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  1. Just like most of your loot, you get it off a corpse.
  2. Do I understand correctly - that the only build of Aveyond 1 that can be downloaded on this site now is build C?
  3. I think someone's basic attack can silence him and prevent him from using Annihilation. Maybe Dameon equiped with his highest level weapon. That should make it easier.
  4. @ aisling - Ok. I'm reading again, and it still sounds like Stars is asking for help in the final battle. Sorry about that. Wait. . . then what is Argoyle talking about? And the game ends itself doesn't it? I just chose a path and viola - instant picture show. ???
  5. You might not want to level up in Ahriman's lair - way too tough. From Aeternus' level guide (((SPOILER!))) If you level up in the Dark Caverns before you head to Ahriman's lair, you should get a fairly high reward per kill. Aeternus' guide has info on how to kill those opponents as well. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=1016&forum=20
  6. Hrrrmm. To defeat Ahriman, right? I just threw my top spells with one healer in the party. (Dameon, yes?) I don't think I had any special attack items, but I did make sure I had 99 of every restoritive before I went to the final battle. It took me many, many rounds. I just kept healing everyone and throwing a hit at him when I got a chance. I know I was level 82 one time and level 99 the another. Those the only two times I remember for sure.
  7. Yes, but that would be cheating. :guilty: :innocent: :evil: I kid, seriously. I like levelling up the hard way. It's heaps of fun watching their hard work pay off - with the pretty music and the visual pat on the back. *sigh* Good times.
  8. I made mine from one of my own sketches and the photo edit function on Photobucket. Super easy You can make one from your favorite show by doing the same thing with pics. Here's one I made on Photobucket for teh new Star Trek movie:
  9. I buy loads of Blizzard Scrolls and kill all the wolfies and skeletons in Two Moons Plains. It usually only takes two scrolls to get the whole enemy party. 10,000exp on one fight. Plus once you get Phoenix sphere you can practice Iya's top spells before the big fight.
  10. marphlets

    Aveyond 3

    Does anyone know if A3 is going to be released on Big Fish?
  11. LOL - That's my little Star Trek geek out. It says "I'm not conceited: I'm Romulan." The symbol in the background is the Romulan Empire crest.
  12. I can't ever get past Jane Austen's first chapter. She seems to ramble on about details that the reader would see on their own if they just read the events of the story. She was very good at the unheard dialogue between charaters. Even standing and sitting said volumes in Austen's world.
  13. Re-sigged and added animation. Love all the anime that appears in you guys siggies. Great stuff!
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