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    The Late Night Caller

    Quote: He opens the front door but can't see the stranger anywhere. So he shout, "Hello, do you still want a push?" In the distance a voice cries out, Yes Please." Still unable to see the stranger he shouts, "Where are you?" "Over here,on the swings." Bwahahaha... lolol :D nice job sanshark..
  2. Spicydust

    Brycej - Just in time for "EggDay"...

    Wee.. New game Thanks Brycej Edit: thanks now it's working on my computer
  3. Spicydust

    What's do you like/not like best about amaranthia?

    I like here because I build friendship with other members here.If I have a problem just send them PM and they will help me. My day is not complete without AM :D Dislike? If the site were down and I cannot logged-in XD, you see AM is like my second home:)
  4. Spicydust

    Magic Debate

    @Aveyond06 Like for some instances, we cannot consider miracles as magic as well maybe they have inter-related factors but IMO for example "the magician in the circus they cannot perform miracles, so the apparitions as well we cannot consider them as magic, nor a patient who suddenly get healed in cancer" maybe on the scientific point of view they might consider it as gravity or forces of nature. Maybe you have some points on that the word magic can be describe in a lot way.
  5. Spicydust

    Magic Debate

    I believe in magic but agree to all, we need to clarify here what types of magic.. black magic.. magic for the magician.. white magic.. we need to sort of While miracles and magic are different.. we cannot consider angels as a magic or a ghost or soul
  6. Spicydust

    The New And Improved AM Site

    I joined here last October and I would say I really miss the graphics, the old smileys and the old layout of the site although they look the same now but I guess yeah.. it's still fine..
  7. Spicydust

    Where'd everyone go?

    IMO I think some of the guest probably the new soon to be member of AM. But yeah, me too.. sometimes I don't logged-in unless I saw something interesting and new. These past few days I usually encountered that im the only person here either were just two or three compare before in the old site before it crashed. Maybe we can consider that Jan-march are the busiest months for the students. But anyway, im still enjoying here
  8. Spicydust

    Mario games-1

    Mario is the best games ever! I'd still love the old versions of Mario games than the Xbox or Playstation versions (well I don't know why but maybe im used to it, I mean the old version XD) @brycej O.O wow new games!! "Rhen Sisters" meet "Mario Brothers" we can't wait to that
  9. Spicydust


    Easter is my favorite holiday aside from christmas especially when I was young.. we usually get together with other relatives and few days before the celebration "Holy Week" we usually go to the church to pray and attend the mass and we even do the fasting. "Black Saturday" we usually have a big dinner (no meat dishes). Easter Sunday we prepare some goodies for the children like chocolate, candies and of course painted eggs after the mass we usually distribute it.
  10. Spicydust

    Strange Jobs

    Talking about weird job.. well I consider mine as one. Im working as a headhunter (Recruitment), sometimes to be able to get right candidates not only through advertising on newspaper or internet we tend to hi-jacked on our clien't competitors through their telephone operators.. sometimes when I call the company I pretend that Im a high school student, janitor, vendor, wife, painter, NGo,nun, daughther, etc., and well I even change the tone of my voice to youngster to the matured one.. just to get the name of the person that we are trying to poached in :D
  11. Heya sister *kisses and hugs* Talking about the age 14 versus 20, for sure there is really something wrong about this. That guy is really nasty and naughty... The idea of having relationship especially if you are at the minor age is very very crucial, for sure that guy was not really serious on her when they were together and the intentions are not as clean as im thinking of (you know what I mean, he is after with ***). Tell to your friend that she is still young and she can still meet hundreds of gorgeous men later when she reached 18. Well as you said that guy destroyed her virginity(sorry to be direct to the point ) but this is not acceptable reason to jumped-on with another relationship, she might destroy her own sanity and self-respect. I also believe Talia that this event is not only happening in your own country but nowadays it can be anywhere and everywhere. Now whatever happens to her at least you do your part to remind her as a friend. "It's her call now" whether she take the wrong side of the road. Maybe she is really emotionally disturbed and wants to take revenge by what happened to her:) *just having a mild conclusions*
  12. Spicydust

    What can be done with a corrupt government?

    :)interesting topic although im not that up-to-date on what is happening now in the philippines (i missed my country so much!) Agree to all of you. But in my opinion, whether we ousted the current president or not, either we put somebody who graduated from Harvard or Oxford with the flying colors, for sure she/he will failed. Our country (Phils)is being eaten up by the old system. Too bad, a lots of our countrymen are sacrificing to work overseas to save our economy>.< Talking about "Phils Politician" it made sick to think that they are not doing their part to serve the people. All they did was to "seating-pretty" on their senate table, debate on those non-sense issue rather than creating new jobs, program for the poors, improving the economy and so on. Im totally agree with you Allybandy.
  13. Spicydust

    From Orphan to Royal

    Ohh.. this is really nice
  14. Congrats Hui I love also olympics.
  15. Spicydust

    heard of virtual villagers-3

    Currently I am playing VV2 while im playing AV2 . I don't like Plant tycoon too boring at all. At least in VV's music is kinda alive with those drums and tribal beat. Hope to see VV3 soon
  16. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Please to meet you lazy princess
  17. Spicydust

    Ooo the first topic in VS

    Victor Happy Birthday
  18. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    @phoenix Headhunter is like Recruiter, but we are more towards on executive search we only handle specific and important position in one company like manager's above, compare to outsourcing recruitment agencies they do "mass-hiring" like staff, operators, and low level position(hope i did not confuse you)
  19. Spicydust

    Introduce Yourself (remade)

    Nicknames: Spicydust, Purplesky Location: Neverland Occupation: Headhunter Likes: To watch NeverEnding Story (over and over again especially when Im stressed. Sue me XD), Eat, Playing RPG Games, listening music (Classic, Hiphop,Jazz, Rock, R& Read books, Cook, mountain climbing, mall-hopping Dislikes: Exercise, vitamins , cemetery and hospital
  20. Spicydust

    User Names

    Spicydust was created because I love to eat spicy-chili-food and I hate dust XD. So I decided to combine what I hate and like.