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  1. I have emptied the chests,have only got about 7000.00.
  2. Have gone to Thais,need to get a ring,haven't got enough money Help.
  3. How do you defeat Mel and friends,I have been trying for ages. Merged topics. ~Mopiece
  4. I have done the trials got the wings,where do I put the horn please.
  5. Is there any way out of Wyrm Forest other than through Ghed'are please.
  6. I think I need to install Build B as I am having trouble getting the key to the blue chests,the only thing is,is I don't know how to install it.I downloaded it but it said I needed to uninstall the game.Could you help please.
  7. I have got the three crystals,but I still can't get the arrow.
  8. Why can't I get the arrow from the pedestal please.
  9. Why can't I get the arrow from the pedestal.
  10. I Have got the star,is their anything else I need to do.
  11. I have been walking around in this maze forever,you said north west.From the beginning do you go up north or west.
  12. I'm in the underfalls,have been walking around for ages,where is the party please.
  13. I am in Thornkeep,I have been down the well but I need to rest,the inn has nobody in there,where do I go to rest.
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