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  1. I absolutely LOVE soup! I eat soup sick or not, lol. But I prefer vegetable soup better when I'm sick. @FishSantiago I've never heard of tarragon, is that a herb? I've heard of oregano though.
  2. Wow, this looks pretty promising. The story is interesting and not overused. The sprites and artwork look wonderful! (from the blog) I`ll keep my eye out on this, good luck!
  3. @Argoyle Yeah I'm pretty sure it wasn't official either, but it just spread so people adapted the actual constellation list. @IvanaDeRossi lol, not all Capricorns are like that, but yeah I'm an Aries too <3
  4. Have you guys heard of the ``new`` zodiac sign? Ophiuchus its the 13th zodiac. Some people believe it while some people say its been around for ages and even the Ophiuchus does exist its not apart of the zodiac system. Personally I don`t think so i mean it HAS been around for ages it doesn't make sense that they would include it in the zodiac like now.I don`t know if its completely official though.What do you guys think? Here`s the ``new`` list. ARIES = APRIL 19 - MAY 13 TAURUS = MAY 14 - JUNE 19 GEMINI = JUNE 20 - JULY 20 CANCER = JULY 21 - AUG 9 LEO = AUGUST 10 - SEPTEMBER 15 VIRGO = SEPTEMBER 16 - OCTOBER 30 LIBRA = OCTOBER 31 - NOVEMBER 22 SCORPIO = NOVEMBER 23 - NOVEMBER 29 OPHIUCHUS = NOVEMBER 30 - DECEMBER 17 SAGITTARIUS = DECEMBER 18 - JANUARY 18 CAPRICORN = JANUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 15 AQUARIUS = FEBRUARY 16 - MARCH 11 PISCES = MARCH 12 - APRIL 18 So now I'm a Pisces instead of an Aries? Pfft I don`t think so. Here`s the article http://www.regrettheerror.com/2011/01/15/a-new-zodiac-sign-media-reports-set-off-frenzy-of-misinformation/ Here`s the Constellation List http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/kids/st6starfinder/st6starfinder3.shtml Merged topics. ~Mopiece
  5. I have heard of this game quite a bit. Gonna download it and see how it is, it looks and sounds incredibly interesting though.
  6. That was hilarious, i loved the part where he was trying to walk away but he couldn't because the npc was blocking him, lol. It had all the questionable parts of an RPG. You made my afternoon. ( థ ౪ థ ) Sword of Grandmothers lol yeah.
  7. Melody

    User Names

    Hmmm, I've really love music as a child and now, especially melody's and lullaby's I guess it just stuck? lol
  8. I absolutely must grind in almost every game or else it doesn't feel like an RPG to me any more...is that weird? I didn't grind in Aveyond too much but in other RPG's like FF13 I feel like if you don't grind you get left behind...lol I only dodge when enemies are really strong, then I go back to the weaker enemies until the strong ones don't seem so strong any more.
  9. Melody

    School Uniforms

    Seriously? Ive never heard of a school in my area where PE is done in original uniform (skirt or pants) they give you a separate school t shirt and a pair of shorts. I cant imagine running and jumping in a skirt... Then again depends if its a skirt or skort. All of the skirts in the high school division have shorts under them.
  10. Copy and pasted from:http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=644&forum=24 *The Glassen Key (Merit Quests and Demerit Quests):* You need 5 merit points in order to qualify to get the Glassen Key from its pedestal. To tell how many points you have, see the messages below. 0 points: One so selfish as be you shall never touch this key so true 1 point: Though unselfish you are, this key is still far 2 points: Though unselfish you are, this key is not far 3 points: Your merit is good, yet for thy key it not stood 4 points: Saintly you are; pure of heart is not far 5 points: Your heart is pure; take this key and endure To acquire 5 merit points, you must help various NPCs throughout the game. Not all quests award you with a merit point; the following list includes all those which do. *Delivering Georgia's letter *Turning Jack in to the authorities *Rescuing Frederick's brother *Talking to Lyla after getting rid of the bees *Proving the maid's innocence *Returning Grisilda's broom *Taking the skeleton home *Killing the hunter in Animalville *Reuniting the lost lovers (the lonely old man) *Helping the beggar in Venwood *Completing the werewolf quest *Saving the fairy children The following actions will make you lose merit points: *Killing Jack -1 point *Recruiting Jack into the party -1 *Killing the mayor of Animalville -1 point *Cutting Gavril's hair -1 point I hope that helped? I don`t think there`s an actual walk-through for the merit point quests though. You just have to hunt down the quests in the walkthrough your reading.
  11. Melody

    School Uniforms

    I kinda find them cute. >_< I've never been to a school that you have to wear a uniform at, so thats probably why I like them so much. But I think it's pretty cool not having to waste time finding what to where because you just wore it yesterday. Then again I might change my mind when I'm in high school. lol @KTC yeah I heard they are pretty expensive.
  12. Yay! Congrats Mopiece and UntoldReveries! Good luck you two!
  13. Aveyond and Quintessence both use resources that are availible for free use on differet websites.
  14. no problem, everyone has questions! Good luck with your game! 8D
  15. eek Reives your awesome, downloading soon, and maybe you can unclear my username on freebird possibly next month? I'll be on soon, I'll PM you sometime soon next month to let you know when I'm ready sorry if it took so long! Good Luck with Quintessence and LM! 8D ...Dang should have voice auditioned for a Quintessence character...but my voice is too sweet sounding and high piched... :<
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