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  1. Aura

    Ella's Hope

    Got it, thanks!
  2. Aura

    Ella's Hope

    Umm... where can I find the prince's ring? I already found the maids ribbon... Cute game, btw
  3. Thats awesome, love your artwork! Also, it's a great way to use RPG Maker and make your game stand out from the rest. Looking forward to playing ths one.
  4. Aura


    Actually I love exploring (which RPG lover doesn't? ). The longer the game, the better. 10 hrs sounds good enough for me. Oh, and I just fnished the demo playing as 2 of the characters, gotta go check out the last one. The game seems pretty interesting so far and I think I'm gonna buy it soon.
  5. Aura


    Looks awesome, Pandaba! Downloading now How many hours of gameplay, btw?
  6. Oh, I see. Thanks! I'll head there right away.
  7. Umm... I'm doing the Scavenger Hunt quest, you know the mission gotten at the pub in Clermont, I got all the items except the reaper sickle. Does anyone know where I can find it? I'm nearing towards the end of the game (I think) so I want to finish all the sidequests before heading off to that island XD (O_O this game has tons of optional content! XD).
  8. lol its alright. You just have to get the orb placement in a certain order. 16 unlocks the path to the boss fight while 18 reveals a chest containg a battle plate. The plaque mentions the value of each pedestial. So make sure the value adds upto 18 and then 16.
  9. lol You must have edited after I responded. Anyway, the answer is x=16 and y=18
  10. Umm... just checked, its actually a broken part of the wall above the dragon towards the left.
  11. @dessertrose: You can try to do the side quests around town for free levels. I did the sewers quest before going into the forest... the reward from that quest helps out a lot. There are a couple more quests in Clermont, just make sure to talk to everyone. @xanaphia: Check the crack in the wall. Thats what the dragon is referring to.
  12. lol Me too had a good laugh over those quotes!
  13. You need to turn the pointer to face the opposite direction i.e. move the green tiles is such a way that the arrow points left. As soon as you do that, a path will open up towards the west. Step on the switch there to get another blue orb to turn red.
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