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  1. Thanx for all the responses ... really appreciate it
  2. I was looking for the God Water, and I encountered a puzzle in a cabin WHEREBY scrambled letters of the alphabet appear and then, (I assume) you pull the lever to see if your answer is correct. Can someone assist me with the correct answer? I have: E A S Y B B K U Thanx
  3. WHERE is the witch in TOR (NO "HINTS" please) It is not funny when you have spent way too much time looking for something and then, someone says: hint: cluck cluck
  4. This is the procedure to making "Blabbermouth Potion" FIRST ... you must have Blabbermouth Recipe, Hot Spice, Rock Powder (which is already in the room), and Mandrake Man (which is a funny man-shaped plant) AFTER YOU HAVE ASSEMBLED these four things, you do the following: 1) walk up to the cauldron and click on cauldron, and Ingrid says "this will be good" 2) then, Ingrid says "do I have the secret ingredient?" and screen says "choose secret ingredient" which turns out to be "Hot Spice" (which is in your ITEMS) 3) after clicking on Hot Spice, Ingrid will then say "Kaboom!" and then Ingrid also says "Its gone green, what will I do?" 4) you walk over to recipe book and find GREEN potion where you are told to add "Rock Powder" 5) you must now walk to lower left side of screen and pick up "Rock Powder" (this item is simply sitting there for you to use), click on it, and take it to cauldron and click on the cauldron "Ingrid shaves off some Rock Powder" and says "This is wrong. It shouldn't be orange" 6) you must again go to the recipe book and find ORANGE potion where you are told to use "Man of Minerals" 7) you walk over to the left side of the screen where a strange man-shaped plant is laying and click on it 8) "Ingrid picks up Mineral Man" and walk over to cauldron again and click 9) "Ingrid breaks off a piece of the mineral man" and Potion now changes to BLUE 10) Ingrid says "That's it! Perfect" as well as "My creation is complete" The screen now tells you "you made "Blabbermouth Potion" and it will appear in your ITEMS You must do the above ... otherwise it becomes confusing and you will have to start over. I hope this helps you because the "guide" does not indicate the steps that I have just listed. Best Wishes and Good Luck!
  5. Why would you NOT tell us how to prepare the Blabbermouth recipe? First, someone asks ... then says "nevermind ... i figured it out" and then NO ONE indicates how or what to do. I have the mineral man ... the leaves ... the recipe ... and I am at Ingrid's house. WHAT IS NEXT?
  6. I have purchased (and played all the Aveyond 1-3 games); and this game Aveyond 4 is difficult for someone like me, who simply cannot spend LARGE BLOCKS of time on the game. Having a family and a full time job ... allows an hour here and there; therefore, the Guide is/was very disappointing. If there was a cash cow available, I might not be so disappointed because a great deal of money allows a game player to dabble around and experiment with various purchases. Isn't the point of Aveyond 4 to have fun? Not feel stressed out a great deal of the time. Lotta boo boos in the game also .... as well as undefined lines which indicates a different area/level ... and again, too much walking. The graphics are wonderful and I am sure the game would be much easier to play, if there was a walkthrough. Disappointing ...
  7. To Whom It May Concern: Yesterday, I purchased the game "Stargazer" and at the same time, I purchased the STRATEGY GUIDE. This is my problem: The Strategy Guide simply will not download; and thus, I cannot use it! (The game downloaded just fine) Order ID: ( 2015-1214-2218-27-117 (7082134) ) I have attempted this download numerous times! Can you assist me? Thank you
  8. OOOkkkk ... well I have the snail ... and I am finally at the point in the game where it is approaching the grand finale. Thanx to all that helped me through my problems. This was a great game. B'bye for now.
  9. Thank you for responding (to Mopiece) ... however, I do not understand what you mean when you say "you may have all ready got it (the snail). I absolutely am positive that I am at the location called "Underfall" ... because when I save, it is shown as "Underfall" Soooooooooooooooo .... what do I do? go on to the next things to do from the Strategy Guide? And, should I assume that I have the snail (although when I scroll through my items, there is no snail). This is confusing. I have to add that doing all of this walking is simply a way to make the player use time ... why would the teleporter be eliminated in this game? It was used very often in the previous Aveyond games. Also, I am always low on money. My opinion is that the amount of money a player receives is much too low ... as well as NOT getting a single piece of gold (after defeating an enemy) is downright cruel. I mean, you fought the evil thing, finally beat it ... and then you get nothing!! The artwork is beautiful ... and the music is fantastic. Storyline is quite good.
  10. I am at a point in the game where the Strategy Guide instructs me to "return to the Underfall and purchase a Snail from the Junk Dealer" ... and when I go to the Junk Dealer ... there is no Snail being offered for sale. Can you assist here?
  11. Please advise your fans of Amaranth Games that Gypsy's Tale is NOT an RGP. All this hype about how beautiful it is and how it is #4, 5 ... whatever -----> BUT it is not an RPG (as in the Aveyond series). It's my fault ... as I should have played it for an hour ... and then, of course, I would have immediately realized this game is some sort of interactive puzzle game. Money is sent and I have this new kind of game that I have never played. Soooooo... be sure and tell the public ... before they do what I did (blindly rushed out and purchased it sight unseen) because I "assumed" it was the usual kind of game in the Aveyond series ... OK ... b'bye for now (and I bought the Strategy Guide also). MY carelessness....
  12. O-K-A-Y !!! Its JUNE Where is Gypsy Tale????
  13. Thanx to both of you for your responses; however, upon reviewing what the blacksmith is requiring ... it appears that I need at least TWO TOPAZ gems. Sooooooooo ... where does one find a Topaz? Sorry to be such a pest. Thank you
  14. This is verrrrry confusing!! It appears that I must have the possession of lots of "opals" to make the transition from whatever equipment I am presently using to the "new stuff". Where on earth does a person get these opals? I do recall getting one from a monster that I eliminated (I think) ... as to where? I have no idea. Geeeesh ... NOT FUN Plus the only way to really get help with this game is TO BUY THE STRATEGTY GUIDE (another $6.99)?????????
  15. I do not understand how to upgrade my equipment now that I have found all four shields for the blacksmith. Can someone tell me how??? I cannot get anything to highlight and therefore able to purchase or upgrade these badly needly new equipment.
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