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  1. Thanks lol, whipped this one out in 5 minutes again.
  2. Aww, I was just getting started. Anywayz, changed to another lolz Simple and stylish jk
  3. @natalie: It's already fully protected, Moony won't be able to haremize me. :evil: @Kirroha: Forget about it, how can she hack a siggie. Besides, it's free because I make it myself, it doesn't make sense if I charge myself some money :evil:
  4. @M.C: It won't kill, trust me. :evil: @Kirroha: I got it for free and took me 5 minutes to get that one working well. There are no attacks from Moony lately so it will be fine. :evil: @Delphinus: Just go ahead and laugh, I won't bite. :Tongue::evil: @Lara: She won't, she won't be able to get through the first guard. :evil: I think I bragged too much about my anti-harema security, I hope it doesn't make Moony go all out on me for her quest to make me her harem. :evil:
  5. @phoenixalia: Of course it's cool because I need to keep the cool to prevent any sudden haremizing attacks from Moony. :evil:
  6. @M.C Heck, like she will treat me ~well~. :evil: I'm not fond of wearing a dazzling-sparkling-bright-colored-busty bra okay :evil:
  7. Since when I started a battle on my own. :evil: Moony attacked me first so I have to run away :evil: I didn't agree on the "Harema Laws" contract that she gave me that day. :evil: *Used a jet-pack to escape*
  8. Moony, once again I have to tell you that your haremizing threats are futile. :evil: *smoke bomb* *disappears*
  9. Doing that is futile.
  10. *Looks around* No sign of Moony's strike back :Tongue: *Disappears*
  11. I'm not quite surprised I have one too Clicky here! Not to brag about mine, I just want some clickies for my dragon too
  12. Just remember, once you haremise me I'm gonna put you into my slave list right next to someone else :evil:
  13. ELIE: OMIGOSH, you're in league with Moony? Shesto! I must set this up quick! *sets up Anti-Haremware Guard* Phew, now I'm safe :Tongue:
  14. Holy Papaya Fruit Juice! Moony, how can you do this to me?! O.O *runs away*
  15. @Stardale: He ~IS~ a hungry dog. Fortunately he don't eat programs, just avvie.
  16. Charlie ate my "Avatar eated by Charlie" avatar as well. Sad, sad. ;-; EDIT: holy macaronipapayahelicopterflyinginthesky, Moony that is totally an epic siggie. Left me
  17. Yea, I consulted my project supervisor today and she said it's illogical if I didn't load anything back to the application. Ah, anyway I found a unique way to save and load the variables. I have each of the arrays listed up in a row in a textbox and use a different extension, then when I load I'll be loading them in a listbox then set a conditional branch afterward to sort out and assign each line of the textbox to the variables. Well, I have you to thank this for.
  18. What if I use the Boolean variable (The one with true/false) in place of checkboxes? Can they be stored in the database? I was thinking of having my VB6 application able to save and load together but for now I was only able to make it save into MS Word and not be able to load back into the application's variables and all.
  19. One more thing I almost forgot to ask, is it possible for me to retain all the changes I made in the .exe application? Like my application is full of button and its availability is indicated by green and red colors. The default buttons' are green when the application starts up and let say I clicked some of them to make them goes red, how can I make them stay red when I close the application and open it again some other time? Is that possible?
  20. Thanks for the code, you sure did saved me from all those trouble
  21. OF course Te'ijal must be "IN", if she's "OUT under the sun", she's a Pringle long before anyone realized it. Yeah I know the actual topic but let me poke in some fun here. It's been awhile.
  22. Ah, anyway I found a method to store data using Microsoft Words, so there will be a change to the topic. I can say goodbye to this ADO thingy Now all I need is how do I insert two words into separate lines? Lets say if I put txtOutput.Text = "ABC" + "DEF" it will display like this: ABCDEF All I want is to display the ABC and DEF in two separate lines like this in the MultiLine textbox: ABC DEF How do I do that?
  23. It's worth a look but it sounds like it needs to connect to some sort of server. Is there a way I can just simply save it in a form of MS Access File?
  24. Sorry for a sudden poof in like this, but I kinda desperate to know how do I store information typed from the text box of VB6 to be saved in a form of Microsoft Access File? I mean, I'm looking for the VB6 coding that allows me to do that. I couldn't seem to find one that I can easily use in my software's system. It doesn't have to be in MS access, just as long as I can save the database entered in the software I make without losing everything upon closing the program or the computer. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. If you can handle any third party pressure (Anything that doesn't involve school), I suggest you take another job. Although your dad disagrees but if you have the time and determination to earn the money, go right ahead but don't overdo it.
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