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  1. Heyo everyone! I've come back after a long.. hibernation. Maybe I'll write the next chapter when I finish coloring a poster with my poor Sharpies x3 In the meantime, let's hold hands and sing Believe by Cher :3
  2. Thanks dewy That helped a lot EDIT: Where can I find some pitch for Balin's boat?
  3. Uhm.. I'm on the gathering hazelweed quest. Where can I find the last one? And how do I get there? I keep flinging William trough the trees, and I also take note in the timing with the wind. Help?
  4. LOL Reives, not that I don't like the song either :3 But then again, I think that subtracts from my.. OMGNONGIRLY points
  5. puppis

    Swine Flu

    @Qwillie: Mm.. Well I do suspect that there could be some problems in public schools if they're not supported well by the government, but the private schools, like the one I go to, charge a lot. I can't be sure whether they'll still change the faucets, so I'll be sure to bring a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer xD
  6. The turn-based battle system works just fine for me :|
  7. @Goldielox: OOH. I like that a lot When I also saw Te'ijal appear it was an awesome moment for me.
  8. It's raining hard. And for some reason it gets harder or softer as the intensity of the songs build O_O Strangely fitting in my opinion. I can't believe you included that song from the Little Mermaid xD
  9. puppis

    Swine Flu

    Well the flu is communicable, right? Through contact and stuff. So people wash their hands to get rid of any possible agents of the disease :3
  10. puppis

    Swine Flu

    D: I heard from the news that there might be a few cases in the Philippines. Luckily I wasn't quarantined when I came back. I hope my school changes the faucets and lets them work again. Last year they always turned off the water except for one sink on the bottom floor (my classroom is on the third floor O_O).
  11. I loved the game! I downloaded the trial a few days ago, and I was sad when it ended D: Te'ijal's appearance made me happy for some reason. I love that she's still weird and quirky, calling Mel rabbit. The graphics are beautiful, and the music is awesome. I prefer the battle music in AV2 to the one in LoT though. A few things irk me: one, when you level up, there are weird fireworks and a sound like people are cheering. It kind of distracts from the whole sort of medieval atmosphere of the game. It's pretty annoying. Second, there's the bar at the bottom of the screen. I'm not really sure if you can remove it, so I wasn't able to keep from letting my eyes drift to the bar the whole sixty minutes. It's just.. distracting, really. I think the whole dividing into chapters is a good choice. Paying $10 for a chapter is good, in case you don't like the game. Better than using $20 for a game you don't feel like playing, right?
  12. They're mostly small, but I can't exactly enumerate them all. There are some shifts in the present and past tenses, and some.. subject-verb disagreement going on.
  13. I love how the daevas were portrayed! My grammar sense is tingling.. you made a few grammatical mistakes D:
  14. So are you saying that this takes place in the same universe as Aveyond? You do know then that there's no Africa there, only Veldt. I don't think you should call it an Aveyond battle system since there are many games that have the same kind of system anyway. You're already revealing a lot of the plot, by the way.
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