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  1. @ theone: Yeah, I've heard about it. But so far, I haven't heard about a woman having 5 children after the age of 40 (only one kid at most), so I guess there's no cause for concern.
  2. @ theone: In accordance to what Stardale had said, yes, there is more concentration in Metro Manila while in fact there's lots of free space to expand in other parts of the Philippines. In regards to my first post, I've already mentioned a map which shows population density. There are even some places that are barely populated. BTW, the Philippines is not poor, the funds are just mismanaged. (As local news proves over and over. XP) If I'm not mistaken, when the Philippines tried to file a bankruptcy (I don't think this is the right term though. GAH WHY IS MY MEMORY SO BAD.) case to the World Bank in order to wipe out its debt, it wasn't accepted because they believed that the Philippines will be able to pay its debt in the future. Also, I didn't say that the bill was forcing the citizens to not have children. (In fact, there have been new stipulations in the bill which Mr. Edsel Lagman kindly put in.) Okay, perhaps it was slightly implemented in my statement, so I apologize. I merely stated my concern (in short, my opinion) over the ideology (I finally found the term at last!) that the bill might implement. Also, regarding the "squeezing" in Manila: I've noticed so many abandoned buildings in the vicinity. LIKE SERIOUSLY. And there's nobody taking action about it. Which is another reason I am against the bill, since I believe in eliminating more direct factors before touching the population, since population touches on the Filipino citizen as a human person. Also, because I don't really think that it's the population that's the problem; there are bigger factors. Also, regarding the Down syndrome babies: I don't think that'll happen, though. I haven't heard of a situation like that wherein there are 10 children with Down syndrome, or any other disease correlated to such. (I've only heard of one child at most, but that's just me. In any case I'm pretty sure it's not above three.) People, even those who are less fortunate, know when enough is enough even without birth control. Ah! And just a fact: the legal age of marriage here is 21 years.
  3. Hello there. Mind if I give my two cents on the topic? I'm a Filipino too, and I'm also one whose side is against the bill. Regarding the issue on overpopulation, I don't believe there will be overpopulation. I've seen on the net a map of the Philippines regarding population, and I've seen that there are places in the Philippines that are more populated than the rest, and most of the country is actually less populated than we think. Secondly, there is what we call the law of Check and Balance. What is in excess will be repressed. That's why we have predation in the natural world, and there is only an imbalance due to the rigorous killing of these predators in the wild. There is only imbalance when there is an abuse. Same with people, however, with the predation being replaced with natural calamities and disease. Thirdly, there has also been a study (Nat Geo featured it, I think) that there will be no overpopulation because of the allocation of resources. As stated in my previous statement, there is only an imbalance if there is an abuse, specifically with the environment. The abuse of these resources culminates into the scarcity of it, which is why the process has become more difficult. Also, if I recall correctly, this issue has been standing ever since 2001. I've read some forums on the internet that they had expected the population to explode by 2005. Well, it's 2011 right now, and I see no population explosion. O_O And (just for the sake of ranting) we're not even in the Top Ten for the most populous countries. O_O Regarding religion, IMHO I believe that these religious sectors are somewhat a type of non-government organization. Regarding Mopiece's argument on religion getting in the way of politics, I can still see the separation of the Church and State in this setting. The Church is like an activist group in that sense, where it fights for what it believes it is right. Those who go to church, however, still have the freedom of choice to believe in its same ideals or not. The choice is still the government's. But I can see the point of how religion can be directly or indirectly "shoved" into the face of other people. Regarding KTC's argument on baptism, yes, the child can be baptized and can be taught a certain religion's ideals, but they can choose to accept or reject it as they grow up. Children aren't blank slates, you know. They have a certain intuition regarding things. They are free to choose. Bad seeds are inevitable, though. Every organization has it. There are the fanatics and the close-minded people who can sour out an organization's mission and make it look bad when it actually isn't. But those are just bad seeds. Regarding my argument on a person's choice whether to accept the teachings of a certain religion, I've personally met some wonderful people from religious sects who are quite understanding regarding matters like these. They will most certainly teach their ideals to others, but when they know that a person has chosen to do something else regardless for a good cause, they'll listen and they'll let the person choose. The Church, I believe, has a very good purpose; it's only the bad seeds that get in the way. Finally, regarding why I am against the aforementioned bill: well, I've already spoke on my stance regarding overpopulation, so I'll move on to another factor. In regards to Gabriela's statement on the number of unemployed people, IMHO (this is the third time I used that abbreviation, ASDFGHJKL;)there's a way to get by that. There's one thing that keeps bugging me is that there's been a lot of talk about jobs but none about financial literacy. In Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", if you focus just on jobs, you'll be caught in a rat race. This is a reality I've been observing in the poor areas of the Philippines where I've been. I've interviewed a family once and learned that they didn't even have a bank account although there was a nearby bank, because they didn't know how to work it. It's good to have an influx of jobs, but (IMHO) better to have a crash course in multiplying (legally) the money you get from those jobs. You know, teaching others to fish rather than just giving them fishes. Also, regarding what Stardale had said: in Korea and Japan, if I'm not mistaken, there is now an ongoing campaign promoting childbirth, when years before it had campaigned otherwise. Which is another reason why I don't quite support the bill. Why campaign for something to only be counter-campaigned years later? And (in regards to my aforementioned statement) because of the previous campaigning, there has been a prevailing feel that children are "burdens", and therefore choose to not have them at all. (From a Korean student's account while living in the Philippines)Regarding the question as to why the Church would stand against it is perhaps not so much the bill than the possible consequences that the bill may have. (And, in correlation to what Stardale said, which is why Japan has also an aging population because the younger generation chooses to not marry.) Yes, perhaps if the RH Bill is granted in the Philippines, it MIGHT be more efficient (more emphasis on the MIGHT), however in my opinion the morality of the outcome is very much debatable. That's my two cents.
  4. Seems interesting! I think I'll take a shot at it... ========== Wet rain lapped at her face and showered her hair, but not without logging her boots or weighting her armor down even more. Each drop had an unbearably sticky feel to each, and the rough wind threatened to knock her off her feet. However, she didn't mind the horrible weather much, even with the swirling gray clouds and the gloomy prospect of such weather. With placid tranquility she slowly plucked a marion bell from the ground, inhaling its fragrance. Ahh... Long ago, she wouldn't have thought much about marion bells, what with their being a commodity every may and their stark ordinariness. She would've longed for a rose, or a lily for that matter; an exotic bloom that one would scarcely smell around Clearwater. But at that moment, taking a large influx of its fragrance, it was as if all was coming back to her: running around causing mischief in the village, the May celebrations, the smell of baked bread and fresh milk, Dyonna's herbs, plucking red apples from the trees, the clear skies, the clear waters... Ahh... Her reminiscing, however, was put to an abrupt stop as four figures stumbled over each other at the opening of the cave, with two suspicious-looking women who seemed to be the cause of such a racket behind them. Rhen abruptly dropped the blossom in mild surprise, then sighed casually. "Elini, Te'ijal... did you guys have to push them out of the cave?" Te'ijal stepped into the wild weather with an innocent look, or as close to an innocent look as a vampire could reach. "I honestly don't know what you're talking about, lamb! By what I've seen, they merely tripped over some invisible rock with no participation from me whatsoever." Dameon was the first to recoil, dragging himself out of the dogpile with difficulty. "Oh is that so? I certainly recall being hit on the bum numerous times by something sharp." Te'ijal, with a smug smile, promptly hid the arrow into her quiver. Elini casually holstered her whip on the other hand, which an amused chuckle. "You men certainly are amusing creatures. Your pain truly entertains me to no end!" "Your words certainly are tainted with that of demons, demon summoner! I am now doubting which of you is the true demon." Galahad said with a scowl, pulling himself out from under the pile as well. Pirate John, seemingly drunk on rum, mumbled something about going through the experience again, while Lars silently cursed the female race for a period of time. "Please, people! Could we just get home as soon as possible and get out of this storm?" Rhen yelled, attempting to be heard amidst the roaring thunder and cackling lighting. Te'ijal was the first to speak after her. "The duckling is right. We must seek shelter from this raging storm, at least for the night. Afterwards, we can continue with our quest." "Only lies emanate from your lips, creature of the night," Galahad spoke, looking at Te'ijal with scorn. The vampire laughed. "Your attempts to flirt with me are highly entertaining, my dear pure-hearted paladin! I could almost give you back your soul, but your suffering intoxicates me," spoke Te'ijal, which made Galahad look at her with remorse. "Quit the nonsense, guys," Lars spoke authoritatively, shielding himself from the rain with his cloak. "Look, I am not standing another minute standing in this storm soaking wet! We need to get shelter before the rain worsens!" "I agree with the sorceror, as haughty as he is," spoke Dameon, who instantly gained a glare from Lars. "We'll need to find shelter before we are swept away by the rain." "I can see my house from here," Rhen spoke, half commandingly and half eagerly. "C'mon, guys... let's get out of this rain!" At once, they rushed towards the square lot of the cottage, where the group huddled in a subconscious attempt to keep away the wind. Rhen gave a few raps on the door, giving them a knowing look. "I'll go in first. Ma and Pa aren't really used to having strangers in the house, so I'll just signal you guys when you can come in." "Don't leave us here too long," spoke Lars, and Rhen nodded in response. A hazy light accompanied the door as it opened, and Rhen walked inside cautiously. Everything seemed the same as when she had left, and the lighted fireplace brought back many happy memories. Looking around, she began to feel a little self-conscious... would Ma and Pa still remember her after all those months? "Rhen?" Her heart skipped a beat. "Pa?" There was a man sitting on a rocking chair in front of the fireplace, who, upon seeing her figure, stood up and rushed towards her in a gentle embrace. She wrapped her arms around the man's neck, around the strong shoulders that used to carry her when she was a child. Trying to fight back the nostalgia and regret at the wasted months, a few stubborn tears found their way down her cheek. "Dad." The woman at the door seemed chained to her position. The group outside watched the spectacle mutely, momentarily forgetting the bitter winds tat hounded around them. "Tailor, is it really her?" the woman asked, the worry of months etched onto her face. The man hugged the girl tighter. "It's her, Martha. I just know it." Moments later, the family caught her in a crushing embrace. --- After what seemed like an eternity of cold anguish, the group was finally signaled inside by the woman, sighing in relief as they were engulfed by the warmth of the fireplace. Tailor and Martha were immediately alarmed. "Good grief, Rhen!" Tailor spoke frantically, rising from the dinner table. "What scrape have you gotten yourself into this time?" "Pa, it's okay! These people are my friends," she spoke reassuringly, with Martha's hands shaking as she wiped the plates for supper. None of her parents seemed to believe her. "But my dear, these friends of yours..." Martha began, trailing off uncertainly. "Won't harm you in any way, I swear," Rhen spoke, giving them a look. "Right?" The two woman gave each other looks that spoke otherwise. Galahad prepared to attack them both if needed, Pirate John swaggered drunkenly, and Dameon nonchalantly blew some of his hair out of his eyes. Lars gave a lengthened sigh and stepped forward with as much diplomacy as he could gather. "Indeed, we mean no harm to your household. Lars Tenobor of Ghalarah, at your service," he spoke, shaking hands with the two adults. Martha smiled, seemingly warming up. "Of what relation have you with our daughter?" "Well..." he and Rhen exchanged glances briefly, as if to agree on something. "We've studied at the same Academy together." "And am I supposed to believe that my daughter has gone missing for almost a year to just run away to some Academy?" spoke Tailor, eyeing Lars suspiciously. The boy gulped. "It's a long story, Pa," Rhen spoke, trying to change the topic. She and Lars exchanged glances, to which he gave her a look of gratitude. "I, on the other hand am Sir Galahad Teomes of Sedona," spoke Galahad, giving a gallant bow towards the couple, who looked at him surprisedly. "I accompanied the young maiden in order to protect her from any evils that may harm her on this journey, so you may rest assured that she will be safe no matter what." "Uh, that's quite... wonderful to know, Sir Galahad," spoke Martha, who seemed quite surprised to have a noble paladin in their humble abode. It was quite unusual to have so. "It's adorable how you believe that you could actually shield the duckling from the evils of the world," Te'ijal spoke satirically, causing Galahad to wield his sword in retort. "Stand back, serpent spawn!" He looked at the elderly couple. "Don't listen to this demon's lies! She has tried to harm your daughter before I successfully averted the danger!" Te'ijal laughingly pushed the paladin away before facing the couple. "He's quite mistaken, you see. My name is Te'ijal Ravenfoot, a noble from the city of Ghed'ahre. No worries, I'd never eat your daughter, as many times as I've contemplated to do so." Tailor and Martha's blood ran cold. Te'ijal smirked. "What adorable expressions you have there! I was just joking, no fears. Besides, I am indebted to your daughter for giving me the chance to walk Aia freely." Tailor pulled at his collar nervously, and tried to stifle a smile. "That's... nice, Miss Ravenfoot." Time passed and the storm didn't get any better, however the group was able to have a hearty meal in the midst of it. Each were given a seat at the table and related their stories, with Martha, Rhen's mother, serving them hefty servings of venison and other mouthwatering dishes. Much was discussed about, in the meantime. "I'm currently on the lookout for new husbands. If you see any one available, would you mind giving me a notice?" "..." --- "An' it wuz just bloody crazy, with 'em swashbuklin' and foolhardyryin' and landlubbin' 'an whatnot..." "We can't quite understand what you are saying." --- "... and those are usually the necessary precautions taken when making the rituals." "That's all nice and wonderful, Mr. Maurva, but would it be a bother if we asked you something?" "It's no bother. Ask." "What is the rationale of the very... unique... hairstyle of yours?" "..." --- Eventually, as with the necessary explanations and discussions, the talk dwindled down to the past months that Rhen had been missing. The long story was told from training at Shadwood to the Prophecy of the Oracle to her mission to slay the demon Ahriman and save the world. Tailor and Martha looked in awe at this, slightly unable to comprehend that their daughter would become the savior of all of Aia. It didn't mean, however, that there weren't any tense moments. Tailor looked at Rhen with eyes that seemed to contain some deep emotion. She noticed that there were dark circles under his eyes that were not there before. "What you're telling me is wonderful and all, however, your mother and I have been wondering... why did you disappear?" The group fell eerily silent then. Lars looked at his soup morosely, looking back at Rhen with round, sheepish eyes. Dameon seemed not to care for the conversation. Rhen bit her lip anxiously. She caught the reaction of her teammates, making the tak all the more harder to delegate. "I..." she saw that Lars stared on at her, with regret seeped into his eyes. It made her stomach lurch. "I was... sold as a slave in the Eastern Isle." Tailor slammed the table involuntarily. "WHAT!" Lars looked down at his soup. The other members of the group tried not to be too noticeable, knowing that it was not their place to interfere. Dameon pretended not to care. "My dear child," Martha spoke, aghast. "How long had you been living that wretched life?" "Three months." "If I ever find who's responsible for that," spoke Tailor angrily. "Or whoever you were under during those wretched three months, I'll personally wring their necks! No wonder you've grown so thin!" "Pa, please," Rhen spoke sheepishly. "It's over. I'm free and contented, and that's all that matters." Tailor settled a bit at his daughter's affliction. "But sweetheart..." "Excuse me for interfering," Elini spoke authoritatively. "However, I do believe that we should get some stay here for the night, seeing as the weather isn't getting any better. Perhaps we can wrap this all up in the morning?" There was a tense silence that wrapped the atmosphere. Martha spoke. "The woman is right. Perhaps we'll be less jittery when morning comes. Here," she spoke, gesturing to the group. "Let me show you to your rooms." When everyone had gone into the living quarters, Rhen approached Tailor shortly after with a grave look on her face. "Pa, you didn't have to have such a fit a while ago." Tailor looked at her apologetically. "I know, sweetheart, and I'm sorry. But there are things that you need to understand." Rhen looked at her father suspiciously. There was something amiss. "What things, Pa?" Tailor looked into her eyes reluctantly, seeing the little girl he had raised for all those years. Then, glancing at the wooden chest, he made his decision. "Well then, I think it would be best if I showed you." --- Rhen collapsed into her bed shortly, with a million things swimming inside her head. Her mind was in such turmoil that she didn't notice the figure lying down on the floor. "You almost kicked me in the face, you know that?" Rhen looked over her bead in the darkness abruptly. "Lars?" "Yep," he spoke, sitting up and clutching his chest. "I could swear that you tied a rock inside your boot." "Oh, whatever," she said half-heartedly, still thinking about the events of the night. Lars sat up on the side of her bed with his mind pondering, looking slightly reluctant. "I... also wanted to tell you something." Rhen snapped out of her thought. "Come again?" Lars bit his lip in frustration, although he had anticipated that it would not be easy. "About what happened at dinner..." It was Rhen's turn to bite her lip. Oh, Dinner... "I..." Lars regained his composure, and tried again. "About what happened at Ghalarah, those months ago. And the few months after. I was... I was horrible to say the least, I won't deny that. You being my slave those months ago..." "Lars, that was months ago. Forget it," Rhen said, lying on her pillow. Thinking was making her sleepy. "I know, however, I was wondering..." "Wondering what?" It was as if he had swallowed a cannonball, as the words did not wish to come out. He led out a restrained sigh. "I was wondering... if you would ever forgive me." Rhen perked up a bit at that, the sleep momentarily having gone from her system. It was, perhaps, the most profound moment in her life. Ever. "Lars..." Her head was still spinning from the many thoughts that inhabited it. "I don't know what to say. I think... of course. Yes, I forgive you... I've forgiven you long ago already." Lars smiled, as if a large burden had gone away from him. "Well. That's a relief. I honestly thought you never would." "I'm not heartless, you know," she spoke, smiling as moonlight splashed on her bed in all its silver glory. Her smile faded, eventually, as she saw something reflect itself in the moonlight. Her ring seemed to slightly mock her with the light shining annoyingly in her eyes, reminding her of an inevitable fate. She stroked the crest of the ring gingerly. "Oh, and by the way, Lars," she spoke softly. "I've been meaning to talk to you about something..."
  5. ======================================= Elegance Type: Contest Entry, Oneshot Pairings: Vague ======================================= Elegance. However unorthodox the thought was considering all that the group had been through, the thought nonetheless echoed through the crevices of his mind like the aftershocks of a pleasant dream. The reason behind this sudden thought amidst the dull, painful throbbing that resounded through his body and the frank practicality that he often exhibited when needed was peculiar, in a sense. They has just entered Sedona after wandering the Western Isle, where the inhabitants seemed with much zest to be in a flurry of activity. Battlers clanged swords on a practice field, cheese vendors skylarked as they advertised their wares, fishermen huffed as they pulled great nets of fish and other means of seafood out of their ship and into wooden crates. The districts bustled with so much activity and promise that one would not know where to lay one's eyes upon, each lively scene blending into a large panorama of life. One thing had then caught his eye though—and quite ridiculous that it had so! While the rest of the group wandered around in curiosity, he felt glued to the ground upon chancing upon something beyond the glass pane of a dress shop. It was irrational, feeling such an urge, and he felt stupid just standing there, eyeing something near the corner of a seamstress' abode. But there was no denying the fact that he had felt something, however vague the slivers of it. Elegance. The soft cloth kissed the ground as it hung upon a medium-sized mannequin, the yellow and green hues of it singing songs of summer. The design combined the elements of simplicity and complexity in ways unexplainable, yet the matrimony of such elements had given it an unexpected sophisticated edge. Such a dress immediately brought him back to Ghalarah, with memories of noble balls and parties flooding his mind in an instant. Nobility in Ghalarah was often proved by one's ability to attend the noble balls. Slaves were strictly prohibited to attend such, and their respective owners made it certain that they would not have the opportunity to do so anyway, giving them chores of unattainable proportions, or simply chaining them to the house or locking them in their rooms. Once this was done, the noble families would then gather at the house of another noble in their best attire, and spend the night socializing with each other. While the noble men were content with their best suits, the women would try to best each other by wearing the most elegant of gowns, which often gave a more-than-needed view of their bosoms. Those gowns, in a way, were what defined them—noble women who were three steps higher than all the others, completely detached from plain commoners and lowly slaves for they were the epitome of what such commoners lacked—elegance. "Huh. Is it tha' trend for all laddies yer age to be a-lookin' at pretty girly dresses?" The familiar pirate swagger called him back to reality, and once his mind had processed the words said, he felt a strong sense of embarrassment. "John, this is none of your business!" The pirate was smirking from ear-to-ear next to him, as if he had uncovered hidden treasure. "Naw don't tell me that you're turning queer, matey! I coulda understand it more if ye were lookin' at some undergarments, but this is an entirely new ocean to sail!" He felt the heat reach up to the tips of his ears from shame. Oh how he wished he could turn that confounded pirate into a chicken at that moment. "I am not queer, mind you. Now could you shut up?" The pirate wiggled his eyebrows knowingly, which was annoying at times. "Hehe, suit yerself, lad. 'Sides, tha' blue-haired maiden's been a-callin' ye fer ages! Somethin' about a house, methinks." A house? The prospect of a proper home, bed, and bath thrilled him. Inns were okay, but he was starting to get sick of sleeping in the clothes he travelled in for months. The two guys then walked around the district for a while before they found the three ladies, who were standing in front of what seemed to be a manor. The two ladies had amused looks on their faces—for what reason, he didn't want to know—while Rhen looked very, very irritated. "This is crazy," she yelled upon seeing the two, marching up to them in white-hot rage. "I look perfectly fine! There's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing, right?" The two women gave amused smirks at that, and sensing the confusion on the guys' faces, gave them an explanation as to what had happened. Apparently they needed to talk to the owner of the house before they could get it, who apparently was attending the ball, which apparently requires formal wear. Rhen, however, was prohibited from attending due to her outfit, which had led to her heated fury. He couldn't help but smile a bit at that. For one, he could sort of understand why she couldn't attend the ball—the sword-singing outfit had acquired a considerable layer of grime, and along with her overall appearance, she looked like some warrior princess who ate her food raw and killed just for the heck of it. For another, the situation reminded him so much of Ghalarah—the ball, the division of classes, et cetera, et cetera. For a moment, he was launched into thought once again and began to ponder on how much the tables had turned. Back in Ghalarah, before he had decided to accompany Rhen on her journey, he would've done the same thing. In fact, he would've refused to be seen with someone who seemed to just have come out from the wild. But here he was, standing next to the perfect replica of such a person—who had used to be his slave, in fact. What happened, then? How did the tables turn out so... unexpected? He discreetly closed his eyes. He had changed, that's what. Those balls, those status symbols... they were all in the past now. The lines of class and nobility have blurred. The urge to spite the lowly had slowly begun to wither away. Opening his eyes, he looked at the blue-haired girl as she began yelling at the butler, who seemed like he could faint any second. That's funny—that dress he'd been looking at a few moments ago seemed to fit her, judging by her figure. It'd probably fit her to a tee, even. A sudden realization then hit him, which made him stifle the urge to laugh. The universe was funny, really. It was almost as if it had conspired to give him this realization. Months ago, she had been his slave—which by the law of Ghalarah would make her illegible to attend such a party, more so to wear something that would signify one's nobility. But now, as the situation called for it, this would-be blasphemous act in Ghalarah was called for at that moment. Such laws didn't matter anymore—not only in this district, but to him as well. After aiding the others in preventing the uncalled-for murder of the butler at the hands of Rhen Darzon, he decided to use his frank rpacticality again. "We passed a seamstress in the eastern district of the city earlier. I saw a gown that would fit you perfectly." The group seemed pleased with the suggestion, and headed towards the seamstress he had mentioned. Taking another look at the girl, he mentally noted that perhaps when they had acquired the house, he could apologize to her. ========== Guh. Long story is long. X_X Anway, this is for Blurble's contest, although I'm pretty sure I kinda got it wrong. Q-Q Ah, well. Enjoy the piece of epic fail. XD
  6. (@ Violoett_Duskwood: Eh, not a problem. Ev'rythin's gunna be alriight~ ) _+Senza Nome, The Outskirts of Eridne+_ "I think we're here, Aari!" Senza skidded to a halt at the sight of civilization, her grimy face smiling in pure joy. Although they were lucky enough not to encounter any creatures during the journey, it was long enough for her to feel more uncomfortable than she ever did before. Valejo perched on her shoulder, cocking its head at all directions. "Eridu! At last! I never thought we'd actually arrive here!" she spoke in desperate glee. Groveling to the floor, she gave the hard earth a big hug. "Oh, Eridu! Finally! I can take a quick shower!" Valejo then softly flew from her shoulder, flying to her front. She raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What's wrong, Valejo? Something there in Eridu?" she spoke, straightening herself up. Staring into the darkness of its eyes, she felt a soft murmur that seemed to come from within. "We're supposed to meet some people there? Who?" she questioned, yet Valejo darted away from her and towards the city. She gasped in surprise, running after it. "Wait! WAIT! Who are we gonna meet!?" she yelled as she chased after the bird.
  7. (Hey guys! I took longer than I expected... but I've got bad news. I don't think I'll be able to continue the comic, since, well... I'm kinda trying to experiment with Photoshop, plus some new projects I was thinking of. Sorry if this is quite a downer. ) "What's this crystal called? It's pretty!" Mr. Kurukuu smiled at that. The girl seemed to delight in the simplest of things, and was a cutie too. Ruffling his mustache, he walked towards the middle of the greenhouse. "Activation crystals, dearie. These crystals helps trigger the 'G.I.F.T' mechanism in the others. Give it to those who hadn't received the gift yet, would you?" "I wish each and every one of you the best of luck. I will be standing ground over here, in case anything bad happens here. Do tell our 'little friend' that I send my regards." Winifred nodded, a feeling of impatience running through her veins. "Yeah yeah, yada yada... let' just go already!" she yelled storming out of the greenhouse. The teacher smiled, watching everyone go their own respective ways. As they left, Mr. Kurukuu's stomach jolted violently from side to side. This garnered a little bemused look from him. "Oh, be quiet, dearie... I had quite the experience getting you from that little nekomata! Don't be so rude!" he mused, chuckling as he laid in wait. === Winifred was irritated. No, not just irritated, she was also quite frustrated. Heh, all that negative energy stuff with the mind blocks and whatnot... heck if I know that it'll work or crud... She paused for a moment as a slight foreboding entered her as she slowly approached the Academy. It was like a spell at first, yet she quickly brushed it away. Aw, c'mon! Don't tell me that I'm turning soft! I ain't afraid of anything... Her conscience perturbed her for a nanosecond, just to remind her of a certain thing. 'Cept for the fact that you might never forgive me. (Little known fact about Winifred: she has two fears in life. One is that she might lose everyone important to her. The second is that her parents will never forgive her after what she's done. ^^ Oh, and her second name is Anne. Yeah. >.< )
  8. (@ PokeGal: Argh. Unfortunately, I don't. >.< Lovin' the lyrics, though!) "Well..." Winifred muttered,albeit stunned by what the astral had said. How could she... did she see...? Shaking it off, she crossed her arms as she turned away from her. "You know what? Screw this. I just wanna get my hands on whatever the freak it is." "Hu, so my students will be skipping class today?" Mr. Kurukuu mused, bobbing up and down cheerfully as he floated in the air. Halting the bobbing movement, his whisker-like mustache shooting up in enthusiasm. "Very well! I guess I'll just give you little dears a little something to help you on your mission." Landing on the ground softly, he closed his eyes as his mustache seemed to gain a life of its own. The ends lit up as if light passed through them, with light spheres forming around him. They slowly floated above each present in the greenhouse, with the light from the spheres shining upon them before they disappeared. Mr. Kurukuu chuckled, his whiskers swaying along. "As much of a professional I am at my craft, I could only do so much in this situation. Those little 'gifts', as I like to call them... can only be activated within the direst of times." he spoke, bobbing up and down once more. "You'll have to find out what they do when opportunity strikes. Oh! I almost forgot..." Twirling towards Night, he handed her some green glowing gems. "I'll need you to hand these out to the others when you see them."
  9. Miss Leiche came up to him, holding his shoulders. "Calm down, dear! I'll help you find him," she spoke, voice as gentle as a mother's. Knocking on a door, she then called out: "Hello? Is anybody there?" Meanwhile, Winifred listened to what the astral and the guardian spoke. Mr. Kurukuu was too busy teaching the technique, and the others needed to learn it if they were to survive. They depended on each other. They needed to do this. But her? "Hey," she spoke, looking at the astral and the guardian. Her eyes were as cold as stone. "If you're really itching to save her, then I'm coming with. They can learn their little technique, save for the big finale. I'll be one of the frontliners." Bringing her hand up, she looked at it angrily before clenching her fist. "That thing lied to me. I just thought I'd return the favor." she spoke, looking at them with fierce determination. "Let's do this thing." === Mr. Kurukuu was having fun. Although Thought Intrusion was a painful process, he liked it, nonetheless. It was fun. And challenging. Two things he really enjoyed. Plus, by teaching the others this, he'd be able to see his beloved Rosalinda. Oh yes. So far, he was able to collect some thoughts. But now, the sever negativity he was receiving was beginning to tip him off balance. Although he was able to bypass some strong points, the weak points began to disappear. The vampire was getting stronger. He tried to bypass it again, this time as a last resort. But in a moment, a swift gesture... and POW! Before he knew it, he flew into the air at such impact. Landing on the ground, a halo of stars began to encircle him. By Jove, he was the proudest teacher ever... if not the dizziest. "Great show, dear!" he spoke, slightly slurring. "Such... mm, force in shuch an ahttack... vewy nishe... Ooh yes!" he chimed, propping himself up. In a moment, he was up and floating. Heading towards the now-sobbing Neko, he gave her a big hug. "I know it's painful to remember. But dear, you have conquered them. You have triumphed over your inner demons and faced them. I'm very proud of you." Form peripheral vision he caught the sight of Night, Neo, and Winifred. The girl mentioned something about being a frontliner. Hmm. "Well, it's over now, dear." he spoke, letting go of Neko. Looking at the three girls left, an idea came to mind. "I know! How about something fun!" he piped in, clapping his hands. "How about a three on three, hmm? You, you, and you," he spoke, pointing at Kami, Ankoku and Ghost. "Versus me?"
  10. Winifred looked at the scene still with her poker face, then looked to the side. The astral seemed to be crying, although she seemed to hide it. Winifred gave her a misty-eyed look, then suddenly jolted in discovery. Of course, she thought, looking at her as she remembered a vision of hers. Her boyfriend's dead. Sighing, she looked back at the little scene between the green-haired vampire and the floating dwarf. Her thoughts began to wander, bumping into places not known before. She probably loved him a lot. Love, like a distraction which takes your eyes off the prize. And yet... Looking at her so-called "sister", her eyes just gaped, unblinking. Even after her loss, there will always be those who will comfort her. Of course she has those. That other astral. The elf boy. Everyone else. She practically has a whole group to back her up. But me? She averted her eyes back to Mr. Kurukuu and the vampire. He seemed to be discussing things with her. Sighing, she folded her arms that were dangling at her sides. I got lied to again. And by something I couldn't even figure out, for that. It's been happening to me more often, to say the least. And that last encounter... she held her right shoulder, wincing a bit. Forcing herself to look back at the scene, she continued thinking. It's funny to think that I'm surrounded by a world of lies, constantly running away from the things that may harm me. There is no definite person to trust. I can't even run back and beg for mercy, since well... she tightened her grip around her arms. There's nobody to turn back to. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. The things I've done... the regrets I've been hiding... her eyes gained that misty property once more. And Dad... he's probably never gonna forgive me for this. This is practically the whole idea of Redemption. She then looked back at all the others, as few as they were. These people did what they have to do. Must've done some mighty good things, things which would probably make me puke if I start thinking of them. That's why they have each other. They deserve to have someone to lean on. But what about me? What do I deserve? Nothing. Just because... She closed her eyes. No one mourns the wicked. === Mr. Kurukuu clapped at the girl's submission. "Ah, yes! Very well, very well! And it seems," he began floating around her, eying her like she was some sort of experiment. He lifted her arms, smelled her hair and moved her head before he was convinced of who she was. "You are a vampire, nonetheless! This is brilliant!" he spoke, twirling gleefully. Regaining his composure, he faced her once more. "Ahem. Right. Well, it is basic knowledge that a vampire possesses a certain psychic ability to some extent. So dear, this is what you will do." "I will be the attacker this round. The purpose of the attacker is to intrude your thoughts and collect valuable information from them. The longer it lingers, the deeper the intrusion." "You must block me out and try to intrude my thoughts before I get too deep within your memories. In order to do so, I want you to concentrate on the most painful memory of your past. Focus on it, and direct the negative energy towards me. You got it? Great!" "I know it seems hard at first. You'll have to remember every single shred of it, practically reliving it yourself. This technique is a truly painful process. Yet with it, your attacker can no longer take it away from you because you yourself are no longer afraid of it." "Ready? Let's begin?" In an instant, his eyes flashed electric blue and he began to dig into her thoughts. (@ PokeGal: Hopefully I don't sound too demanding, but with this I'll need some of Neko's past. If you don't mind. ^^;; )
  11. _+Senza Nome, Barreno City+_ She chuckled at the mention of talking to trees and plants. "No prob. Your secret is safe with me." she spoke, then looked at Valejo. "I'll ask him, then. Valejo, do you know a shorter route to Eridne?" Valejo looked at her strangely, as if she had spoken an alien language. Yet after a while, the bird began to fly into the horizon; its powerful wings blowing the wind into their faces. Smiling, Senza looked at Aarifa and gestured at her. "C'mon, Aari! Valejo knows the way!" she spoke enthusiastically, running after the bird.
  12. (@ the Adept_Rogue: Okay then, I'll send you the summary later.) Mr. Kurukuu floated over to Ghost, patting her back. "There, there, little one! We'll still have to practice the techniques!" he spoke, accidentally biting his tongue. Pain came across his face. "YA-OOOOGAH!" he yelled, morphing into fireworks. The others stared at him blankly at that. Five minutes later... "Oo-kay, I'm alright, folks!" chimed Mr. Kurukuu. Straightening up the bow on his suit, he regained his teaching composure. Let's begin. You there!" he spoke, pointing at Neko. "You will be my first volunteer." === Miss Leiche skidded to a halt as she saw Gonzo yelling. Relief flooded her once more, and she instantly hugged the boy tightly. "Thank Goodness you're alright!" she spoke, letting go of him shortly. "Have you found them? Have you found the others?" she spoke worriedly, looking around in a jerky manner.
  13. (@ NightMelody: Yes, you are ^^ To say the least, I was contemplating on making the character designs for each character with the theme of birds. But heh. ) (@ theAdept_Rogue: Ya sure you don't want me to PM you the summary? Currently, we are all called to the greenhouse for some important matters.) Haha, Sir! You are indeed fond of entering other people's minds, no? intruded Mr. Kurukuu, smiling with his eyes shut. Floating over to Night, he gave her a big grin. "Sorry if I was interrupting a conversation, hon. Sometimes I just feel the urge to just strike up something in the middle of a conversation. Makes things amusing, you know?" he spoke gaily, helping Night up. "Oops! Nearly slipped!" Winifred just looked at the both of them with what resembled a poker face, her composure regained. "Uh, right." she spoke nonchalantly. Cocking her head to the side, she raised an eyebrow at him. "So... you were gonna discuss something to us inside the greenhouse, right?" "Oh yes!" he spoke cheerfully in a tone of discovery, slapping his forehead. "Of course, the business at hand! Haha, how age does its damege on the youngest of souls. Moving on," he twirled, turning to the five girls present. He snickered as he noticed the lacking audience. "Ooh, don't we have a crisis here? Ah, well. While waiting for the others, I will teach you a very important technique." "In the human world, Psychic Telepathy is a practice often deemed as extrasensory, a sense beyond the five. This is particularly normal for species of the psychic type, such as astrals." He then turned to Night, the smile never leaving his face. "Miss Night made a very spectacular display of that power during her fight with Miss...?" he inquired, looking at Winifred. She sighed, folding her arms. "No use now," she muttered, looking at him. "Winifred." "What a lovely name," he spoke, smiling. He then focused his attention to the three. "Miss Winifred. Continuing, aside from Miss Night, whatever lurks the Academy walls has the same useful power; often to intrude one's thoughts and tempt others with the desires of the mind. What I will teach you will counteract the effects of its maneuver." "Psychic Telepathy is often linked to speaking to one through one's thoughts. This technique will help you direct those thoughts to another person in case of emergencies, as well as to intrude the others' thoughts during an attack. Are you ready?" he spoke turning to the three. When they didn't speak, he smiled. "And we begin." === Running outside, Miss Leiche noticed Ankoku in her state of disillusion. Hugging her, Miss Leiche patted her head. "It's okay, honey! Just don't listen to the thoughts in your head! Keep moving, and we'll find a way together!" she spoke gently, guiding the girl slowly towards the greenhouse. To her relief, the others were already there. I'm worried about the elf boy and the others inside. Are they okay? Has he found them? Miss Leiche thought worriedly, trudging to the greenhouse with Ankoku. She was still crying, but at least she was safe. A feeling of doubt came through her as she looked back at the Academy. How were they? "Head towards the others," she spoke once they arrived at the greenhouse. Then, looking back at the Academy, she ran towards it; her drive to keep the others safe flitting across her face. Please be okay.
  14. _+Senza Nome, Barreno City+_ Senza smiled, looking at little sheepish. "To tell you the truth, I really don't know where Eridne is." she spoke, blushing a bit. Looking at Valejo, the bird flew to her shoulder quite roughly. Stumbling a bit at the impact, she looked at Valejo. "Valejo, why us?" she inquired, feeling a bit doubtful. It seemed peculiar how the bird wanted them to go somewhere to meet a person. Valejo just ruffled its wings, grooming itself. She sighed, then looked back at Aarifa. "He won't tell me. He won't even make eye contact with me." she spoke sadly, clasping her hands together. "I know it seems strange for me to talk to him, but for some reason, I just kinda know what he's thinking." Smiling sheepishly at her, her eyes looked a bit mournful.
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