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  1. Hey bro thank you so much for the poem ^___^ I really really love it!
  2. Nice to see your poems are back to normal ^___^ keep writing poem bro. You never fail to amaze us everytime we read new poem from you. You're such a great Poet. Goodluck!
  3. Welcome to the site Leslie =) Wow! Sake-Bento you are so talented OMG! kendo!! so nice and nice to meet you ^___^ Hello Kuro-kun ^__^ glad to meet you
  4. Welcome to Kingdom Amarathia Eccentricity love your username
  5. Heya Demi and Manegirl Welcome to the site
  6. welcome to chars and gothdragonlady
  7. Welcome Back Raika I can still recall you from the old site. Welcome to Har43 and to the rest of the new comer here in Amaranthia
  8. Wow! I can't wait for the second book! August is a perfect date It would be awesome too if we can published/printed the story of Aveyond sequels in the future (hahaha.. how I wished!)
  9. Wee!!! great news Aaron!
  10. OMG! Now I know why I got such an error, thanks latyss
  11. I missed this thread again Welcome to amaranthian stripes and smirk :amaranth:
  12. Nice story ^^ and I like it! look forward for the next updates.
  13. Nice screen shot iya ^^ and I'm going to try it soon. Thanks
  14. Such adorable username :love: welcome to Amaranthia pichikid and nice to meet you
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