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  1. Thank you very much, I was completly lost there lolll
  2. Hi, 1) How can I change day time for night time? Cause I need to buy man of minerals in Halaina. 2) I need to find 3 ginger extract and ghast extract in Gingernut forest, any hint where to find some? Thank you
  3. I would love to beta test Aveyond 4, I love Aveyond, thank you ;-)
  4. Hi there, Where can I get v5 Download link, because the link is not available... Thanks..
  5. Thanks I found the swich Miguelle45
  6. Hi there, Where I have to go to reach Ghed'ahre, I know that I have to pass the catacomb but the gate is lock, so I can't go to underworld ... Can anyone help me please? Thanks, Miguelle45 :thanks:
  7. Where can I find druid Vata and Devin druid please? Thanks
  8. Where can I find Daeva Aesma.. Did I have to know something special before defeat him? Thanks
  9. I mistake the two mirror I'm talking about the magic clock sorry. Thanks
  10. Can you be more specific please? Thanks
  11. I need help again, where I can use the magic mirror ? Thanks
  12. Ok but I didn't choice the book the first time I choose the kitchen kit. Is it possible to get this climbing guide on second choice? I'm gone be able to find the Cloak of undying loyalty to have invisibilite for fighting ahrimans ? Thanks
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