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  1. So, I finished the game, but...who IS she? Is she JUST supposed to be a mysterious old woman meant to give Stella spells (obviously!)? Or is she actually supposed to BE someone? This woman's identity is confusing the heck out of me!
  2. I didn't even get the Judgment, Magic Shield Extora, and/ or Silence Extora spells ( I don't think I leveled one of the staves up enough and might have missed one). I made the mistake of trying to take out the boss and its minions at once. I died. Quite epically. Next round, I had Edward and Te'ijal attack the little healing bots (the Grim Reapers). Definitely equip Berserk on Ed's sword. It works wonders to take out those minions. I had Stella use Heal Extora every turn to keep health topped up and had Te'ijal use an aquifolium or aquifolium extora if needed. Once I had both Reapers Berserked, I focused on the Disciples a little so I didn't take the spell off of the Reapers. Once the Berserk wore off on the Reapers, I had Edward attack those again, and kept repeating this until the Reapers were both dead. By this time, all the Disciples (except maybe one or two) were dead, since Te'ijal does way more damage to them. Once you get rid of the minions, the actual boss is cake. You can pretty much launch an all-out assault with Stella using Starshine (I guess if, like me, you don't have Judgment), Edward using Twinkle, and Tei'jal just attacking (or using aquifoliums on Edward/Stella).
  3. No, this sentence is perfectly acceptable. In modern English, a "would" is supplied, but, as d_a mentioned, this is probably supposed to sound sort of poetic, or possibly medieval. If I'm not totally imagining this, I think older English styles actually omitted words in this manner. (I dunno about that though; I would check a grammar dictionary or Wikipedia).
  4. So, I've been saving all of the level eggs I've obtained (except the ones I got with Mel, Nox, and Uma; I used those to get them at decent levels). I'm wondering, should I use them on Edward, Stella, and Tei'jal? The Dreamland monsters are half beatable and half kicking my butt, no matter what I try to do, and I have the best possible armor! Before I quit for the night, I tried in vain to find the key for the red treasure chests, but those monsters kept pwning two of my party members before I could manage to "rebuild my defenses," so to speak. So, I've been debating two things: 1. Using the level eggs so my hp offsets the maximum 900 damage those monsters can do a lot better than the hp levels I have now. 2. Leaving Dreamland and possibly level grinding a little bit and completing the mirror sidequest. But what I'm afraid of, in both these options, is that Mel, Yemite, and Galahad will be way underleveled (Mel already was when I got her again!). What should I do? I don't want the absent party members to suffer from my leveling, but I also don't want to keep dying to those Dreamland monsters.
  5. I found the dragon, but where's Mysten Far? Is it that little cloud thing north of the Eastern Isle, because I can't land there...
  6. One more question: I've completed Demon Plains and decided to go back and grab the attraction points I missed. But I can't find the lute guy--he's not outside the castle anymore. Do I need this (in the event that my continued search doesn't find him) to have Edward marry Mel by the end? *edit* nevermind, I'm blind apparently! I found him!
  7. That's ok, as long as I have a general reference point! Thanks!
  8. I found the first fire outside the Demon Caves and found the one past the mask puzzle, but for the life of me I can't find the last fire! Can someone give me directions to where it is? Thanks! *edit* Also, will I be able to go back and get gifts for Mel/Stella after the Demon Plains portion?
  9. If you mean the Fury Sword (I think that's the Underfall one) it does 1 hp of damage to the ghouls. So, I'll get better weapons that will damage them later on?
  10. I feel really stupid since I'm probably missing something really obvious, but here's my problem: I can't for the life of me figure out how to defeat the ghouls in Underfall! I can beat the ghosts fine, but the ghouls aren't taking damage from anything I throw at them! My equips are: Everyone has weapons from Underfall (sorry, I forget the names!) except Edward, who has that one sword (forget that name too!) powered with fire, toxic poison, and a bunch of attack powerups. Everything just does one or zero damage. I noticed that Galahad's Imperial sword (the one from Sedona) did around 50 damage, but everyone else does no damage whatsoever. Does anyone know what weapons to use against these things? I don't recall them being so difficult in TLO... Also, how do those gift shop things work? I'm assuming they're attraction points, but all Edward says is "No thanks" to buying a gift. Do I need Mel in the party?
  11. I'm not sure if this goes here, but I was wondering something: Will future Aveyond games be made with RPG Maker VX sprites, or will they continue to have XP sprites? I ask because I really don't like how the VX sprites look, All the characters look mean and just...not right. I was just curious about the future of AV sprites. Thanks!
  12. Does it matter that I'm running Vista? I've been trying to search for %appdata%, %APPDATA%Aveyond 3, %APPDATA\Aveyond 3, and every other variation imaginable in OS:C. All I've found is the main folder for Rhen's Quest which doesn't contain save files and a bunch of random things that have nothing to do with Aveyond. I have no idea why this isn't working. I know I've found my save files before, because I copied them to a flash drive before, but for the life of me, I can't find them again no matter what search terms I use! I have no idea what's going on! Any other ideas? *Edit:* Nevermind. I think I finally found it, but my computer keeps crashing when I try to open it, so I'm going to have to figure this out on my own now. Thanks anyway for the help!
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