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  1. Yes, thank you to the Fool for a great interview. I am a big fan of Warfare Studios games and I believe Del will continue to go from strength to strength. It is also good to see a developer who is passionate and cares about the quality of his games, always being around to help with answers and take constructive feedback.
  2. robm


    I very much like the look of this game and will be trialling the demo for sure (and I am pretty sure I will purchase it). I have heard very positive things about this game at Aldorlea so kudos to you. Thanks.
  3. robm

    Ella's Hope

    OMG, Dana looks incredible and ready to inflict some serious damage (she looks like a powerhouse). I am more and more excited about this game and cant wait till the end of April.
  4. robm

    Ella's Hope

    I was wondering how many playable characters will there be in Ella's Hope?
  5. robm

    Ella's Hope

    Hi, I was just wondering whether or not the encounters will be visible or invisible. Thanks
  6. robm

    Ella's Hope

    I love the character's artwork and the screenshots very much. I am really looking forward to playing this game. Mid April is not very far away, yaay.
  7. Yes, as Shaz and Rabbit said it is Oodles of Noodles that causes the berserk status provided another one of your characters does not hit the enemy which then neutralises the effect. It is quite fun to have June cast this and then have your characters defend and see the craziness and merriment that ensues.
  8. Thanks for your input Paralel. What's strange is that I can run high end console games such as Risen, King's Bounty the Armored Princess and Oblivion with utmost precision. Anyway I had the same problem with my old HP Pentium 4 1GM RAM Multimedia Computer, I would get the same message of the Script is Hanging. I have done a search here and noticed that a lot of people have reported this same message at different times. Oh well, such is life. Again, thanks for your comments.
  9. Hey Paralel, I am running 32-bit Windows XP.
  10. Hi BryceJ Firstly I forgot to mention that I purchased this from BFG so I apologise if this has taken up your time unnecessarily. With regards to your questions since I am here 1) Fully updated, double checked and automatic updates always turned on. About Windows XP, it may be five years old but it is a completely stable operating system and I have a lot of older games which will only play on an XP/Vista system, hence why I chose XP. My computer is Windows 7 ready and when I have finished all those games I will reformat my system and install Windows 7. There are still a lot of issues with 64 bit systems and compatibility so I am not fully convinced yet. 2) NVidia Drivers are completely update. 3) Audio is Realtek HD Audio and latest codecs and drivers are installed. Here is a photo as requested of the error message anyway. http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk160/PublicRobm/screen.png Thanks for your input anyway. As I said, the game does play after a couple of goes, I was just curious why this was happening. Cheers
  11. Thanks for finding that out everyone. I will equip the different weapons, especially the earth staff. Bye for now.
  12. Hello, I keep on receiving this error message each time I click on the icon to play TLO. After I press OK it will happen again for the 2nd time after I press the TLO game icon. After that the 3rd time the game will play perfectly. I was wondering if anyone was able to shed some light on this? My computer is brand new. Windows XP Service Pack 3 Quad Core i-7, 2.8GZ, 4GB RAM, NVidia Ge Force GTX 260 896MB. Thanks for any assistance. Cheers.
  13. Thanks again for the awesome work in compiling and annotating the maps, I know that it is time consuming. This is very much appreciated by me/forum memebers and ensures that I do not miss anything as well as navigating around TLO. I hope that everything works out with your grandmother. Take care
  14. So basically we are unsure how it will affect gameplay in Aveyond 3.4. Oh well, just to play on the safe side, I will send nice letters.
  15. That's hilarious. I am at Granite Mountains and am curious, is that a skill by June or Yvette when she takes on an animal form? Anyway I will find this out when I next play. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Whilst I respect everyones input and appreciate diverse viewpoints, Hischildbeth's comments did come across as slightly dramatic.You are able to solve every quest and side quest with the BFG Strategy Guide. I also purchased the guide and say that I am happy with the purchase. I do agree about the annotations with the maps being included however it was pointed out kindly to me that there were restrictions placed by BFG with this. The annotated maps came out shortly afterwards anyway (I think a week and a half after the game. Happy Gaming.
  17. Thanks very much for that UntoldReveries, I really appreciate that.
  18. That's astonishing all that information on the prequels to Laxius Force Series. I was wondering if there was another link to those goodies, I receive an error message when I click on the links. Thanks.
  19. Spoilers are not appropriate for game reviews, it's like reviewing a film and giving away what happens. Not cool. It takes away from the suspense and drama. If you wish to seek out what happens, there are plenty of ways to do so. But I agree, this shouldn't be in a game review. I am curious, where did this appear?
  20. Hi Tinoponi, Thank you for clarifying that. It is a shame that BFG places restrictions with the maps, because if people complain then it's not your or Amaranthia's fault. Anyway, we appreciate all that you do in the Strategy guide/forum here and I like that this is a friendly place. Back to the Adventure of TLO.
  21. Hi, Firstly great job to Tiniponi in compiling the TLO Strategy guide, I am happy with the purchase. My only constructive suggestion for improvement would be to include a checklist/guide for drops/items available in each area. This does not need to appear on maps. Eg, in Bristle Woods West there are 3 gold purses, etc. I think this would make the guide spot on. Cheers
  22. Excellent map which gives me a great perspective in navigating TLO, thanks. I too would appreciate annotations for what it's worth. Cheers
  23. I am looking forward to trialling this, the characters and screenshots look interesting.
  24. robm


    Fantastic screenshots and looks like the same brilliant designers from Millenium. I have read elsewhere that the game is due in March and that the monsters will be visible encounters which I am pleased about. Fortunately i have TLO to play in the interim but I am eagerly awaiting this.
  25. robm


    Hi griselmay, I dont believe you can overdownload, unless you dont have sufficient memory on your computer (its best to keep 25% of hard drive free for best operating pratice). Sounds more like some of the freeware or games may have been infected with a virus/trojan/malware. It is best to have a Firewall/Anti-virus installed as well as a programme such as WOT or McAffee which rates the quality of the downloads as being safe. Also when you download an application you should quickly scan on your desktop to check that it is safe. Do you regularly run an anti-virus check and clean up old files/defragment? All these help with the optimal running of your computer.
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