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  1. *suddenly long inactive dude appears* Hi Melete! o/ I'm pretty much old here too, not in age but in the community that is
  2. Haha, thanks guy. More of this will be available soon.
  3. I'm a righty guy, but my brother is a lefty and he draws well. Is it that lefties are more better in arts than the righties?
  4. New avatar, I make this for a random contest at DeviantArt with the theme "stairs"
  5. Thanks guy, the avvie Llama Rampage is surprisingly a big hit on DA. It just hit 1700 fave since Monday night, it even got me about 350+ llama badges as people keep giving them to me. The signature is just a simple one featuring all the emoticons I've made. @Stardale: Yea they did pull an April Fool prank where they changed everyone's avatar. It's pretty annoying though.
  6. Been awhile since I pay a visit here. New stuffs.
  7. ^ LOL I couldn't think of any new set to use right now since I hardly visit AM these day due to other works. I still need to fill in requests from members for a Habbo Fansite, if there are remnants of the work I did for them I might be using them here.
  8. That's my character wearing a Dragon Mask (one they used for Dragon Dance), it's on sale during the Lunar New Year so I bought it since it looks cool. It's sold separately from the backpack which looks like a dragon's body. Paired it with the mask makes it looks like the dragon is clinging on your back.
  9. Changed to a random sig, sorry for the bits of rudeness in there. :Tongue:
  10. Lol, interesting that how an account can be easily hijacked by some random bosses of Aveyond. :Tongue:
  11. I used goodies for my first game, hence was not been able to enjoy the game at its normal difficulty
  12. Yea I've been told about the mail server and the php.ini but I have no idea how to work with them. I have the php.ini configured with this on easyPHP: [mail function] ; For Win32 only. ; http://php.net/smtp SMTP = localhost ; http://php.net/smtp-port smtp_port = 25 ; For Win32 only. ; http://php.net/sendmail-from sendmail_from = cheah_philip@yahoo.com As for the mail server, I have no idea which one to use and how to use it. I've checked countless webpage though, none of them explained this in detail. My lecturer never recommended any mailserver either.
  13. This is actually my first post since my inactivity (or whatever word that is suitable) for about two months. (Long story, if you do not wish to read all please skip after the beep. *beep*) Despite not being able to come here often, I'm still actually active (Yea xD). It is just that I'm stuck to my studies and hence could not come online. Yea, so I came here to post this so I could de-stress/relax (Not distress please, I'm no maiden). Recently, I'm stuck with this problem of verifying the SMTP for my website designing assignment. My lecturer was half cruel I have to admit, she left all of us (the whole class) to figure out how do we do that by ourselves and she just told us what do we need to do. Right now, I'm done with connecting the registration page to my database. It works, however right now the only problem left is that it couldn't send a mail to the email I've entered in the page. (This is actually a half-rant + half-help needed topic) I assumed that Amanda should know something about setting up SMTP since this entire website is built on PHP (you can tell that by looking at the ".php" extension behind each URL). In case you don't know what is SMTP, it's Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Like for example, when you register an account you are sent an email to verify that account. Yes, that's what I actually wanted to accomplish right now. Anyone are free to leave comments to cheer me up or help me with this. xD PS: This error is getting old already. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP5.3.0\www\novelia_files\verify.php on line 50
  14. Wow, that's a huge amount of information. As for the "service" tab, I'm not sure which one to disable so I should leave it at that. Anyway thanks for that post though, I'll try to refer to it next time I had the same problem.
  15. Yes it's possible but then it occurs alot lately so I can't help it.
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