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  1. Oh this is brilliant! I love all your short stories especially the ones about RhenxLars XD, so adorable! <3
  2. I love this story! I look forward to the next chapter
  3. Okay that was just beautiful! ^^ I really loved it, especially the line "Oh! Dear heart, why missing someone I never had?" Please continue writing!
  4. shani97

    A Dying Dream

    Oh this is very interesting! I love the story so far and your writing skills are amazing. Like MaskedHood said I wonder if they will escape more over what will happen when the nobles, who Lia worked for, find out they have been tricked? I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapter!
  5. They're so adorable! I love them. I like the little riding hood one, your smiley and misty's pokemon! <3
  6. ^^ It's okay, we can wait, it'll be hard but whatever anyways I hope you are able to catch up with all your school work and all.
  7. It's wonderful, I love your writing style as for the fighting scene... I never pay attention to those scenes whether I'm reading a book or watching a movie so I have no comments about that but overall the story plot is amazing! ^^
  8. Amazing story, I love it! Looking forward for more.
  9. shani97

    Ean's Diary

    @Sana96 Thanks.. @Gamezsplash Thanks alot, really appreciate it Day 13 (Evening) I swear I don't want to ever see that nymph ever again. If it weren't so important for Iya I swear I would have- okay I don't what I would have done but I know it wouldn't be anything good. Oh yes, I should tell about what happened after we found the inn. So Iya and Rye succeeded in finding an inn, which was well strangely weird the inn I mean but I guess the whole bogwood was like that. Till now I hadn't seen a single man or warlock. "Is the whole place filled with only witches?"Rye whispered to me. "I don’t know, maybe." I replied. I looked at Iya, she still looked disappointed and I felt guilty for some reason, after all I am her best friend. "Hey, we'll get the blessing from the old nymph somehow, don't you worry." I said to her though honestly I didn't know how. "What if we don't get the blessing, after all she is the nymph of wickedness we will be stuck here forever Ean, and then I even have to face that other evil queen. How am I supposed to defeat her?" Iya said sounding depressed. I think this wasn't the first time these thoughts filled her mind. "Honestly I don't know how. But I do know you will find a way, just don't give up hope. I guess even the darkest hour seems never too dark if you have hope." I said to her. She just smiled and muttered "Since when did you become so wise?" "I have no idea." I said smiling. "Seriously, this place is the weirdest place I've ever been too." Rye whispered to me as we entered the inn. Bogwood's inn was rather unusual. It was like a small market center. There was the dining area in the left and in the center was an office for something and in the right corner was the reception area for the inn. I went to reception area to ask for a free room, while Iya looked around and Rye went to the dining area to have something to eat. I had just paid the inn keeper when Iya said "Hey look this is an office for hiring an acting agent! Wow, who knew an agent office would be located inside an inn, Bogwood is such an unusual place, isn't it?" She said dazed. "Trust me. I've been thinking the same thing from the time we got here. Hey, where's Rye?" I said. "Oh, I guess he's still in the dining area." She said but her attention was towards the agency. I sighed "I'll go look for him." And so I did, Sure he was in the dining area, took a while but I spotted him. The room was crowded with witches and they all looked the same. He was sitting at the dining table talking to a – to a warlock?! Okay yes I was shocked. "Yes I know all the witches are in love with me and I'm tired of it." I heard the strange warlock saying as I approached Rye's table. "Um, Hi." I said to both of them. "Oh Hey, Ean this is Gavin, Gavin Ean." Rye introduced us. Gavin continued "So you see. You know what? Take me with you." He said casually but I was startled, one more quest member? "I don't know, we'll get back to you before we leave." I said. "Okay." He said, his tone ever so lightly sounded bored. We went back to Iya and went inside the office. "Hello, I'm the casting agent for witches and warlocks who want to be actors in Bogwood." The lady behind the desk said after we told her we were looking for the one who casted agents. "We're here on behalf of Heptitus. Will you be her acting agent?" I asked her. "Does she have an actor's guild card?" she asked. "Excuse me?" I said. She repeated herself. I stared at my friends with a blank expression. "We're not sure, we'll go and ask her and come back later." I said to lady. She muttered something maybe fine and something about unemployment and not being paid properly. whatever that meant and so we went back to the nymph. As we left the inn, we saw a small crowd gathering around a stage and a small girl, maybe around the age 10-12 performing. "Who's that?" Rye asked out of curiosity. "Mimpsey Marsa, the famous child actor." Said a little girl's voice. "I thought everyone knows her." She said, she looked around the same age of Marsa. "Really? And who are you?" Iya asked politely. "Gretel." The girl replied. "Well Gretel, you sound like you don't like her, why?" Iya asked. "Wha- yeah I do, I mean everyone in our school does, she so mean to everyone. I don't even like her acting." She said glancing at Marsa with disapproval. "Why what did she do?" Iya asked. "She stole my report card." Gretel wailed. "What? Why?" I asked. "Because her mom will only allow her to act if she gets good grades and she gets horrible grades." She said furiously. "And every year she takes my report card and uses as her own." "Well that's not very nice of her." Rye said. Iya looked at him than back at Gretel. "Is there anything we can do?" Iya asked. "Get back my report card from that witch."She said and walked away angrily as if she couldn't stand even a mile near Marsa. Iya and Rye looked at me. "What?" I asked."You could have shown some concern you know?" She said. "Look just because I didn't say anything, doesn't mean I didn't care." I said "Besides we first have to get the nymph to give you the blessing and for that we need the actor's guild card." I continued when she didn't say anything. She just stared at me and then started walking towards the nymph's house. "What did I do?" I asked. Rye just looked at me and shrugged indicating he was out of all this. I mean seriously that little girl had a problem and we were going to help her, so what was the problem with Iya? Girls can be a little confusing sometimes. I just shook my head and followed. "Oh, it's you again." The nymph said as she answered the door and not with much pleasure I must say. "So did you find me an acting agent?" She asked as we followed her in. "Yes we did but she said you need an actor's guild card. Um, do you have one?" Iya asked nervously. The nymph looked at her sharply. "Now if I had an actor's guild card, I wouldn't need your help fools!" The nymph shouted. I clenched me fists and took a step forward but Rye put his hand on my shoulder, I looked at him. His expression told me clearly not to. Not like I would hit a lady I mean certainly not but I couldn't stand the way the nymph treated Iya. Here we are trying to help her she could atleast try to appreciate but then again she was the nymph of wickedness. "Fine, we'll find an actor's guild card for you." Iya said and left. So we're back at the inn right now, and tomorrow morning we're going to help the little girl Gretel then look for the actor's guild card. We all agreed that the nymph can wait a little longer. The thing is why did I feel so strongly about the nymph shouting at Iya? I mean we've gotten into loads of trouble before but later on we just laughed about it or teased each other about it and guaranteed this is a different situation but still why did I feel so strongly about it? I never felt that strongly about anything or.... anyone? Well I guess I should just forget it, leave it alone and go to sleep. ___________________________________________
  10. It's amazing.Eagerly waiting for more
  11. Gosh! tht was sad but touching and it was well written
  12. shani97

    Ean's Diary

    Finally, i get the chance new update! and sana 96 thx alot for pointing out the grammatical mistakes and helping for editing it. Here it is. Day 13 (Afternoon) Today just got weirder and weirder. The first thing we did after breaking camp was to blow up the boulders that were blocking us from going further. Rye attached the Dynamite at the base of the pile of rocks and then lit it. "Duck!" He had shouted. We all ducked behind a huge rock nearby and then heard a loud ‘kaboom’! We came out from our hiding place slowly. There was nothing blocking our path. "Ha! Take that evil queen!" Iya shouted in the air happily although the scenery was not a pleasant one to look at. The only thing I can say about this place now, it got messy. Smaller pieces of the rock were lying around everywhere and the air was filled with smoke. Most of the grass and trees near the boulders were burned out and were now black. It was a pretty place but now, I don't think we can say that anymore for this place. The smoke died out but the place was still ruined. "I think I can sing the plants back to life." Iya stated, "Sing it back to life?" Rye asked and gave her an ‘Are you serious?’ look. I was confused too. "Just watch." She said and then closed her eyes and started singing a song in an ancient language that even I didn't know. All around us we can see that the leaves of plants and grass that were burned out started turning green, the flowers started blossoming. Iya kept singing. The smaller rocks cleared themselves and shifted to one side. The place started looking just like it did before. Iya finished her song and fell to the ground. "Iya!" I and Rye both ran to Iya to help her. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Yeah, just I didn't know it would take that much power, my teacher use to teach me this song, it was supposed to replenish energy in nature that was around you, it mostly works on plants. When she and the others sang it always worked but when I sang the song nothing ever happened. The plants weren't dead yet, so I figured I'll give it a shot." She said explaining. "But I'm fine." We helped her get up. She took out her song sphere it was glowing that meant she received a new spell. She closed her eyes. After some time the glow of the sphere slowly died out. Iya opened her eyes which meant she learned how to use the spell she told us this one was called stone song. After that we kept walking. The part of the pass we were going through was just beautiful. There was greenery everywhere, mountains surrounded us and a clear sky was above us where the birds were flying through the sky. I kept talking to Rye and Iya about a lot of things. By now, I believe, the three of us were kind of close. We joked, laughed, talked, and fought monsters together. I noticed that in this place, most of the monsters we encountered were over-sized, humongous, vicious spiders and weird looking birds with sharp claws and very sharp beaks. What was it name again? Yes A Hawk. Gee, that thing got me bad. I turned into the beast in most of the fights we had with those animals. The more I did it the easier it was to remain conscious in the beast's body. Rye lead us out of the mountains. As we walked further we entered a marshy region. "We're in Toadstump marsh. I think we are going the right way, let's keep walking." Rye said. After a while we came back to the same place we started. "I think we took a wrong turn." Rye said after examining the situation. "I'll check the map again." I mumbled and brought out the map from the bag. So me and Rye tried to figure out where we were exactly, while Iya just stood there looking bored and leaning on a tree. We kept trying to find the path we were suppose to go when we heard a thump and a scuffled scream... we looked up and looked around, and saw Iya wasn't with us. "Iya?" I shouted out loud. "I'm over here, behind the tree." We heard a faint voice. We followed the voice and saw a grumpy looking Iya sitting in swampy water covered in leaves, twigs and some swamp. Well in short she looked ridiculous. We couldn't help but laugh. "Are you alright?" I asked. She gave an irritated smile. "Ha-ha, laugh all you want. I'm alright, thank you for asking. What? Don't just stand there, help me out of here." She said. We had to control are laughter and after a while we had Iya out of the swamp and finally after she had cleaned up we walked ahead but the marshy smelled remained. She told us she will make us pay for laughing at her when she needed us but I'm not too worried about that. The monsters here were different. There was one jelly type looking monster and frogs with wings. Agh! Those are the worst things I have faced. They cast spells that lull you to sleep and then attack. We took some wrong turns; the roads are confusing here. Even clever guys like Rye could get lost here. I don't even want to think about what would happen to us, if Rye wasn't with us. We took some wrong turns and faced those frogs. Before could Iya could cast her new spell, they lulled her to sleep. Rye aimed and shot them with his arrows but it was no use they were barely hurt. "Try to wake her up. I'll distract them." I said and turned into the beast. The beast had some special abilities. It could hurt almost anybody with his claws in just one go which helped cause it seemed to hurt the frogs. I looked back and saw Iya was almost awake. I used my claw attack again and one of them died. "Stone Song!" Iya shouted from behind them. I turned around and saw the other frog was about to claw in me half but then the spell hit it and then it died. I never told you this, but these monsters carry coins and other things. So when they die we collect it. I know it’s gross to search a corpse but then we have too if we want to survive. I turned back into an elf. "You okay?" Iya asked me panting. "Yeah, that was a close call." I replied. "Well I guess Bogwood is just around the corner." Rye said and we went back the way we came and then kept walking. We kept looking for the town and we finally found the town. Bogwood is creepy and weird. Most of the residents actually all of them were women dressed in long black gowns and weird hairdos with long pointy hats and capes. "How do we find the nymph of wickedness when every house and every person look almost the same?" Iya asked. "I don't know." Rye replied. "How about the house with the signboard that says 'Home of Heptitus, Nymph of Wickedness'?" I said pointing at the signboard behind them. "Ean, this is no time to joke-" Iya started and turned around. They both stared at the house with the board. "Why would a nymph put a signboard in front of her house?" Iya said wondering as we stood in the porch of the house and knocked at the door. "If the signboard wasn't there we wouldn't have found the house." I said. "True but it is still it is weird." Iya said. "Weird but sensible." Rye said. "Agh! Who the heck would be at the door at this time of night! Humph! Come in." Someone said behind the door. We looked at each other and then finally I opened the door. We went in and saw another woman with green straight hair that was cut in a shabby way. She wore a long black gown with a long black pointy hat. The hall was dark and shabby. The lighting was dim. The wall was painted green which was faded now. The ceilings were covered with cobwebs. "What do you want? Go away, Leave or I'll turn you into to toads!" The green haired women said. "Excuse me, but are you Heptitus, the nymph of wickedness?" Iya asked her. It was obvious to even me that the lady in front of me was her because she was well not nice but I knew Iya was just being polite. "Maybe, what is it to you?" The lady said. "Uh… I need… I came to receive your blessing." Iya said. "I know you, girl, and you are not going to get it from me!" She said. Iya stared at her in shock. As much as I wanted to punch the witch’s face I knew it wasn't right after all she is the nymph of wickedness and I suppose she has to be wicked. "But I need it!" Iya almost sounded desperate, hearing Iya sound like that, it made me even angrier. But I managed to keep my cool. "Is there anything we can do to change your mind?" I asked and then she gave me this sly and evil grin that almost made me feel sorry I asked that question. "Get me an agent." She replied. "Excuse me?" "An agent?" Iya asked "This is Bogwood- The place to be if you are a witch. You are a nobody unless you have an acting agent." She replied. She had to be kidding. Why would a witch want an acting agent? "Err. Okay, we'll do the best to find you the best acting agent." Iya said, smiling. "The best?" I whispered to Iya. In return she stamped my foot. "Alright, let's go. Thank you for your time." Iya said to the nymph but she didn’t get a reply back. We went out looking for an inn, a place where we could stay while in town. I found a bench to sit on, and decided to write down the days’ events. Hopefully, we can find an acting agent for the nymph soon. _________________________________________________ Hope you all will like it!
  13. shani97

    Ean's Diary

    Day 12 So today I woke up late and Iya had already made breakfast we ate quickly packed up everything and were ready to leave. As we were packing I thought if everything that happened yesterday was a dream but I looked outside the window and the saw the grave of the woodcutter. No it wasn't I thought and sighed but I felt relived. I promised myself I won't use my new found powers not if absolutely necessary or if we are stuck in a tight situation. I have to accept it because I can't change it and I don't want to because it is a part of me now and I don't want to change a single thing about myself even if it is my powers. I removed the transfigurine from the backpack and put of them in my pockets, just in case I don't have time to reach the backpack. So we left the cottage and reached the village in about an hour or so. We didn't know who to tell that the beast was trapped so we asked a few people if anyone was capturing the beast. Someone told us to talk to someone named Melv, she told us he'd be near the inn somewhere he has a thick beard and shabby beard. Turned out that lady was old great grandmother Nora's great granddaughter Linia, she told she recognized Rye by his face. She told she moved out from Ryva to get away from her Grandmother Nora for some time. After meeting her I know how she felt. To be Honest Great Aunt Nora was a bit well nuts. I know I know it's rude to say that but she is but I guess most people when they turn old are. Hmm I wonder will I be like that when I'm old? Uh let's not think about it now. As far as I know what I have to face in the future I might not live that long to find out but I have to think positive! I will live. So Not. Okay I won't think about it at all for now. Whoa I'm getting distracted… I thought. We said our goodbye's to Linia and looked for Melv around the inn. I spotted a shabby looking man and he had thick beard. Maybe that is Melv I prayed that I wasn't wrong. I went to man and asked. "Err… excuse me Sir, but are you Melv?" "Aye, what do you want lad?" Melv looked like I had something on my face but I know what he was thinking of and it kind of irritated me but I told him that we trapped the beast. "You say you trapped the beast? You should let Hector know." "Where would I find him?" He pointed to the left and saw that there was only one cabin there. "In that cabin over there." He said. "Thanks." "You're Welcome." He smiled and walked away. I ran to my friends and told them everything. Together we walked to the cabin. We knocked at the door. "Come in." Someone said from inside. We opened the door and saw a serious looking man pacing around the room. He looked up and saw us and then looked at us. "Uh… we have some good news for you sir." Iya said nervously. We told him 'the good news'. He looked well I can't explain in words overjoyed? Relived? Extremely Happy? Crazy? All at the same time. "You have? Where did you trap it?" His eyes looked crazy and hungry and it creped me out. "Head North and then east there is a cave..." Rye spoke up for me. "It's also littered with bones, you can't miss it." Iya said smiling. I gave her a quizzical look. "What? I was there longer than you I know I saw huge piles of bone everywhere..." She said. She looked like remembering that brought her pain and I felt guilty looking at her like that. "Just please don't kill it. I mean that beast was a man once something happened that made him turn into that. Please don't kill it we might find a cure for that poor man on our journey." I said to Hector. He looked at me for a long time then said "Okay. I won't and I'll make sure the other villagers don't hurt the animal but we will keep it in a cage so it doesn't harm the villagers." He said. "I think that will do. Thank you sir, we better get going." I said smiling. "No thank you. Good bye." He said and we left the cabin. Soon we left the village. We went back the way we came from. We went through the Green weed plains fighting monsters. We had almost reached the pass. I could almost see the mountains. We didn't get stuck in any sticky situation which was good and suspicious. In the back of my mind I had a weird feeling that someone was watching us. I turned around but no one was behind me. I looked around a bit but nothing seemed wrong. Strange, maybe I'm imaging it. But that feeling didn't go away for a while. "Ean, what's wrong?" Iya said. She seemed worried. "Nothing I just feel weird that's all." I replied. "Why?" "I really don't know. I feel like someone is watching us." "Maybe it's nothing. You must be shaken up from yesterday's incident." She looked up smiling. "Hmm maybe you are right." I said smiling. We stared at each other like that for a very long time. "Look out!" Iya turned around and a bear with red eyes stood above us. Rye tried to calm it but it was no use it was enchanted. He whacked Rye with its paw. Rye flew to his left and hit a rock and was bleeding and unconscious. "Rye!" I yelled. Iya looked horrified and then looked angry at the bear. "No one messes with my friends!" She yelled and summoned her magic "Dew Song!" She threw pieces of ice but the bear didn't seem that hurt but it seemed pretty mad now. It started attacking Iya but she kept summoning her spells. I tried to hurt the bear just to scare it away but whacked me to the other side. Iya was growing weak she was lying on the grass barley conscious, Rye was still unconscious and I was of no use. No I can't Iya or Rye get hurt. My eyes stung with tears and I gritted my teeth I must be out of mind. I removed the transfigurine and unwrapped the covering a little and touched the head of the statue. Wait a second I don't how to channel my powers but it was too late. I suddenly felt shorter and my senses became stronger. I could sense every little thing around me. I felt myself sink like in quick sand but I knew I was standing still on solid ground, and then I knew that it was my conscious that was sinking. It was only a matter of time before I lost it. Forget my purpose and let the beast take over. I could feel it take over me already and I was panicking. No! I won't give up control. My friends need me, my village needs me. I won't give up. I remembered every single good memory I had. The first time I met Iya when I was 8. When I first started reading, how when I always made my father proud how his eyes shined. And the way my mother sang to me at night when I had a nightmare or told me to never give up when things were rough. The time I spend with Iya going on adventures with her and laughing and how I use to do silly things just to hear my parents laugh in the hardest time. Remembering all that I started feeling myself again and that sinking feeling had gone. I was Ean but at the same time in a stronger form. I concentrated on the bear the way he attacked. Iya almost looked she was going to pass out and that's the point where I started attacking it. I caught it by surprise like as if he wasn't expecting me. I sneered at it and started attacking it. It recovered pretty quickly from his state of confusion and fought back. I tried to step side most of his attacks. I slashed him with my claws. I found out the beast had its own kind of specialty and that if I combined his and mine skills together like a combo I might nail this thing. I tried my scheme and it worked. It almost caught me by surprise and tried to claw me from the front. I back stepped and then ran towards it and clawed him in the heart. It looked surprised. The red glow from his eyes died and it his eyes turned normal and it had a look of confusion and then died. I felt guilty about it but I couldn't do anything now. And now I had no idea how to turn back into my original form. I looked down to and saw something like an elf transfigurine hung around my neck. How can a transfigurine be hanging around my neck? The beast sight was clearer and I could see thread stitched together like a small pouch holding it. I touched it with my nose. I felt I grew tall and my normal senses seemed to come back. Ha! I had turned back into me again. Uh okay that sounded weird. I was holding the elf statute in my hand. I quickly wrapped it in a cloth and kept it in my pocket and then I rushed to Iya. The color from her cheeks had drained. She looked like someone had almost taken away her life source. I held her gently in my hands and the slung the backpack from my shoulders. I read somewhere that magicians, singers anyone casting spells they take something called covey balm and to recover their health some cassia leaves would do if they over use their abilities. Iya crossed her limit today. I knew I had some in the bag somewhere; I brought out the leave and the balm and gave it to her carefully holding her head in one hand and feeding with the other. "It is going to be alright. Hang in there." I whispered to her. The color of her cheeks returned slowly and then opened her eyes. "Uh... I felt like I almost faded away." She said in a low voice and then paused. "And you turned into that thing to save me and Rye, didn't you?" She said smiling. "Yeah well I need to someone to annoy me all day and besides you guys are my friends I wouldn't just stand aside and watch and do nothing." I replied. We both laughed at that. "So you think you can stand up?" I asked. "Think so." She said. I helped her get up. "Let's help Rye." We rushed to him. His had a very nasty cut on his forehead. He was still breathing but the cut was bad if we didn't do anything he might die. "Oh god, that's bad." She took the bag from me and took out another Cassia leave. "I thought it could only revive people who cast spells." I said surprised. "Actually it can revive anyone, Grandmother Use to tell me they can revive not only magicians but others too." She said as she feed him some leaves carefully. Rye stirred and then opened his eyes. "Ouch… My forehead hurts… what happened? The bear… he just came and then attacked… and then I hit the rock and got knocked out." He said. "That's a nasty cut, um Iya you think you can do something about it? I said. "Hmm… maybe. I saw mum heal a scar like that once with some portion… I brought some from Thais. I think I found it, Yes!" She said rummaging through the bag and took out some portion. "Drink this it will ease the pain and help to heal that scar quickly." She said opening the lid of the bottle. Rye looked unsurely at the bottle. "Oh c'mon nothing would happen, Drink it." Iya said. "Okay…' He drank a bit of the portion. After sometime he said "Hey, I feel better now thanks Iya! But now we should get going we need to reach the pass before the sun goes down." "Are you guys sure? I mean you both need to rest." They exchanged looks "Yup we're sure. I mean we'll reach the pass in 1 hour. I think we can walk and we aren't hurt that bad and besides we don't want to travel when it is night time." I didn't want to go further with them like this they might pass out or hurt themselves more but I couldn't change their minds. So we went on and reached the mountain pass and near the pile of boulders and set up camp. Rye was right like always we reached in 1 hour and nothing happened on the way. I thought it would be good if we took turns to watch out for things that might harm us since I had a feeling someone was watching us. We agreed I will take the first watch since they needed to take some rest after that surprise attack. So I took the first watch. I thought I'll write down this to make time spend but I am still alert on every single sound and thing around me. I looked up at the sky. Time to wake up Iya for her watch and then I have to go to sleep. ________________________________________
  14. I can't believe I didn't read this till now but then again I didn't come online for um i don't know but awesome story! I loved it!
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