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  1. The collar is in the treasure chest in Queen’s Garden... use the needle (found in the gazebo) on it. The shovel is at the right side of the haunted cottage.
  2. Oh, oops, sorry XD You have to take the deed from the Realtor’s desk and give it to the ghost. Then click on the loose floorboard to the right of the ghost and take the key to unlock that door.
  3. Note the name on the lock. Then go to the real estate office and click on the realtor to get the lock combination. Enter the code to unlock the door to the forest cottage.
  4. Good job! Glad you made it on your own *thumbs up*
  5. Well, it's all about getting your timing right. Hmm... if you feel you really can't manage it, you can send me your save file and I'll help get you past it. Just upload it to mediafire and post the link here or PM it to me.
  6. I'm doing a quest that needs me to retrieve a necklace lost in a gamble. I found Sean but keep losing in the coin toss game. Help please! Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out
  7. Sounds like a fun game! *clicks download* Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for sharing
  8. The option to sail to Ravanel will be available after you talk to Sharon... can't tell you where exactly you'll meet her as it varies. I met her at Campobello in my 1st playthrough and while leaving Durham the next time around. Or do you mean you're already at the tower but can't find a way to reach the top? If so, go downstairs from the entrance and step on the switch to make the bridge appear on the topmost floor. Alternatively, you can just levitate over the gap if you've got that scroll for Kanna. Hope that helps!
  9. dreams2explore


    You have all the light reflected, except the last mirror, correct? Just like the others, you have to move a mirror so the light can reach the end of the puzzle (in the hole). Since it's on the other side of the gate, though, you can't push it. So why don't you try using one of your older tools on it?
  10. Haha, this is the funniest story I've read in a while. Love it and looking forward to more!
  11. Umm... refer to post #209 of this topic... it may help
  12. Sad but great! Loved it. Kudos to sandstorm for creating and sharing such a touching story.
  13. Great story! Very touching... enjoyed reading it. :goodjob:
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