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  1. I didn't turn on my desktop. I think it says something like this in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool: Direct3D functionality is not available, please verify the driver with you hardware manufacturer. Also, in Device Manager it says "Driver not working (Code 10)" something like that. Well, I pretty much tried every possible solutions and I'm kinda not sure if its okay for me to unplug and replug the graphic card.
  2. Bump I installed a new driver but it seems that the Direct3D is not verified, I tried to update it but it says that it couldn't find a software or something. Anyway, I was wondering if I reformat my whole computer (Yeah I'm desperate), will this problem with the DirectX be solved, I mean the stripy line won't be there in the programs anymore?
  3. No, I released the slaves last month, so they are officially not my hula dancers militias anymore :roll:
  4. Since when I have my own troop? I work alone you know :roll: (Aside from the main BH members of course)
  5. Hmm, yeah the stripes did appear on two of the programs that uses DirectX. Not only that, the DirectX Diagnosis test also have that kind of stripes. If I'm not mistaken, DirectX 9.0 have a test involving a spinning cube and ask me if I can see the logo on the cube. The cube are also striped, just like the other two programs. Is it the hardware after all? Well, another advice me to re-install the driver otherwise it could be the graphic card damaged.
  6. I'll try to do that, well I just hope my video card isn't damaged though. If it really is, what would have happened?
  7. Hmm, I think its NVidia GeForce as for my video card. So all I have to do is to reduce its hardware acceleration and the programs I mention can run fine again? If that doesn't work, does it means a total end to my computer and no other options? (Well, I did had the though of giving up my desktop just about an hour ago)
  8. But its a different issue, I think it doesn't have to do with my monitor flickering since I pretty much figured the cause. As for the resolution prompt, it sometimes pops up when I switch some program to full screen. It says "Your computer resolution should not be less than 800X600" whenever the full screen switch is under process. Well, after doing what you suggested, my computer still the same. Just that it went through an error beep indicating that the cable gone loose. After that, the programs that requires DirectX 9.0 seem messed up.
  9. Just about a moment ago, I opened programs that requires DirectX 9.0 and found out that the graphics are shattered terribly. Something like there's line all over the game window. What could have happened? Yesterday morning it was fine but now its totally a mess, what should I do with it? I hope it doesn't have anything to do with hardware. This stupid resolution prompt is annoying, I can't test the DirectX if its on the way. >.<
  10. Moved to Ahriman prophecy forum I wish I can help but I kinda forget how to. Anyway, you can download the guide from here http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/wfdownloads/viewcat.php?cid=7
  11. Hmm, it flicker again. Right on the time where my sis turns on the DVD in the living room, I wondered if any other appliances in the house that use alot of electricity caused interference? (Not to mention, the washing machine too is operating atm) Well, I got my graphic card replace on March this year and the cable at the back of the PC is all organized, just that it wasn't touched for a long time. The only thing that's old is the motherboard. @Marian: I see, well I did place my cell phone right on the desktop table too but recently it has been turned off and not used for quite a time.
  12. @Marian: You know, there are certain LCD monitor that has the "Degauss" function where when you select it, the screen flickers and shake like it turned into liquid. That's what I mean. @Bryce: No, I wouldn't call your advice a n00b since you're the expert The warning is just to prevent other members from posting unnecessary here. On the cable thing, I think I never touched the cable at all, on top of that it was only used for like a year so I don't think it needs replacement. Or do I have to change one each year? O_o *checks cable* They all looks tight to me. If that's not the problem, is it the electricity disturbance after all? Well my house only connected to one power source and my PC is located at the most end of the line.
  13. Lately my desktop screen has been flickering alot. Like those when you turn on and off the TV but not too much though. Aside from electric disturbance, what could have caused this anyway? Like which hardware is dying? No stupid n00b advice and posts here please, I need pure helpful answers. Also no good lucks and "Kinny~!" here.
  14. There are tons of site where you can do stuffs like that, otherwise its just flash. I always liked Flash MX for my animated stuffs.
  15. @snowbunnies: Okay, enough with it or I'm going to protest here *roll eyes while it generates a heat beam*
  16. Not in the mood for a better siggie so this will do... ((Bad mood))
  17. Since the last two days where Obama wins, the stock market in most countries worldwide had increased in percentage. Suprisingly, Obama can change things around without lifting a finger xD
  18. Lol, just get her another game making engine so she can make more games and thought of new ideas. That way, you can earn back what you have invested for Amanda's present j/k
  19. @spiritsurge: Well the part where Bollywood is not family friendly is true, well that's because there are lots of romance and adults falling in love and then kiss each other. But they are mostly generally viewable by all age, just that it needs parental guidance.
  20. Famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shah_rukh_khan He stars in lots of Bollywood films and some are quite popular. BTW Heimdall I fixed the polls for you
  21. Hollywood have tons of actions Bollywood tends to be romantic
  22. New sig! Original pic is at collegium and also at Facebook (Fb version has names)
  23. O_O That's RM 1732.5 if converted here. However, my computer is too old for a new burner so I don't need it
  24. Wow, I like your art. I like original works like this, its cool. You have a potential to become a mangaka (manga artist), you can make lots of money with your talent. I know you can do it Good luck with the indy game dev conference BTW I know how to draw too but I don't have the patience to do it. My brother can draw well but I don't have a chance to take a look at his works :roll: I only have a glimpse of what he drew though
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