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  1. In away I kinda agree with you.
  2. Thanks. =) Yeah, i agree. I think it is one of those videos that would bring us more together. Right?
  3. Did any of you hear about the Kony 2012 thing? I've been giving money to there program for 3 years and i thinks it is amazing that this is FINALLY being know... but idk... What do you think about it? (If you have not seen it or heard about it search Kony 2012 on youtube, it is wroth your time.) Moved to Village Square. ~Mopiece
  4. Death is easy, but life is hard. So no, i am not scared of thing. I kinda think it is a good thing...
  5. Meroko: Than you ~ And emo vampire kitty XD Stardale: so adorable!!! daeva_agas: Omg! You are the cutest mouse ever!!!!!
  6. http://i1179.photobucket.com/albums/x390/josie300/183746_1873095391832_1374583617_32179555_813038_n1.jpg[/img] That is when my grandmother came from Ireland and drew a heart on my face. Do not look to long >.<
  7. Theone: You do make a good point about the war thing but, people will just make something more powerful then what they have... more harmful.
  8. Aw!! They are awesomeness. I like your cat Btw lol
  9. =) Dattie and Val are right.
  10. Yay! Your poems rock! I can't wait to see more!
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