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    Post Your Picture (remake)

    I think this was taken on the last day of summer, I mean it was the last day I could actually wear a dress and not be freezing all the time lol! It's taken near Alexander III's summer cottage btw It's a very important historical building here where I live. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/540201_10151037719994582_355627158_n.jpg[/img] And this is with my boys after the last rugby tournament this summer. Just gotta love these guys! https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/376651_10151055528384582_1226830955_n.jpg[/img]
  2. Leelah

    Post Your Picture (remake)

    Thanks everyone! You all posted cute/awesome pictures, too! @Meroko You have no idea how long I've been looking for a perfect red lipstick! Still looking... so it's on my mind almost constantly https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/562116_10150902321699582_1391064946_n.jpg[/img] That was in our capital city Helsinki a little bit more than a month ago. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/564118_10150981024519582_1810297617_n.jpg[/img] And this picture was taken right after I dyed my hair back more blond! I love being a blonde and having forelock!
  3. Leelah

    Post Your Picture (remake)

    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/556263_10150883908289582_562824581_9720535_1005478768_n.jpg[/img] I had moment with my webcam this week and to be honest this is my all time favorite picture of all the photos ever taken haha.
  4. Leelah

    Language advice?

    Imo Swedish is the most practical language to learn from those options because people are supposed to understand and speak Swedish in every country in northern part of Europe, a.k.a Scandinavia although Finland is actually not really part of Scandinavia. One of the reasons is the language which is a Finno-Ugric language and not Scandinavian based on Latin or so. But if you want to learn a very INTERESTING language you should choose Finnish despite the fact that the 15 grammatic cases might sound tough. Did someone guess at this point that I'm a Finn?
  5. Leelah

    Career advice anyone?

    Reading all this I'm more than happy that our education in Finland is free. We don't have to pay to study and that's one thing that gives us a little more freedom to choose something like art because it's always possible to study something else for free. Only thing we must pay for school and universities are the books and food. But here it's quite important to study something you really enjoy and get a job you really like. After all, Finns are pretty depressed in general and Finland is (or at least was a little while ago) the second most suicidal country in the world after Japan. And yes, it's about people not feeling too well. I myself am very happy as a physiotherapist. I'm only a bachelor, but it's possible to do the masters degree in some area of physiotherapy or health care or health education. If I'd have the energy and motivation to do so. And I think I'm not doing it in Finland anyway, because right now my life is slowly moving to California.. Of course, my dream is to get into a med school but that might just be a dream that will never come true..
  6. Leelah

    Where are you from?

    Still living in Finland but hoping to get to move to California this year.
  7. Leelah

    Love, Marriage, Comittment

    @Argoyle "I don't know if there is a set minimum amount of time that needs to pass before it can be love, but I do agree that it is not instant nor immediate." Don't know about the minimum amount of time either but the feeling of falling in love lasts about 2 - 3 years and after that there is either loving or nothing. And by nothing I mean "because we're so used to being together, it feels kind of nice and I don't want to seek for another partner" kind of thing. I had that with my ex boyfriend and didn't realize it before he wanter to break up. When we moved in together I was like planning how the future should be together (like marriage and kids etc.) but LUCKILY he had different thoughts and got another girlfriend before we even broke up. We wre together for five years. Luckily? I'd never had a chance to meet a person who left me after a very short while. What makes that lucky? I had never had the chance to really get things going in last December with the guy I'm with now. We first met almost 7 years ago and never told each other we had a crush but were thinking of the possibility for years. He lives 5000 miles away so.. I'm not thinking anything like "this is meant to be" or such crap but with him it was always different than with other people. And because we live so far away from each other we are already planning the future as in marriage in 2013 and stuff. It's really difficult to get to America not to mention how difficult it is to be there more than 90 days at a time and the long-term visas are veeery difficult to get. But no, we're not too stupid young people and getting married right away just to be together, I'm spending three months with him this spring and I'm sure that will give a little hint of what it would be like. There was some nice conversation here about being lesbian or asexual or just not being interested in relationships before the love found you etc. I've always been such a girl who just freaks out and panics when guys show they're interested. It's weird even when I'd want it myself I have felt like I should run away so I could think clrearly. I think my problem always was that I was afraid getting hurt.
  8. Leelah

    Academics and Careers

    Aeternus, the salary for nurses (as well as for us physiotherapists) is a "problem" everywhere. Or at least everywhere I've heard ppl working as nurses in the world Hmm, quite confident ppl here, who said they're GOING TO medical school. Is it so easy to get in, so you can just decide to GO in? I mean, it is *many MANY bad words* hard to get to medical school here in Finland even if you've studied for the exams a year and taken the preparation courses. I'd very much like to give it a try but I think I'll be quite satisfied for now as the manipulative physiotherapist in surgical wards With manipulative I mean I make myself and patients rights and will quite clear to the doctors and they mostly then agree
  9. As a Finn I watched the Youtube video a while ago (or did I read about it in the paper, anyhow!) Our government didn't make our country to need help after the war from 1945-> and definitely not during it. The war itself made the need. I don't mind helping ppl just for doing good things, but as KTC said about the US, we need to take care of our own problems, too. We really need our tax money ourselves to make our public health services still going on and make them better. It's an evergoing and almost impossible task to do... I work at the public health service and see the problems every day. So it's not surprising that our government wants to think through the whole "Helping Portugal" -project and the amount of the helping package.
  10. Wow, you really have had tough with your babies because of your bf's mom and sis. "She told me if I didnt put shoes on him when he was learning to walk, he'd become bowlegged and his feet would get deformed." Oh my dear god, she really said so? Does she have any idea how long kids have flat feet (at least first 5 years of their life)? It has nothing to do with becoming bowlegged or getting deformed feet, omg I just can't get over this as a physiotherapist. You would most likely harm your baby's legs and/or feet by making them wear shoes when they start walking.. it's not good for their muscles. But you seem to be very clever mom, so I guess you've figured these thing out yourself For other issues I must agree with others on this thread.
  11. Leelah


    @Mae, it was before the swine flu (umm, what flu?!) so it might have got better after it. I actually didn't even remember this flu at all even though it was to kill most of the population on Earth (yeah, like it happened?) And there was supposed to be two waves of it this year but I never heard of it.. weird I'm still bitter because I was forced to take the injection because I'm going to be a physiotherapist this December.
  12. Leelah


    @Mae, I never thought about it (the bidet) before but now that you mentioned it I must agree, once again. Only the older public bathrooms don't have it in every stall but many newer ones have their own water pipes so it's made possible in every stall. I've seen this mostly in restaurants' bathrooms. Even though it's made easy to take care of your personal hygiene (at least here in Finland) according to some polls every second person (men and women) don't wash their hands after using the toilet. For me it's always been obvious to wash hands and at school and at work we also use hand desinfection. I've thought it's more like a "guy thing" but apparently women do this, too. What do you think of this or have you ever seen anyone not washing hands after?
  13. Leelah


    @Mae, I agree with you. Now that I think of my Mom who turns 55 this year, she does shower/go to sauna MAX 3x/week or less. Even though she's an aenesthetic nurse, but that is, I think, because they have such high hygiene standards at the ward because of the operating room(s). (this was just because someone mentioned being a nurse )
  14. Leelah


    @Mae, is it a Finnish thing or do we just have same kind of habits by accident jk Only things I do certainly every morning are brushing teeth, using tons of skin creams/lotions/oils and changing my underwear and cleaning my private parts. With atopic skin especially in winter every day shower drys my skin too much so I can't do it every day when it's cold and dry outside. And I can't use soap or shower creams to clean my skin so I must use some skin lotion to that, too. I can't wash my hair every day so I do it 3x/week MAX, but my hair isn't dirty or greasy because head skin gets used to it very quickly and it's healthier not to use shampoo every day. My biggest lack of hygiene is that I occasionally go to sleep without washing off the make up after a very rough day *.*
  15. @Aeternus: I'm so glad they tried to keep the original meaning in German dub, they killed every one in the right place xD I've watched a couple of episodes in English (the US version yes) and it was HORRIBLE o_o Extremely HORRIBLE. Like H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. @Wolfie: You have no idea how long it took for me to get the thing about Son Goku's burgers xD Because also in German version they were free as birds so I somehow thought about REAL burgers :laughing: I just feel so slow sometimes I hate what they did to Dragonball in Dragonball Evolution. It was sooooo terrible I can't even describe it. I can understand turning it to be American but everything else. Especially Son Goku turning to Oozary without his tail. Aaaaaargh.
  16. Most convenient way to say it is "I don't want to spend time with you, if you keep on calling me names. Friends don't do that so goodbye" or something alike. It's not that harsh if you think how they treat you now!
  17. As long as you're underage your parents are fully responsible of you. After you are a grown up you'll be able to decide with whom, where and how you're going to hang out. And if you keep respecting your parents' rules they might take it easy when you grow little older. The rules always mean your parents love you and don't want you to get hurt (physically or emotionally). Deal with it and it will get easier to confront them later! And what's with your friends telling you you're a sissy? Do they know what rules mean or are they just spoiled ppl who've got everything they want?
  18. Leelah

    Occitan language?

    And you guys are just reading my results of some research I had so much fun doing it! @Moony, I was hoping it would either make you laugh or laugh @Argoyle, I'm so still laughing at that
  19. Leelah

    Occitan language?

    @Mae, I thought Latin and Latin based languages as well. 'Ventra' could also mean 'in front' based in Latin word 'ventralis'. It could also mean 'window', because it's close to Swedish 'fönster' and German 'Fenster'. Well, I did little research but it didn't give anything to Occitan language. Instead, sliced the word 'konterra' to pieces, 'kon' in Swedish for 'cone', and 'koń' in Polish for 'horse'. So nothing helpful but quite fun 'Kon' could also mean something like 'towards' just based on my ear And in Spanish 'con' means 'with'. For 'terra' I couldn't found more translations than 'ground' and similar. Well, 'mai' was an interesting one. In Italian it means 'never (ever)'. In French it gave 'May' and 'we' (this was news for me!) In Japanese it translated as 'bed sheath' or 'ark'. For 'heiu and 'huio I couldn't find anything straight. But closest word for 'heiu' was 'heu' in Latin which means 'Oh my', 'Terrible' and 'That's bad'. For 'huio I had to find a path through 'huyo' which comes from a Spanish verb 'huir' that means 'escape' or 'run away'. As I found the closest matches for 'ventra I had to laugh. This has been quite fun! I found two words from Esperanto that were close enough: 'ventro' and 'vintro'. 'Vintro' is quite simple, it means 'winter'. But 'ventro' means 'stomach' and I still can't stop laughing for what I've found matching these words Okay, the last one to go. This one I had to split, too. 'Joshi' is Japanese and means 'particle'. 'Moru' is also Japanese and means 'defend', 'guard' and 'protect'. And after putting these together, I bet they have no original meaning So I wouldn't put this sentence in any specific language based on my search (which, of course, isn't perfect or necessarily reliable!) So, mixing these ingredients: "Konterra mai heiu huio ventra! Joshimoru!" --- "Towards the ground never ever, terrible, escape the stomach! Defend your particles!" And maybe for making more sense "Ground with May, oh my, escape the winter! Guard your particles!" --- That sounds sooooo cool Pls, make your own mix with these ingredients
  20. Leelah

    New Aveyond / Walz Music Interview!

    What a great interview Aaron!
  21. Leelah

    Parents on Facebook

    @connielj001 You just didn't suggest her father to start playing WoW, DID YOU o.o After getting addicted to THAT piece of garbage he'd never try a real hobby again ... @Aeternus: I think you should try to talk to your Dad and suggest some healthier hobbies. I don't just mean that he's just sitting while being on Fb but he starts to worry about you too much if he "stalks" your personal life on Fb.. I don't really care about my parents being on Fb or not. I hate when they do these sex related tests, though, it's something children just don't want to think about of their parents even though I'm over 20, too *.* Mostly my Mom asks advice about Farmville or other games or she comments some pictures I've added. My Dad joined only recently and just leaves some comments to my profile statuses
  22. Leelah

    Weird Marriages, what do you think?

    OMG, I didn't know Finns were as crazy as Japs and Koreans but Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer is definitely Finnish... Oh, of course we're as crazy as them, still being no 2 in suicidal statistics \o/ (see I'm tired)
  23. Leelah

    Aveyond Characters *SOME SPOILERS*

    Whoa, after I met Te'ijal I thought I MUST HAVE HER. I just thought she was so cool and beautiful and a vampire I always get her asap because se just is so... beauty vamp xD
  24. Leelah

    Aveyond Characters *SOME SPOILERS*

    @Shaz: "@All, having said that, this is a very depressing thread to read. There's a great difference between offering constructive criticism and just bashing a game to pieces - and for the last few pages of this thread, it's been the latter. If we can't move on from "here are all the reasons AV2 is a failure" I'm going to lock this thread. We can handle constructive criticism and suggestions, but this thread has sunk below that long ago, and the "discussion" it's turned into does not belong on the developer's own forum. If you don't like the game, don't play it, but don't sit here harping about all the things that are wrong with it ... again, and again, and again. And remember, it's your opinion, and as we've already seen, it's not shared by everyone." We're sorry, that this thread has been quite offensive towards AV2, and it wasn't the purpose, of course, and I think I can speak for every one who didn't consider AV2 the best AV game or didn't like it at all or just forgot about it. That whole discussion could have been just 3-4 messages long and not crossing the line. But it became crushing after others' opinions/messages were not read through and after not reading the whole message there were some arguments that lead to another explanation that wasn't flattering AV2. I cannot understand why this discussion became so aggressive and why ppl just cannot say they don't like something and why they don't like them, but after there must be a huge defense because no one can disagree about the game ... o.O I don't mean to be offensive to anyone but when I read this through again this morning it just looked just like that.
  25. Leelah

    Aveyond Characters *SOME SPOILERS*

    Yes, KTC, that's just the thing I tried to say. I waited for a biiiig surprise to be in the end in AV2, because I didn't want to believe the solution would be so simple. I was wrong.