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  1. I see that this question was brought up in 2016, but was never resolved. I'm experiencing the same issue after trying to reopen the game yesterday. The game had been working just fine (a little laggy in spots but not a real problem), but the next time I went to open it I received the error script 'nether' line 54: NoMethodError occurred undefined method 'dispose' for nil:nilclass I run the game on Windows 10 from Bootcamp, but as I said I've never had an issue before. The game is played via BigFishGames, and I have tried the following: Uninstall/Reinstall the game and the bfg platforms, used CCleaner, checked for any device or windows updates, and restarted the computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Just finished the game the other day--took me about 34 hours on casual mode. I loved it! The problem is, you make the games so good I already can't wait for the 5th! In terms of battles, Rowen was my favorite, as she had the strongest hits as a sword singer. I feel that Myst, to me at least, was the weakest in battle, though she was my favorite character overall. I enjoyed this more than the 3rd series (still loved it though), but somehow the first Aveyond remains my favorite. Maybe that's simply nostalgia, or just the way it was set up. Every installment adds its own unique facet to the series. The only elements I wish had been there were more relationship options (it's fun to do the side quests to get rps and see who ends up with who), and when the party had its own dwelling. I loved the character interaction, and the fact that you could sleep for free. Overall, it was well worth the wait, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for always making these wonderful games!
  3. Actually, I did already push the switch in the room with the black holes (also, I have no idea how to make a screenshot ). Still no go. To clarify, I've already solved the boulders/maze puzzle. I'm not worrying about the next puzzle (color block) yet. I just want to get the door open that leads to the color block puzzle room. Can someone tell me which switches (both floor and wall) need to be up and down in order for this to work? Thanks for the help!
  4. Now this is just silly. I cannot seem to get that back right door open in the crypt after solving the boulder puzzle(switches, moving boulders, etc...). It's the one on the far right that I believe leads to the next puzzle. I have tried every combination of pushing door switches up and down and every which way I can think of, and I still cannot get it. I've even tried the little lever switches on the floor. Nothing seems to work. Any help at all would be appreciated! I would really like to continue on with this game! Also, I have build B.
  5. I am an idiot and accidentally got rid of my elven rapiers. Where do you find them at? I'm at the final stage and need them to fight Ahriman. Also, I read the guide(so sue me and it said to use Lars' most dizzying/sleeping/silencing spells on him? What specifically are those spells and should I actually use them? One more question (sorry): At what level does Rhen need to be at to have learned all her spells? I have her at level 73, Lars at 64, Elini at 68, Tei'jal at 60, Pirate John at 63, and Dameon at 63. Are those high enough, or should I gain more experience? Thanks for any help!!! Much appreciated!
  6. I looked at as many of the other threads as I could to see if this one had been posted, but could not find anything. Every time I equip Devin's sword or shield, they stay for a while, and then when I go back to the weapons screen, they are suddenly not equipped anymore. Is there a patch for this? Or does it do this only for certain types of armor and weapons? Help would be appreciated, thank you!
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