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  1. Hi, I am stuck, how do I get the cheekis in fangder's cave? I can see it but can't get to it, I just saved Boyle.
  2. Just went into post on the technical questions side, and they mentioned that there is no dig site in the peliad sewers in build c. they took out this side quest and the diary on the desk sends you on the next leg of your quest instead. Yes I know this has not been changed yet in the current walkthru. But I'm sure now that they know about the differences they will modify that as well.
  3. I just redownloaded the game this week and was reading thru the post for just this very answer. PS I also have version "C" and just downloaded the walkthru today because I couldn't find the key and thought maybe I had remembered incorrectly after checking with others. The walkthru I just purchased today, does not mention the differences between build b and c as past walkthroughs have mentioned differences between builds. This can be confusing especially when you're stuck, and reading the walkthrough to remind you what to do next. There are at least 1 different streams listing this problem, and the other doesn't have the answer listed so I will add it to that stream. Thank you for your continued work on improving the games, I love them, even though I only have a couple of hours a week now between my husband,child and work. (I think the husband takes up more time than the other two combined but he's worth it.
  4. jewelks

    Art for my game

    I've read all the comments and looked at your progression on this particular character. His hair now has a defined part, the zizag part is very popular in salons here in the states. I think you did a great job!!!
  5. Can any of the games be played on the android platform? I've purchased all the aveyond games for my pc and love them, but I'm thinking of purchasing a tablet to carry around instead and was wondering if any of the games will work with on either an Android, or Java platform, or if there are any tricks to making them work as I really enjoy these games. Thanks - Jewel
  6. I love the games, and it's fun to try to puzzle it out for ourselves for a little while knowing if we're really stuck we can ask a question and get help. The walk-thru I'm sure will be great when it comes out, but it's nice to have a chance to muddle thru stuff on my own first.
  7. Excited about the new game, finished Lord of Twilight this week for the first time and going back to pick up stuff I missed first go around, looking forward to chapter 2 :)
  8. Thanks for the info, i was wondering what that strategy guide was, and if I needed it to play, am stuck at the moment, but will figure out what I'm doing eventually, love the game having a blast, glad to know I don't need to purchase the strategy guide to finish this chapter! :)
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