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  1. westie23


    I have emptied the chests,have only got about 7000.00.
  2. westie23


    Have gone to Thais,need to get a ring,haven't got enough money Help.
  3. westie23

    Final Battle (Spoilers)

    How do you defeat Mel and friends,I have been trying for ages. Merged topics. ~Mopiece
  4. westie23

    Mystic Fair

    I have done the trials got the wings,where do I put the horn please.
  5. westie23

    Wyrm Forest

    Is there any way out of Wyrm Forest other than through Ghed'are please.
  6. westie23

    Build B

    I think I need to install Build B as I am having trouble getting the key to the blue chests,the only thing is,is I don't know how to install it.I downloaded it but it said I needed to uninstall the game.Could you help please.
  7. I have got the three crystals,but I still can't get the arrow.
  8. westie23


  9. westie23


    Why can't I get the arrow from the pedestal please.
  10. westie23


    Why can't I get the arrow from the pedestal.
  11. westie23

    The Party

    I Have got the star,is their anything else I need to do.
  12. westie23

    The Party

    I have been walking around in this maze forever,you said north west.From the beginning do you go up north or west.
  13. westie23


    Thanks will have a look
  14. westie23


    I'm in the underfalls,have been walking around for ages,where is the party please.
  15. westie23


    I am in Thornkeep,I have been down the well but I need to rest,the inn has nobody in there,where do I go to rest.