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  1. Does anyone know what happens if you send a mean letter? I've been sending nice ones, because I play so much game in between letters that I don't want to have to go back and replay, and nice seems... nice. Does she send a mean one back, or just stop sending them entirely? Just curious...
  2. So I downloaded TLO and bought it, but when I opened the program it had no 'Buy Now!' option for me to put my registration info into. Then it just closed the whole program while I was playing it (I assume my free hour was up), but when I try to reopen it it immediately closes again. What's going on? Devon
  3. So, like everyone else, I started in LoT and continued into GoN. I know I'm going to want to replay this in Hard Mode (I always play the Aveyond games several times each!); when I do, if I start in GoN, will I need to redo the LoT plot in the GoN game? Or will it just start me at the beginning of GoN plot with enough items to make a decent start of it there? Or some other alternative? (or should I just start over from LoT? hmmm...) Thanks! Cay
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