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  1. Ahh that monarch butterfly pic is too nice to look at. I agree with the statement below, as well.
  2. Haha, my siggie's a bit plain...but I currently have no plans to change it in the near future. The siggie above mine has a nicely done design, by the way.
  3. @pink_heart_13: What series is the photo from?
  4. @Ashen Eclipse: I think the colors look really good on that set.
  5. @ Elemental: Cool sig, at first I didn't recognize who it was.
  6. I think clickable siggies are cool. Always wanted to make one of those. I'm not looking to change my current set anytime soon...
  7. The news is sometimes pretty distorted. I look to BBC for accurate news coverage, personally.
  8. Yup, I joined this club on DeviantART as Plastisized. I love the art works that keep coming into my inbox. I hope I can contribute soon.
  9. @D.A.T Hi to you, too! I always thought my avvie looked a little out of place when I first put my set in... The person in the avvie's name is also Overmoon, and he's an evil villain vampire. Hmmm...he could possibly be buddies w/ Gyendal...
  10. The moving siggy and warm colors of the avvie look EPIC. The picture quality is very good, too. *Goes to look up songs of the singer in AVVIE*
  11. Personally, right now I'm using a very small size, because my graphics are super tiny. It all depends on the original picture and what Amaranth Games allows.
  12. @daeva_agas: Yes, I meant those signs. It's too adorable how they pop up like that and the pairing choice itself is awww...sorry for any confusion I caused you.
  13. I love the little flash story that's being told in your avatar. The expressions and actions are perfect, and the "mwahahahaha" makes this avatar one of my favorites out of all the ones I saw on Amaranthia.
  14. Overmoon

    Rhen's quest

    This is a nice fanfic. Very descriptive. I like this latest part the best. I feel bad for Rhen ):
  15. Later, the sandcastle was fully dissembled and being blown away by wind. I could find about 20 to 30 barrels in the mess we made. Rapping each of them, I could know that none were completely hollow. Pauly and Barry, right then, were sleeping on a sand dune, enervated. I felt pretty thirsty, and pried open a barrel to get a drink. Ale, was there, with no fizz whatsoever. I took a sip of the nasty stuff, and decided to allow my buddies to take some when they woke.
  16. The Rhen's quest characters were amazing...they really expanded upon Ahriman's prophecy. Rhen is a good main character whose actions were clearly understandable. She is my favorite main character in all Aveyond games. Talia is quite interesting, as well.
  17. Barry went on, "The sandcastle. I was working at Marge's when this was made - by architects from Thais. I think I can get the three of us in." "Do we just...destroy the castle?", I asked. For hours, we tore away at compacted sheets of glistening sand.
  18. The Ouran High School Host Club sig, is cute and clever, considering the fact that it shows the main cast.
  19. @Elm In your sig, that is one of the few lines of poetry I can really apply to real life situations. I like the font used here.
  20. Us three trudged through the masses of sand dunes, passing just about every other shop and hut in the island. When I find myself alone, a rare occasion, I wonder why we simply didn't rob those stores. On one of those occasions, I come to the conclusion that it was part of my pirate mentality. Schemes not complicated or grand enough weren't glamorous enough for someone of my taste. "Barry, we've crossed the entire length of the island," I complained. "All I can see is sand." He bared lemon-colored, worn down teeth, and sneered, "This is the safehouse, dummy! It's the sand sculpture!" I squinted with my eyes (It's true I needed glasses, but they just don't fit my image). Smooth walls grew visible on the nearest dune. The tawny sand castle spouted spiraling towers, with its wall's top edged lines with crenels. The only thing not sand was a trap door carved out of driftwood. A child could never have built something of this caliber, unless they possessed days of time and a...kid army, as well as two laid-back parents that would let their kid run around.
  21. This is the first time I've heard of Lars being portrayed as a villain. Awesome parody material.
  22. Elini gathered Rhen, Lars, and Pirate John at her tower in Veldt. Over her pink diamond-encrusted intercom, she summoned all of her husbands into the living room. "Don't tell me I have to join them," said Pirate John. "I am NOT singing 'The Sound of Music' to you again, especially in front of these people." Elini gave out a tingly laugh. "No, not this time, dear. Maybe tomorrow. Today, I will tell you the reason why I married all of you." "So we could all clean, cook, and work for you." "So you could all be extras for Veldt's newest smash hit stage show, starring me. Note that everybody, including you, is wearing matching purple sequin outfits, all designed by the famed seer Talia Maurva. My husbands are quite athletic, suited for dancing a long time." "THAT was why you threatened me with a giant Ahriman plushie unless I didn't wear that dumb dress!" 2 hours later Pirate John and Elini's other husbands shyly lined up on the rocky stage, constructed with Lars's magic. They linked arms and began doing the can-can. A few minutes later, Elini herself gracefully lifted the curtains, revealing a golden evening gown, and a hearty plate of fruits and vegetables atop her head. She swayed from side to side, a pleasant finale to the Isles' best attraction yet. Even better than the broomstick rides offered by the witches of the swamp, or getting blown out of a giant teapot by talking cats.
  23. How I Got in Jail (Part 2) The next day, I met with my inside contact - a dissatisfied waiter at Marge's who got fed up with the fact that she never gave him a raise for the past ten years. (Interestingly enough, his savings consisted of 200 pennies. At least being a pirate had more dignity in it, plus you get to work for yourself.) His name was Barry, and he told us to meet him at the docks at dawn. "Hey, what happened to the girl you was takin' with you on dis' raid?" he asked. "What girl?" I replied. "You said," Barry explained, "you was bringin' youself an' a girl name Polly." Oh. Now I understood. Polly sounds like Pauly. Luckily Pauly had no idea what was going on, and sat on a jagged granite rock, weaving his toes in the sand. I carefully and expertly handled the situation. Elini woulda been proud of me. "Forgetta bout all this nonsense, boy," I boomed. "Polly's what I'm gonna name the parrot I get with da ale money, an' not some sobbing, crybaby, deck hand." Pauly looked up at me, his eyebrows descending into a steep V. His auburn hair stood on end as if I rubbed it with a balloon. His gray eyes even seemed to darken a little? Expert handling, huh? Okay, I was a bit harsh. I would apologize to him. I resolved to be extra nice and give him a parrot, too, once I got money. I would name it Pauly Jr.
  24. Looking back at past entries, I like the flow from one chapter to the other. It never jerks to a completely new situation.
  25. I also want to see more of this story. A wonderful addition to the diary fanfics.
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