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  1. Oooooooh... Looks like I need to start over
  2. What should I do with the Ugly Hercules Bust? I stole the original Hercules bust from Fahd and gave it to Walt in Thais. Fahd says he wants a new Hercules Bust but I can't give the Ugly Hercules Bust. Help anyone?
  3. About the title screen (with Lydia on it) maybe its just Lydia wearing a dress and looks like a queen. You know how Lydia is also obsessed in fashion. Doesn't that make a point? Anyone?
  4. He deceased. Did you fought him?
  5. I got a glitch while hunting Iva, I got stuck I restarted the game and it's all better again.
  6. These are the places that the Kaibutsu's are hiding. Ramseur: Lumbee Forest Manteo: Southern desert below Orangeburg Iva: In an island (I forgot it's name) Orrum: Estill Catawba: Tharselle Shrine Elko: Erhardht One of the Kaibutsu Lords are dead, so there are just six of them left. Correct me if I'm wrong. I forgot the name of the places.
  7. One more? Maybe defeating Manteo is the main Kaibutsu to defeat.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong; When you defeated 3 Kaibutsu Lords, there is a scene when Vance and his team were stranded on an island. (The scene was too long, can't really explain what they're doing).
  9. Note: You can only hunt 3 Kaibutsu Lords instead of all of them. It's not really important killing Ramseur because he will actually die eventually after Fayette's birthday.
  10. Wow... Three the Hard Way? Who would've thought it was posted here.
  11. Are there any other people in version 1 that I can marry?
  12. But that's just for version 2, right? Wow... lol
  13. But that's just for version 2, right?
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