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  1. Village Gate "Itachi, Thanks for walking with me to the gate but..." Konan stared at Itachi raising an eyebrow. "What? I want to come with you. Is there something wrong at that.?" Itachi replied "I know but.. Where would you stay, I mean, me the ruler has no place to stay." "An Old Uchiha Mansion was built there decades ago. You can stay there with me if you like." Itachi said sometimes, Itachi's tone of voice can change into romantic, calm, or cold. Konan though "Uhm.. I can't really.." She said "Ok..But I'm going with you to Amegakure, Tsunade's orders, You can enjoy yourself in the rain there." Rain.. There were another times also that Itachi let her stay in his house. Like on their mission with Kisame on Kumogakure It was raining. Flashback1 It was raining hard in Kumogakure "Konan-san" Kisame called her as she turned around. "Kisame" She replied to the call looking cofused. "the rain isn't bothering you isn't it?" Kisame asked noticing the woman's look "It really doesn't bother me, anyway, Where are you staying." "Itachi's house." "Oh." "If you would like you can stay with him" Konan's look was changed from expressionless to confused. "Why would I stay?" she asked again "No! I mean, since the three of us recently fought ninja's I guess you could also take a rest." Kisame's sweat dropped. "I guess I could do that.." konan's face changed again from confused from expressionless. When they arrive at Itachi's house... "Kisame, you brought her" Itachi's cold voice said. At that time they weren't really close. Konan really hated other people referring to her as her. "I guess I have to go, I'm really not accepted here." Konan's face was expressionless, but inside, she's irriteted. don't take his eyes out... Konan keeps this thoughts in her head Itachi stared at her as if he was reading her thoughts. The two stared at each other in a few seconds. The rain fell harder. "fine, you can stay here but.. on one condition.." Itachi stared at her again, this time, deeply. Konan stared back. ".. you can't talk to me or even don't come near me." Itachi said in an angry tone. Konan stared at him then nodded slightly. "Kisame, prepare her room.. It's not my responsibility, you brought her here." Itachi again daid in a cold tone. Kisame nodded and turned to Konan "I'm sorry Konan-san. Itachi is..well.. unfavorable with girls.." Kisame apologized. "No, Kisame, don't fix any room. I'm out of here." Konan said coldly too, turning her back on Kisame on her way to the hard rain. "If you say so.." Kisame goes in to the house. Kumogakure streets I guess I'll find an Inn and kill the inn keeper for me to have a place to stay.. Konan thought That Uchiha.. I'll take his eyes off when I got the chance.. Konan continued this on her mind.. "Kisame, prepare her room.. It's not my responsibility, you brought her here." Konan mimiced him.. Damn.. her?!. What does he think of me?! Konan thought.. Then suddenly, the whole area became black.. damn..the Tsukuyomi Konan thought again, this time, fear is showed in her face. "I thought you would stay.. But why did you left." Itachi said coldly as he appear in the shadows.. "Go away.. Why would I stay if I can kill any inn keepers I want." Konan said facing Itachi and hiding her fear. Silence.. "Why did you follow me?" Konan asked "It's raining, I didn't told you to go. I have Kisame prepare your room" Itachi's cold tone "Nevermind, I can handle myself, even if it's raining." Itachi was no longer wearing his Akatsuki robe. But then, still, it's all black. More silence.. "Come" Itachi said, coldly "I don't want to come." "Accept my offer. don't you want to stay in a nice, cozy bed?" "No, I can stay in any room I like even if sleeping in the streets, I can manage it." Konan explained "..I'm an orphan in a young age after all, And I'm used to it." She continued. "If that what makes you happy, do what you want." Itachi turned his back on Konan as the area became normal again She could still see Itachi walking away, With an umbrella hopefully.. She stared at the sky and then walked away too.. Hmph! I can stay in the streets here anyway.. Konan thought. .. ... .. Itachi's house "Itachi, you're back, I finished preparing Konan's room.." Kisame comes to the door to see her partner. "..Eh? Where's konan-san.?" "she refuses to go here" Itachi said with an evil glare at kisame and then walked away. "Maybe you didn't treat her very well." Kisame told Itachi as he stopped. "what do you mean? I followed her and said that she should come here." "The way you spoke to Konan-san is not a proper way of speaking to a woman." "Then What is?" Itachi said raising his eyebrow. "Let me explain things to ya..." Kisame Said to Itachi's confused expression. Kumogakure streets Konan was sleeping in an old house with no roof. For some reason she stayed there because she saw a bed. She didn't really want to kill people. As she lay down to the bed, she instantly fell asleep for being exhausted. It is still raining.. Harder that usual Just then Itachi appeared in the front door, With a pillow and a blanket at his hand Flashback2 "You're voice is too cold, add a little more kindness in you , and be a little romantic!" "But, I already did that." "Then what did you say?" "I told her that she should accept my offer. But she refused so I left her." "WHAT?!!! Do you not know how to make a woman stay with you.?!" Kisame's jaw dropped "I don't know about nonsense things.." Itachi said again walking away.. "But you know, you really have to find Konan-san or she would be sick!" kisame said as Itachi walked away. I have something better in mind Itachi thought as he went to his bedroom and closed the door. End of Flashback2 Itachi put the pillow below Konan's head gently trying not to wake her up. He also covered the roof so that she cant be wet. Then he wrapped the blanket on her. He watched her as she slept. She's beautiful when she's sleeping Itachi thought. What?! But.. She's the leader's partner.. And she actually hate me so I.. I don't have a chance... 1 day later What!? Konan was shocked and it was shown in her face. The Uchiha was sitting in a couch. He was sleeping. That Uchiha? Konan thought as she smiled noticing the pillow, the blanket, and the roof. She was looking up. "You're finally awake." Itachi began to sit in the couch, facing Konan Silence... Itachi then, stood up and walked towards Konan, who was facing the exact direction as his. "Look, I'm sorry that I ignored you. I should have asked kindly.." Itachi apologized as Konan raised an eyebrow. "This is the first time you apologized.." She said coldly. "I'll ask you one more time, Can you stay at my house?" Itachi asked.. even more kindly to the point of.. romantic. "Why would I stay? I can stay here even if it's raining." "You'll get sick, I'm very concerned about you health..and you.." Itachi's looked down. Damn, I almost confessed.. At this point Itachi finally realized he likes Konan. He expected her to argue and disagree but.. She quickly stood up and kissed Itachi in the cheek. "Of course I will!" Konan's face was full of happiness. She's even more beautiful as she smiles he thought as Itachi smiled too.. Itachi's house Kisame was still sleeping soundly.. Konan and Itachi continued to go to Konan's bedroom. Konan closed the door and Itachi came in. "This is fixed already.." Itachi said coldly..again then he left. End of flashback1 The two ninja's are currently traveling to Amegakure. Konan kept looking at Itachi.. wondering how she felt for him.. Itachi, managed to stare at Konan without her noticing..
  2. I just imagined this story while I was watching an Akatsuki scene in Naruto shippuden(ItachiXKonan). I already poseted this on Fanfiction but I still wanted to know you're reaction if I posted it here. Anyway, this is where my real story came from: Rain-YoshikiAza(Me!) __________________________________________________ Part 1 = Rain Konan was gathering the properties of Pein. She was carrying a box when she saw their picture, Jiraiya, Nagato, Yahiko, and her. She was now the ruler of Amegakure. But she was heading to Konoha to have some meetings with their allied village, Suna and Konoha. After 3 days she reached Konoha, which Naruto quickly greeted. "Good Morning Konan-Chan!" Naruto greeted with a big smile in his face. Konan's face was emotionless, her expression was just like Gaara. "Konan-sama, don't mind Naruto. The meeting will begin in 1 hour" Shizune interrupted. Konan nodded and followed shizune. Uchiha Mansion. "I saw her Sasuke! She's a real beauty! If you seen her your eyes will drop!" Naruto Said "But, Amegakure was our long time enemy right? Are you sure we could trust her?" Sakura asked "I've talked to Nagato in his last hour remember? He was the one who revived the people who died, I bet Konan-chan was still mourning for him." Naruto replied. "She even gave me flowers made from paper as a sign of peace." Naruto continued. "Hey, big brother, you worked once with her right?" Sasuke glaceing at Itachi who was passing by. "I may have seen her, but we don't talk to much." He replied. "Do you find her beautiful?" Sasuke asked with suspicion. "Of course she's beautiful. But she is just beautiful" Itachi said as he left the house. "Come to think of it, Their a could make a good couple you know." Sakura asked the two. The two nodded in agreement. After The Meeting "Konan-Sama, Why did you came here all by yourself? Look at Kazekage-sama. He took Temari as an assistant." Shizune asked "I don't have any assistant." Konan replied expressionless. "Oh." Shizune said. After a while of walking Konan looked at the window. "It's raining again" "Konan-sama, Tsunade-sama said that you could walk around Konoha for as long as you want. Konan didn't stare at her. Konoha Streets Konan was walking in the rain. She was walking like there wasn't any rain. She continued to walk as she reached a big house on her way to the main gate. She continued to walk as she didn't see anything, as she passed the big house. Konan's thought are set on Yahiko and Nagato. She remembers when the three of them encountered the Sanin. When they trained together with their sensei, Jiraiya. When she was kidnapped and Yahiko died in front of her. When she and Pein joined the Akatsuki. Her battle with her sensei. And the death of her Sensei. The invation in Konoha, and the death of her beloved friend, Nagato. She continued thinking about the past events when suddenly she doesn't feel the rain. She turned around. Itachi was there holding an umbrella, so that she won't be wet anymore. "Itachi-kun." She said. "Where are you going? aren't you going to stay in an apartment or something" Itachi asked coldly. "I'm going back to my village." "you'll be sick before you get there." "I don't care." "Ok then, suit yourself." Itachi then turned his back on her and began to walk back to his home. when he reached halfway to the gate... Konan suddenly collapsed. He carried her at his back. And going in at the Mansion. Uchiha Mansion "Are you sure she want to stay here?" Sasuke asked "She don't have a choice, she's burning from fever." Itachi said emotionless. Konan was lying of the bed, in a fancy bedroom. She has high fever. "But, who would take care of her?" Sasuke asked raising a eyebrow. "Don't tell me you would." He continued. "Seriously?!" Sasuke asked confused and surprised by his brothers actions of taking care of a person who is sick. "Yes." Itachi said as he leave the room, probably to get clothes. Saskure stared at Konan, who is lying on the bed unconscious. "Your one lucky woman, aren't you?" Sasuke whispered to himself and followed Itachi. 1 day later.. "Where am I?" Konan asked herself waking up. She looked at her clothes and saw that it's not hers. She wear a large T-shirt and wondered who gave her this. The door opened and she saw Itachi walking in. "You own this house don't you?" "Yeah, are you feeling well?" "Yeah. Are these yours?" "Yes." Itachi nodded "Where's my clothes? How did I change?" "I changed your clothes, your wet and you have a fever so--"Itachi said not staring at her. "You mean you saw.." Konan's eyes widen. "Don't worry, I've already seen million's of a girl's body so it doesn't bother me." "You're one hell of a pervert." She said smilling. Itachi just stared at her in confusion. The three of them was eating breakfast, Konan, Itachi, and Sasuke. Sasuke felt suddenly that he's out of the scene. "I'm going out. I told sakura that we'll eat today at some café." Sasuke goes out of the house. Konan was just staring at her food, she was looking down. she felt slightly embarrassed because she was staying with Itachi and wearing his clothes. "sorry, I never thought that it would bother you." Itachi said, finnaly looking at her. "It doesn't bother me either. I was just thinking about the past events." She said smiling at Itachi. Hiding the truth. "You're a good liar." Itachi thought, because he can't tell if she's lying or not. Her smile has no sign that she is lying. They continued to eat without saying a word. At some café Sasuke was talking about "You're right Naruto the ruler of Amegakure was beautiful." Sasuke started the conversation. "How did you know? have you seen her already?" Naruto asked. "The answer is obvious." Sasuke answered irritated "She was staying in our house, because she got sick and Itachi found her and let her stay with us." Sasuke told the two. "What did Itachi do while she was staying with her?" Naruto asked he looked intrested as well as Sakura. "He took care of her, an worst, he changed her clothes--" Sasuke was cut off by Naruto. "Ohhh!!! You're brother was hell lucky!" Naruto shouted enough for the whole café to hear. Everybody stared at them, as Sakura and Sasuke looked pissed off by Naruto "Okay guys, I''m sorry, I got carried away." Naruto said "Anyway, so Itachi already seen her body?" Sakura said looking intrested just like Naruto. "You think?" Sasuke rised an eyebrow as a sign of a "yes". The two grasped in chorus "She even ate with us. Well I saw her smiling at Itachi and Itachi looked as her would smile too." Sasuke said "There's no doubt! They're officially together!" The two answered in chorus again. Without knowing Tsunade heard what they were talking about and smiled. "The Angel was smiling eh? that's weird."
  3. The story looks interesting! Can I be a beta tester, the game looks really nice!! P.s Luv Nimsha she has a nice face:)
  4. This story is about aveyond 3 Gates of night:). Mel was the one narrating the story, 10 years after the story. She recalls what happen in her past and tells it. Authors note: Finally! I've finished the first story! It's been a long time that I haven't updated to my other stories because of this.. Sorry.. But please check it out! Rhen's Dairy ____________________________________________________________________ Book 1-Introduction Hi, I'm Mel. long ago I was a theif in harburg. My life turned upside down when I stole a relic called: "The Orb of darkness", which Gyendal will use to enslave humanity. Te'ijal saved me from being kidnapped by him months ago. And she instructed me to go to thais and study at the War and magic. I met a lot of people actually. The first one is Edward, the king's son. he was a good fighter, he was clever too. And the other one was Lydia. Lydia and I had been enemies since our first meeting.(She doesn't like non-nobles, just like me not liking Nobles). And after a while, Edward and I met a new girl, Stella. She recovers nothing about her past. But i have to admit, Edward and Stella is such a good pairing. After that, we began our adventure to go to Naylith, Te'ijal said that the orb of life was in there. We encountered many enemies. as well as many quest. We must get the quarter keys to reach Naylith. And we almost got the first one. ----------------------------------------- Right now I'm at my house, Pemberly Keep. I'm alone, after 2 years of our adventure, Te'ijal and Galahad finally known each other and left me to explore the world. Galahad forgot about his anger, and Te'ijal.. she haven't change at all. Stella and Edward lived happily ever after. And Lydia became the school's headmaster. Lydia changed. In fact she is now nice to all people, especially the non-nobles, whom she hated most. That's not the main story. Many things happened before I told you this. I just told the ending of my friends, and the beginning. But not the whole story. Book by Book I will tell my story to you, What happened in the past, and in the future. I will not discard any small detail, as I will tell all to you. I must continue my journey however, I must continue fighting till the end of my life, I know I had some unfinished mission, that I don't know. I am 27 now, Things have changed alot. I will continue my next story on the next book. Farewell and have a good night.. _________________ To be continued
  5. sorry if I can't update in a while! I'm working on triple stories! Aveyond 3[Av3-1]- Adventure of Mel
  6. Book 2 - Lars Chapter 4 - The flirt I was walking around thais with rhen, A storm was approaching and we have to evacuate to mysten far. (Devin and Talia wanted us to go to the dreamworld but we decided for it to be mysten far). After all, The temple had many rooms enough for the people. But the problem is, The Nobles didn't agree to the plan that we should evacuate to Mysten far. They seem to want to evacuate at a larger area. So, I told rhen to gather the Nobles and have a meeting. They don't agree with us. Until, I saw Henrietta. She was stitting at the corner of the room. When the meeting was over, She came up to me and said.. Henrietta: why Eston! Nice to see you again. Then she run away winking at me. She was such a flirt. But then I followed her to where is she pointing. Finally, I entered a house, No one was inside. I walk to a room and opened the door. I saw Henrietta. She wore only a bathrobe, then when she saw me and walk in front of me. Removing her bathrobe. But then I stopped her and said. Lars: Henrietta, Come down.. I'm not really Eston, I'm Lars.. The king. Henrietta Laughed and said.. Henrietta: So what.. At that moment sweat came to my my face, And then, I was so nervous that I used my magic and teleport into a place far away from her. panting.. At that I used my magic again to transform into a person. Another person.. Then I went to the palace to find rhen.. When I finally found her, I talked to her.. Rhen: Whoa! Lars you're here, I saw a woman asking guards about you. Are you going out with someone else? Lars: Actually, a girl was hunting me around. I wasn't going out! Rhen: So a girl likes you?! even if you're married?! Lars: Exactly! will you help me get rid of her? Rhen: How? Lars:... I.. ______________________________________________________________________ Find out what will happen in the next chapter! Kinda funny..
  7. Updated!!!! I will release the Version 1.2 soon!!!
  8. can anyone tell me how to put better screenshots? i just pictured it with my cellphone..
  9. Book 2- Lars Chapter 3: Unusual lady After 10 days Lars is walking around thais. He Bumped into a girl who is staring at the water near the bridge. she has Long violet hair with bangs. She stared at Lars for a few seconds, Not knowing he's the king Girl: Hello noble man, I'm Henrietta, nice to meet you. Lars: I'm uh.. Eston.. Henrietta looks at him in a few seconds Henrietta: Eston? Where do you live? Lars: Me...er..um...I live in...uh.. Henrietta: It's okay. You don't need to tell me your home, So what are you a mage, or maybe a sword singer? Lars: I'm a mage.. Henrietta: Wow! we are both Mage! Lars: Uh.. maybe.. Henrietta comes close to him staring him at the eye Lars: What are you doing? Henrietta: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it, I just.. Henrietta runs away.. ___________________________________________________________ just s short introduction...
  10. Can anyone test my game, and pls tell me if there is anything I can do to improve the game.
  11. Book 2- Lars Chapter3: Long live king Lars Rhen was with Lars in the garden Rhen: Lars, I never thought that you will be headmaster in shadwood academy. Lars: I just thought that mom would kill me if ever I came back to Ghalarah, so I went to Veldarah. Rhen: you know what, I never really thought that we ended up together. Lars: I don't think you love me, you just married me so that Thais will be saved. Rhen: Then, why do you think I pick you as king? I could have pick John, or Ghalahad. Lars: Elini will summon ahriman and teijal will bite you. Rhen: (Looking up for a few seconds and looked back at lars) You have a point. Enter a girl with long blonde hair Rhen: Ah! Jeniveve, thank goodness your here. Jeniveve: What would you like me to do your highness? Rhen: Can you get us coffee? Jeniveve: Yes your highness Jeniveve Leaves Rhen: You know what Lars sometimes people needs to rest. you've been working in 1week without sleeping or eating. I' getting worried. Lars: Well, you made me king because of that reason right? Rhen: Maybe? I made you king to be my husband. Lars, ever since we've met we've been enemies right? Lars: Yeah Rhen: And then we became friends in our journey. Lars: yes.. and you married dameon and left me. Rhen: Silent Lars: To tell you honestly when you got married to dameon, I didn't bother to finish the ceremony. I just got up after I wave at you and left. Rhen: Why did you do that? I want to talk to you longer, did you got angry at me Lars: I left not because I'm angry at you, I left not because I don't want to see you, I left because I am tired of crying while seeing you happy with him. Rhen: (flattered, in a few seconds she kissed Lars, help him get up) Lars Let's go to the table, Jeniveve will be here in a minute. Enter Jeniveve Jeniveve: You highness, m'lord, here is your coffee. (Hands the coffee to rhen and lars and exits) Rhen: (whisper) I love you Lars, I think much greater that Dameon. Lars: What did you say? Rhen: Nothing, drink your coffee before it gets cold! ______________________________________________________________ to be continued Next chapter: Unusual lady
  12. I'm just going to add more details and it's ready for testing
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