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  1. I go for long and there's a demo...? DOOWWWNNNNLLOOOOAAADD ITTTT!!!!! XD XD Oh shit, i got test tomorrow -__-' Just can play it few days later then...
  2. Philipines? Cool, we same south-east-asian then :D (i'm Indonesian, but i guess you'd now it from my avvie ._. )
  3. Delphinus


    Number 1. China mix with vampire sounds interesting
  4. Delphinus


    Yeepee!! After i haven't seen this topic, it's almost done!! :banana: And i draw Kemaru to you, Tei. Have pm it ^^
  5. Welcome for the third time Lesley!! :D And please just eat jam here, not blood... O_O
  6. Two pic of Indonesian!!! XD XD XD These're great!!! :D Too bad i can't put my pics here, because my parents doesn't let me...
  7. Well, i'm sure you will great at making manga and anime For game, you can try RMXP though...
  8. I changed my set to Japan (Finally got a cool pic of him ) @natalie: Soo ccuutee!!! :D (and she's one of my fav chara in Bleach too! XD )
  9. Cool set watershine!! :) (and hey! Long time not see you!! )
  10. @thha: Rukia!! XD XD Pretty set!! She's so cute :loving:
  11. Welcome to the Kingdom weee!!! :D
  12. lol Agas... It's nice too you make information here (though you not newbie), plus mostly people though you are boy We same at don't really care abot necessary things... XD And i like Hetalia too!! :D And you good at sewing too... I envy you Oh well, atleast i've raised up my CGing skill now (not good as you, but atleast it's pretty well for me ) Edit: And cool set Arwen!! :D
  13. Thinking about it.... Hey, you haven't long not login at Freebird sana!! :cry: It's so awesome of course!! :D :D (and you spell that right, sana ^-^ )
  14. @Elemental: :laughing: LOL at your siggie :laughing: @allets: Pretty boys!! XD XD Cool!! @natalie: Nice sets. :) @thha: So cute and prettyy!!! X3
  15. Deeww... You're so sweet thha!! X3 I guess my dream on my life is sharing my imagination with other people (wich, i'm try to do it now) and have many friend to company me... (i'm single child,so...)
  16. O_O That's already awesome for photoshop, not like my simple siggie XD (lazy me....) Great job!! ;)
  17. My new set!! America (the one at my avvie) and Canada from Hetalia :D (actually i want to put Japan because he's so cute =.=' ) @Elemental: Mel!! XD XD So cool set! @Ryo: Great set, and i love your movin avvie @allets: Great set too (and is that Hyuga over there? XD ) @M.C: Licking cat!! X3 So cutteee!! :loving: :loving: @griselmay: So sweet avvie! :loving: :loving:
  18. Yeah!! Have magic would be fun!! Especially flying!! :D :D I always want to be can fly
  19. :welcome: to the Kingdom dvn!!! @Arwengirl: Yep, of course Gandalf is cool too XD (for signature, you can find the pic at google or other place, and change ot to photoshop )
  20. Cool set all!!! :D :D I change my avatar to Ava, my first *cough* avvie *cough* that i draw of myself O_O I'll be used this, until i make new set... Edit: *wrong types >_>* It's from my Halloween Party pics, just search at my gallery if you wanna see it...
  21. ..Is there something new at your project Jee? (i got same bugs with natalie )
  22. Thanks for the lovely poem bro!! (the one that up,up ) *give him a very warm hugs* :loving: :loving:
  23. Bad me, bad me!! I have long time not see these >_< I LOVE all your poem Omega!!! Those're one of best lovely poem i ever read :loving: :loving: :loving: :loving:
  24. Welcome Arwengirl!!! Yeah!! I like Arwen and Aragorn too :loving: :loving: (but my fav chara still Legolas/Faramir )
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