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  1. thanks gays for your Reply.... Hmmmm....actuly iam just the scripter and the designer of the game ,the new thing on this game and make it defrent from the other game is the battle system ,and i also use some of the WIN32API functuation that make the rpg game more fun and with new style .
  2. Greeting everyone i am in current makeing a game ,actuly a minigame ,and i will finsh the game soon just need 3 week or less . Project Name: Loleness:The Last day Project Emulator : RPG Maker Xp Project Designer: Me => Noor_Xp Game Type : RPG ^_~ Story (MiniStory ^^"): Some where in Mysterious land ,Two village where in a dark monster mercy .the first and the only rule of this monster was ,Every baby born in one of thoses village ,the village must sacrifice with one young boy or girl ,In Some nightour hero village born a girl ,so all the people chosse our hero to be the sacrifice. frome there your quest begin to destroy the monster ......... http://up111.arabsh.com/s/w50za6gaeq.jpg[/img] http://up111.arabsh.com/s/7uqjsejpl4.jpg[/img] http://up111.arabsh.com/s/wjifxzgf07.jpg[/img] http://up111.arabsh.com/s/2yrjias9qb.jpg[/img] http://up111.arabsh.com/s/nyd8fsei64.png[/img] http://up111.arabsh.com/s/5z1hsb4m6s.jpg[/img] demo: I Can't post a demo ,becouse my game sharing with a competition, and one off the competition rule forbearing that. i will post more info soon as i can and iam sorry about my bad english ^^" peace
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