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  1. Stalking is a criminal offense. Apply for a permanent injunction, if this doesn’t stop.
  2. @theone: never reasoned it. “Nope, wrong person, my true love is somewhere else." Like in telepathy :evil: @ktc: "telepathy SUCKS! I don't wanna know every insidious thought process going around in other people's brain. Got enough problems making my own" You just defined the sparkly Cullen dude @princess: if you were actually serious about whatever you just said, I would recommend dumping the guy, and the parents going for some serious help. ______________ Moving on.
  3. As in a soul mate that’s a werewolf and makes me sparkle every time I’m with it? How refreshing. The last line: Telepathy is easier.
  4. Soul mates: and that’s why Bella decided to hit on a vampire instead. Now, if only they actually existed (And were NOT sparkly), we’ll all have our own brand of soul mate(s).
  5. Was just being sarcastic. Well at least attempted to Even so, for the fact that they literally brought us up half our life, I would give a certain amount of regard to that.
  6. @theone: lol. Parents happen to be an exception. You have to love them, its obligation, whether you hit puberty or not xD. I’m talking about the whole “finding your perfect match” thing, all the heart raising, sweaty palms, flushed face, nervousness around that person, saying anything that has nothing to do with a sensible conversation ( in other words, making yourself look like a complete idiot and apparently it works?) is all because of the oh so lovely hormones. Then again, I’m no expert, never fell for anyone and have no plans on either.
  7. @theone: cuz you need hormones to fall in love.
  8. @thefool: definitely not the latter. as for mentality of men, explains a lot lol. @ktc: now, now, lust and love do have a link . Normal fans lust all the time over their role models, actors/actresses, etc. and whadayya know, Sandra bullock ended marrying a blue collar worker after all. @layaa: not me. But that doesn’t mean I believe in changing your mate every now and then along with your prepaid mobile cards either.
  9. but isn’t attraction supposed to be the first step to love? I mean, how can you be attracted to somebody and hate them? xD @theone: lol. It’s supposed to be piece of cake for many people.
  10. @spence: If the dad’s involved, it makes the lawsuit far more pathetic than it already is. Man takes revenge on his wife by snatching $500,000 from her, using their kid as the spokesperson, because s/he ditched him/her? Great, just what divorced couples need.
  11. *person A picks up the phone to call the community clinic in the campus and dials the number.* *the phone rings* *the phone gets picked up by person B* Person A: who’s the on call pediatrician for today, please? Person B: excuse me? *Person A in a hurry*: the on call doctor in the clinic, I need to know who’s available for today. *silence* Person B: sorry, this is the home delivery service for the local Mcdonalds. *more silence* *Person A hangs up* Person B: that clinic should really consider setting up a loony asylum. *person B hangs up too* Glad I didn't mention any names xD
  12. I usually don’t eat anything when I’m sick, afraid it might not digest and end result is it coming out the wrong way.
  13. @sophia: naw. Just a bunch of spoilt rich brats. That’s all.
  14. “I’m the king of the world” <- supposedly the best quote ever. Not to me though. “Don’t take this world too seriously, no one comes alive out of it anyway” <- read it somewhere. It’s pretty witty, so to speak.
  15. lovinlife

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    Why is it that somehow "noxzila" rhymes with Godzilla? lol
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