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  1. What level is required to fight the spirit of purity because i am not able to defeat it. Please reply want to play it!!!!
  2. Mariposa

    Dawn of Hope

    Nice story will be waiting for its release
  3. Dancers saving the world sounds good will be waiting to try it....
  4. i am stuck again after the pointer thing what to do to turn the remaining two orbs red????
  5. thanks Aura now i can proceed further.....thanks a lot....
  6. can anyone tell me how to keep the pointer in the mountains near Berkeley to go to Duke winston's castle...please help
  7. Thanks a lot dreams2explore.....
  8. looks cool will downlod it after completing TTHW
  9. how to reach to the kaibutsu lord in Ravanel.....
  10. Can you tell me from where to get the Grimorum Avia????
  11. She has two grimorum which one?? and how to get in duke greene's villa because both the doors are locked....
  12. i bribed the soldier and went through.....then met north n clifton there.....so whom should i take in active party after that point....and i saw in some posts that levitation spell is learnt but by whom n when n does it depends on whose in the party....in duke greenes villa wat to do cause both the doors are locked.... pls help asap
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