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  1. You can also try these: - Visit the extra forest area above the lake north of Dijon (there's an optional boss there) - Revisit the cave north of Lyon (optional boss there) - Revisit the factory for another quest - Revisit important characters for some scenes and special items - Revisit Mikiel's grave - Talk to Mihli in the Dojo if you activated her quest in Dover - Revisit Strasbourg for a scene
  2. You're welcome, pickboo. Glad I could help Finally beat the game, it was really fun. The storyline is captivating for sure and the characters well-etched and very interesting. I enjoyed every second of this game and now eagerly waiting the sequel.
  3. Like the new changes aside from the missing kingdom page and general store. lol Or is there some direct and easy to find links I'm not seeing?
  4. Ah, that part stumped me too as there doesn't seem to be any door or exit of any sort lol. I somehow stumbled upon it by sheer luck. Go down and left (of the item seller) to find the (not so obvious) exit of this room and access the rest of the prison area.
  5. The grave quotes at the Clermont Cemetary are hilarious. Here are some of them -- Batman - 2008 : "He finally met his match" George B. : "They wouldn't bury him back in his own country" Barack O. : "We expected too much" Steve J. : "iDied" Rick A. : "Never gonna give you up" :laughing:
  6. Whoa, this looks pretty good so I think I might try this out when I get a chance.
  7. Umm... have you come across a snowman, some boulder (I think) puzzle and a "slidey" area? Solve those to turn the remaining orbs red. For the snowman puzzle... in the room with the 4 orbs, go and stand exactly above the tuft of grass and hit the action key to use a rope to climb down. Then follow the path to exit the cave. Continue east to reach the "Complete the Square" puzzle with the snowman.
  8. TheDefender


    In Moreina, you need to find the door to the Magic Academy. The entrance is hidden though and may be a little hard to find. Look very carefully at all of the building walls Hint : It's in one of the buildings toward the left side of the roofs.
  9. TheDefender


    So, you're saying that you figured out the three boulder switch puzzle in the Aypi Caves, right? Have you gone down to the area between the 2 lamps? Then Copain will say that they should head back as they missed something. Here's a hint (highlight the following): You need to unblock a small flow of water somewhere, which will affect this boss room. Backtrack a few maps and see if you can blow something up to make this work
  10. lol Relax! It's nothing special. It's just something you need in order to gain entry to the royal ball. I don't think it's possible even to equip it.
  11. TheDefender


    You mean the gate? As for taking and posting screenshots, it's really simple : 1. Hit the Print Scrn key. 2. Open up Paint and click Edit > Paste. 3. Save it. It is best to save as a JPEG file to cut down on the file size. 4. Using Photobucket or Imageshack, upload your picture from your computer to their website. 5. Once uploaded, take the "direct URL" (internet address) and click the image button at the top of your post; to insert your image into a message.
  12. Spoiler (highlight to read) -- Try looking around at night time
  13. Just finished the game and have to say I enjoyed it immensely. I agree with Velvet above, the intro is GREAT!! The story is very compelling and the characters well-etched. I also liked the music, mapping and artwork. The only thing that didn't appeal to me was the fact that Act 1 was far too linear (and too short =P). Eagerly awaiting the next act!
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