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  1. Did they censored the vulgar words for all the movies in cinema at your country? I think my country will and the movie might end up being annoying if they say it several times in a short period. Know what I mean? Those "Beep" sounds, its like Morse Code. XD
  2. So, the download contains all six chapters right? I'm downloading now and will play it in my laptop. My computer's sound card was ruined so, sound related issues will have to go there. XD
  3. Kinnison

    Tower Defense

    Lol, DtD is an expert in programming stuff, of course he would like to mess up with the site once in awhile. Say DtD. Anyone broke my 250 waves record? I'm still playing it once in awhile XD
  4. Thats all? I was hoping theres a sequel called "When will the sun burns the moon and the moon freezes the sun?"
  5. So Reives, are you the creator of Quintessence? I wanted to play it but I'm one of those lazy guys who's too lazy to navigate the game's site XD. Sorry if I caused trouble, can I have the direct download link to the first chapter. I heard it has many and I would like to start from the first.
  6. DtD: Oh, but mine was damaged when I sent it to the shop to reformat the whole thing due to virus attack. Since you said it was done on purpose, then the shop keepers will have to feel my wrath :evil:
  7. @Aisling: Yeah I know there's that function there but its says "Close and pin" but not the other options I need. By the way how can I change my forum's URL link from my username to some other address name. BTW, this is my site http://kinnison.ipbfree.com What I need right now is: -To change the number of pips I had as an admin (To five) -To allow delete option. -To change the skin color of the board
  8. Anyone here familiar with the ipbfree forum host site's admin control panel? (Yeah, its long. I know.) I'm planning to use that site to host my own forum, I'm not sure which control option allows me to set myself with a special rank. (Like an admin). Plus, I need to know how can I unlock or unpin a topic there. It seems that my administration power there gone wrong. :/
  9. @ronielle: It's a calculator made by crafty using C+ Program
  10. Is it on the laptop? In that case, the sound device might have been damaged upon reformatting. If you click the bar on the lower right corner, there's a speaker where you can adjust the sound. Make sure you didn't put the sliders down to the bottom
  11. The same thing happens to me, sometimes when you reformatted the computer, it might damage the sound card (The three holes that you plug your speaker in). Otherwise, try opening you "Volume Control" option and see if one of the sliders had been pulled down. Pull all of them up and test your sound again.
  12. Wow, that's nice. I'm also studying in college too but its not quite a popular one and taking a Business-IT course XD
  13. It doesn't matters if everyone behaves the same.
  14. Welcome Hikari, Shoran and Ulin. I'm too lazy to check back the previous post. BTW Shoran, which college are you studying at? I'm from Malaysia too, you know.
  15. hmm, the story's short but it has detailed dialogs of the game. Nice.
  16. F4 is to switch between full screen and windowed F5 is to reduce the game window's resolution
  17. I do that one purpose. All I did was just cut a name shaped piece out from the image and drop shadow it.
  18. The red flare beam doesn't look nice, is it?
  19. By the way crafty. I suggest that you improve the program by allowing number pad input into the calculator so that it makes it more easy to use
  20. :bump: Argh, I supposed to be changing my sample sigs for today. I just forgot about it T_T
  21. Lol, Aisling XD Why the kaya? Why the Kaya? The Kaya is innocent XD Welcome back snowbunnies. If you come earlier, you could have viewed my previous new made siggies
  22. Thanks everyone for the support. @Nick: Yeah, I know that the light did went off a little from the flame. The light was just used for testing. For the round water tileset, I will be making one on my own using a template I made myself and will going to make it suitable to be placed on any terrain. (By the way, all those advice you gave just make me all fired up)
  23. It wasn't cloud, its the faerie's shadow. When I clear off the white background I didn't notice the shadow was still there. I didn't raise the tolerance level when I use Magic Wand. Anyway, just enjoy it. XD
  24. Oh, No it isn't O_O I just realized it was a shadow below that girl. I thought it was something else O_O. I should have cleared that one off as well O_O
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