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  1. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    welcome back medea!
  2. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    @Vadon Yays! Welcome here at Amaranthia at last your officially here. If you need some help, just let us know
  3. Spicydust

    Avvies and Siggies

    Luz, nice siggie same as your avatar
  4. Spicydust

    What is this world turning into??

    I don't believe that earth will gonna end at 2012. It's pretty scary to read those predictions O.O but yet until now human are still alive!
  5. Spicydust

    Walz Music March 09 Newsletter Contains an AV3 Secret...

    @liniageline you don't need to pay anything for subscribing the newsletter ^^
  6. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Welcome to Amaranthia Seraphina
  7. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Hello Ujwal and welcome to the site.
  8. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Warm welcome Angel of Death and please to meet you
  9. Spicydust

    Odd Fellowship: The Sorealn

    What a nice story
  10. Spicydust

    The Line of Fate, It Was Destined...

    Love it! more update please
  11. Spicydust

    The Time Runes

    Nice story i can't wait for the next update.
  12. Spicydust

    The Line of Fate, It Was Destined...

    I like your story and keep going
  13. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Heya Evenely Welcome to Amaranthia and nice to meet you.
  14. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Welcome to Kingdom Amaranthia Rin and have fun here
  15. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Hello Bubble_luscious ^.^ and welcome. Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy here.
  16. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Welcome to Amaranthia 7682774 and Aoi1992
  17. Spicydust

    Where are you from?

    @JKsocr24 I wish I could go your place Good for you your just 20 mins away going to the beach. Coolness.
  18. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    We are please to welcome you JKsocr24 and nice to meet you
  19. Spicydust

    Beautiful New Background

    Hey I missed this background since last year ^__^ and I'd still love it! Thanks Amanda
  20. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Welcome back Judiwick (aka ReNoir) I'd still remember you before the site were crashed. Welcome to the Site Kimya, Nicnikkiz, and Nate_gruiz
  21. Spicydust

    New Walz Music artist will be part of Aveyond 3!

    oh my god.. did you say never ending story (*o*)I love her voice so much.. Thanks aaron.
  22. Spicydust

    Pray for my Mom..

    Gee... >.< awful & painful situation .. "fun slave" *rant* that street rat! (kidnapper) Be strong Gen.. how about your relatives? do they know also about this? *sorry for asking*
  23. Spicydust

    Pray for my Mom..

    You know who are the kidnappers? 0.0 that's torture to your Mom... but at least tell to the France Police Authority before something bad happen to her. That is really scary Gen... how about getting some help from your embassy there?
  24. Spicydust

    Pray for my Mom..

    Woot! kidnapped? I sympatized with you Gen.. I hope your mom will be alright in the hand of those kidnappers >.< and we will pray for her safety.
  25. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Pleasure to welcome you coffeenut