam somewhere in this forum... But it's not to good at all Hard way: Frankensprite. Using photoshop (or other drawing progam) for edit RMXP (combine with other, recolored it, etc..). A very easy,easy way: Some people make sprite for other people to use it, just search em up!! Or you can ask someone that can do frankensprite (i can do it a bit, and there's my friend that totally great at it )
  5. Delphinus

    Your In Game Preferences?

    Music lyrics would be nice. But better if it's only on intro and ending. -ABS -Turn based -Save anywhere -Nice plot, nice graphic (combined it and see the paradise XD)
  6. Delphinus


    Number 1. China mix with vampire sounds interesting
  7. Delphinus


    Yeepee!! After i haven't seen this topic, it's almost done!! :banana: And i draw Kemaru to you, Tei. Have pm it ^^
  8. Just pm me of what i should draw
  9. I could help you at making face or character graphic But, if you doesn't mind at my lineart, it's kinda thick. Just check my gallery at collegium for example
  10. Delphinus

    Bible Black : Birth

    Well, she is not taking request. Just pm me the picture of Sailor moon chara, and let see what i can do (i almost don't know nothing about sailor moon, lol )
  11. Delphinus

    Bible Black : Birth

    For scripter... I don't think i could help you, because i'm a blind code person -_-' But i can help you for sprite, though i'm pretty sure Sithjester have some Sailor moon sprite... (just search 'sithjester rmxp' at google, i have the link but i kinda forgot where i put it... And this pc is slow too now =.=' )
  12. Then pm Amanda She's the maker of AV2
  13. Delphinus

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Welcome for the third time Lesley!! :D And please just eat jam here, not blood... O_O
  14. Delphinus

    Post Your Picture!

    Two pic of Indonesian!!! XD XD XD These're great!!! :D Too bad i can't put my pics here, because my parents doesn't let me...
  15. Delphinus

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    Well, i'm sure you will great at making manga and anime For game, you can try RMXP though...