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  1. I heard of this before Apparently there are people who still using pirated XP in my country and I assume some has experienced a blackout. but the blackout thingy isn't the right thing to stop people from using the pirated version (I'm not encouraging piracy here lol), maybe Microsoft should think of another way to stop them. The article says that a man was angry over the lost of precious data, that takes time to do, I understand how that man feels now >.<
  2. Conclusion forum = for discussion on a specific topic, strict stuff social network = random free chats from A to Z That's all :roll:
  3. Amaranthia isn't a social network, its just a forum website. Social networking allows more freedom in language and sort. I mean the rules are less stricter. Social network is okay for everyone but is not for younger age where they are prone to being bullied online.
  4. i think it has something to do with your computer's recently installed hardware or software. Can you remember what hardware/software you have installed into your computer recently?
  5. If it can't open, it should have a message. What that message says?
  6. I like those kind of quotes I remember seeing another one of these in Facebook with a monkey holding a handgun with the message "Leave a Comment and no one gets hurt" :laughing:
  7. Not necessary a photo of yourself. When you made a siggie, login there and upload the siggie then copy the link generated and put it in the siggie box.
  8. Well, we made them with whatever image editing we have. You can make one with Paint though, then upload it to www.photobucket.com
  9. Bwahaha, that's great! I'm progressing in my game too :Tongue:
  10. Lol Bryce, is the windows update link thingy is your only solution? @Adept_Rogue: Its a system error aka The Blue Screen of Death. If you right click the "My Computer" icon and select "properties". There should be an option called "System recovery" or something. Or at least on those tabs, look for the checkbox that says "Automatically restarts when the system fails" In case your computer receive an error, it will freeze at the blue screen. On that moment look for the error code that says something like STOP 0x0000000 with the 0s are a bunch of different numbers and letters then followed by another bunch of numbers and letters. write down the very first set of the code after the STOP word, then use the search engine and type in that code and search its cause and solution. Usually it will be from Microsoft Windows support.
  11. Lol, I already predicted that you will move your cottage to the Fairgrounds so I have a 'tiny cottage' made beforehand in my contest game's planning session. :evil:
  12. Lol, I see. Thanks I thought your user was nic_c12 there and it says that you didn't login for a long time but I never knew that the Bori is yours too. I might extend it sooner.
  13. The animated pic can be done easily using Flash Mx. Like mine :roll: @nic: Oh, its because you weren't there for a long time that you didn't know about the plot
  14. Come to think of it, the pumpkin is so different than the one I made. :roll: I knew I wasn't good enough to sprite a pumpkin :roll:
  15. King Altador lol You have to finish the plot to get daily prize from him.
  16. Oh, it worked now But the site theme looks so familiar Isn't it from last year?
  17. The bunny is so rare that it didn't appear in the petpet list xD I just got an Altachuck from the king. *Quickly attach it to my pet* Ok, we should all back to the original AVnSG topic
  18. I couldn't see the new background though :Tongue:
  19. Of course there is a pet. The pet's pet's pet called petpetpet :laughing: Its extremely expensive and its difficult to attach it to your petpet. Also its permanent I think. But I rather have a snowbunny petpet than a slorg :roll: yeah, really there's a bunny called snowbunny in neopets and also the pet called cybunny
  20. LOL, I just saw Aisling's siggie :laughing: @ELIE: Yeah, different people have different pronunciation and accent xD *Runs away before Aisling grabs her whip*
  21. Because my desktop is the only 'available space' to put random stuff on it in the room. :roll:
  22. My brother and my father use the same hair cream. Sometimes they kept taking it forth and back from my desktop table and to the other room and when it disappears they will blame me and my messy desktop table. :x
  23. The slug is called Slorg, its a petpet that you can attach to your current pet.
  24. @snowbunnies: Lol, but the last time you burnt some snails :roll:
  25. Sorry, I kinda lost the actual intro of the story back when the site crashed and I kinda forget what's next on the story and I don't feel like going through the whole game again. I haven't had the time to update it though.
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