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  1. Aww... for a moment there I thought I found a kin.
  2. Welp... you are talking to the person who 'ship' these two fellows. Of course it would be cool. XD There is even a fanfic dedicated to these two somewhere in this forums though it's not completed.
  3. BeMused


    Anybody knit? I discovered knitting as a hobby bout two months ago. Learned the basic through YouTube. It's very calming and satisfying. But can also be flip-the-table-over kinda frustrating when learning a new pattern, even so if the pattern is a combination of many complicated steps and rows. lol Nowadays whenever I have the time I have been knitting away on whatever yarns I can find in town.
  4. BeMused


    Driving long distances as a hobby, I think, is a rather expensive hobby. :/
  5. thha_luth: I can only think of a pirate. Captain pirate. With a (magical?) hook blade and a talking parrot. haha...
  6. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/398324j25klpy/Ahriman's_Prophecy Since someone was asking at YouTube, so here is the link to the sheets: 'Enchanted' and 'Field' from Ahriman's Prophecy... and in subsequent chapters. Sorry for the terrible quality. They are photos. The orriginal, nicer looking soft copies were in my old lappy... which died... and I was bad at backing up my files. teehee
  7. Hmm... still prefer reading over watching its anime. Reasons as above. Parasyte is good. I enjoyed the interaction between Migi and its human host. Though I am slightly disappointed that Shinichi 'changed' towards the end. Inevitable, I know, but still... Deadman Wonderland is good too. Recently I have been re-reading Elfen Lied and Ubel Blatt. It's mature themed so be warned. Some other which I find interesting are such as Monster, Full Metal Alchemist, Claymore, Alucard, Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul: re, Immortal Regis and its sequel Cavalier of the Abyss, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic. And many more... I couldn't remember. hahaha... Anybody read / watched Seraph of the End? Its a dark fantasy manga bout vampires and humans with acquired special powers.^.^ And... webtoon, anyone? I am currently following The Gamer and City of Dead Sorceror. The Gamer is about a boy who suddenly gained the ability of a... uh, a gamer. His life becomes just like in any RPGs. City of the Dead Sorceror is about a sorceror who wanted revenge for his dead sister. And his hunting ground is mostly within the city in which all sorcerors are thought to be dead. Oh... Anybody read Nobless? Well, obviously I am not good at synopsis. ._.
  8. Rhen has muscles. I am always amazed by your artwork. Keep up the good work!
  9. BeMused

    Reading (genre)

    @Jayshe: I can only think of Percy Jackson and the Olympian series.
  10. After Ahriman Prophecy and the Aveyond series, I managed to play Laxius Power and... one other RPG of similar kind. I have forgotten what it's called. Spoilers for the game of which title I have forgotten: It has a red-haired protagonist and a beast / animal comrade. Towards the end of the game, plot twist! the beast died falling into a pool of lava... so there goes all my best weapons and armors, and the girl turned out to be a spy for the bad guys. Other then these, I played mainly PS games. I absolutely adore Dishonored. You can play it in two ways: 1. kill / eliminate every moving creature you see, or 2. adopt a stealthier method. The different endings (of high chaos) all gave me a mini heart attack. Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches are awesome too. Assassin Creed is slightly similar to Dishonored. The difference is that, here, you are not faced with the consequences of killing indiscrimately. While playing the series I sort of feel like traveling to places I can only dream of traveling in my lifetime. Dark Soul: how on earth are you supposed to play it? I got killed every 1 minute. O.o Other PS / PC games I have played so far: Elder Scroll Series (Morrowin and Skyrim), InFamous, Final Fantansy, Silent Hill. At the game store, I don't know why but the store owner kept on introducing me cute! colorful! happy! games while clearly I was browsing through games like The Last of Us and Far Cry. lol
  11. Thank you. ** Lately I have only been writing dark themed stories. Parodies become tragedies. Yikes!
  12. The One Left Behind It was autumn. Well, the seasons mattered little. One would observe an elderly gentleman visiting the city's graveyard at dawn everyday without fail. The man himself was well-groomed, walking with a slight hunch with a walking stick. He would stop by one particular tombstone to lay fresh flowers over it. The ones from before had already been swept away by the wind. His face was serene while regarding the tombstone in silence. The name of the deceased almost faded from the stone but one could still faintly make out the 'T'. A flash of regret over the gentleman's wrinkled face... but it was immediately replaced with a sad smile and a soft sigh. After that, the man would walk back towards the awakening city and, perhaps, back towards his many children and grandchildren awaiting him at home. ... At least we know Galahad and Te'ijal lived happily as mortals.
  13. Dameon looks like he's wearing nothing under his robe which seems to be dangling precariously off the shoulders. And he is showing too much chest. Maybe it's one of his hobbies: showing off. xD Joking aside... I like your style. Sunny colors for lovey dovey couples. Good job! [i can never get the hands / torso right.]
  14. BeMused


    I think RichWind meant to *read* Minecraft books. ... like reading Assassin Creed books. I have the whole series of books and I have absolutely no idea when I am going to start reading them. hehe
  15. Not sure if you have watched Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb. I look at this and I thought of that security guard's boyfriend's comment on her hairstyle which looked like a 'golden poo' at the side of her shoulder. Joking aside. I like the details on her shirt. And the colors of her hair and eye. Not sure bout the right ear to be visible at this angle...?
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