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  1. 1) Windows Defender 2) 1.331.882.0 3) Aveyond 3: Gates of Night and Aveyond 3: Lost Orb 4) 2/13/21
  2. I know that Aveyond is formatted to play on windows computers... but does anyone know of an easy (preferably Free) way to play Aveyond on my macbook?
  3. Please help! I'm trying to finish the m quest! I have the frog the crown and the symbol but I have no idea where the broken wand is... much appreciated if anyone can help.
  4. I can't find the technical FAQ.... do you know exactly where it is? I clicked on the help button but it doesn't have what i want...
  5. Hi, I heard from a friend that you could save LOT to your e-mail and then move it to another computer... how do you do that??? thanks for your help
  6. After graduating you have to defeet the hind before Elini will join you.
  7. Wooo! It's a relief there's a second one. I just finished "lord or twilight" 5 minutes ago. When I heard it was short I had no idea it was really that short! Can't wait for the second half. Way to go Amanda Finch!
  8. haha no problem... I just won the game for the third time a couple weeks ago.... yeah I know.... I have no life... so I'm pretty fresh on the details. If you have anymore questions just ask
  9. When you first walked out of the "beasts cave" a figuring of an elf should have apeared outside the cave..... if you go to items and look in your items and click on the elf figuring he will go normal.
  10. I've already tried that.... they haven't relied.... and that was two months ago.
  11. Ugg! Will someone please help me? I downloaded Aveyond through "yahoo games" on my computer amlmost 2 years ago... But over the summer I got rid of my old computer and got a new one. In doing so I lost the game. And I deleted the code.... does anyone know of a way for them to send the code to you again?
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