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  1. can you load an earlier file and retry?
  2. So i've seen a lot of people complaining about how slow the walking speed is on shadow isle, so i thought i'd share a way i found that made it faster. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but if you go into options and turn off the graphic effects it might help. For me when I turned off the graphic effects, after the next battle I fought, the rain turned off and the walking speed increased a bit! It's still not super fast but it's better than it was with the rain!
  3. So i'm trying to deliver the secret letter to the guardtower in windshire but I can't find who to deliver it to. I tried going to the prison but that's not working.
  4. I've been seeing people saying in the forums that you can call the ship to you? how is this done? I can't figure it out and don't seem to have an item that will do this
  5. figured it out, now i can't find the beggar card!
  6. I can't find the book that tells you the order to place the cards in!
  7. i didn't even realize i could go there, i thought i'd need a ship! thanks!
  8. It's not a quest, that's just her script. You don't need to do anything for her!
  9. I just found hi'beru and he said I need to go to Tor, but how do i get back there?
  10. How do I check my progress in collecting for the night's watch?
  11. Hi, So i saw the frog prince in the silverspring wetlands when i was looking for hotspice, but now that i'm doing the quest to find him he isn't in the same spot and isn't anywhere else in the wetlands! help!
  12. Where do i find the answer? (Riddle #4)
  13. The speed at which the characters walk is slower on some maps than others. Like it's very slow in windy hills and dragon wastelands, but pretty fast in tor. Anyone else having this problem? Any potential solutions?
  14. How do you get to the scarecrow next to the carrot house? NVM got it!
  15. I can't find the answer to the first riddle! Help would be much appreciated!
  16. kk thanks, i figured it out, and thanks for the tips on moeny
  17. thanks guys *big smiles* it worked, but is there any other purpose of hurcules in the story later on??
  18. ya, thanks *gives cookies* i tried it with mel and it worked
  19. when i go to waterworks tower and raise the water it asks if i want to jump in, i select yes and then is says error file(a file name) swim was not found yet i know that i have learned to swim in the orc empire cuz when i go back to the intelligence agency it asks if i would like to practice, any one have a patch, if so ,plz help me out
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