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  1. Indeed Belinda's suggestion of picking up gold bags in the Peliad area is a good way to go. In expert mode, you need to dodge the monsters instead of fighting them. When I do this in expert mode, I pick up the bag in the gold bag in the park, I dodge monsters in Bristle Woods West and pick up all three gold bags there, and I can even pick up one gold bag in Bristle Woods East if I'm lucky before going down in the sewers.
  2. Hi, I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 (just like elf_baby), and all the Aveyond Games work just fine for me. There is no Roaming folder in XP. My Aveyond 3 saves are in the folder: C:\Documents and Settings\[censored]\Application Data\Aveyond 3 I've never had a problem writing save files to folders in this directory. I install and play games when logged in as the same user. There are other folders on my computer that belong to other users. I cannot write to those. I wonder if that is elf-baby's trouble?
  3. To get to Aveyond, go back to the Dire Woods on the snowy Northern Isle. The lower right exit from that map leads to Aveyond. EDIT: @shaz below: She said she destroyed the demon. She needs Aveyond in the Mortal Realm, as described above.
  4. No, the weapons you can buy in Underfall don't give anyone the cursed status. The Underfall weapons do seem to have a Dark element to them, and thus do not damage the Dark monsters in the immediate Underfall area. If you want to fight the ghosts and ghouls, keep your old weapons. But the Underfall weapons do work great on the monsters in Ashera's Tomb.
  5. If I recall correctly, the screen looks "stuck" there because you reach the bottom of the map. Once the party has gone as far down as they can (which will be somewhere below the middle of the computer screen), the passageway turns right. For some weird reason, I had to take one step up and one back down to get the party to actually follow the passageway right. I don't know if that happens to everyone.
  6. Have you done the quest for the two queens? The next flame is right next to the object they want.
  7. You need to explore some more. Find the town called Sheian Lyr. Doing quests there will lead you to the other two flames.
  8. For the hive, buy an Earthquake scroll from the items shop. It's only 15 gold.
  9. ((Now how did you get the "restore archer" quest if you don't have a dragon to get to Mount Orion in the first place?)) It's time for your dragon! Sail your boat to a small island, west of the Western Isle, and buy one!
  10. Fly your dragon to the middle island, the one that's surrounded by mountains, with no place to land a boat.
  11. It's not on any island! Don't worry about trying to find the Demon Plains. The game will take you there when you've advanced the plot enough. Where are you now?
  12. Look for a town called Sheian Lyr. Doing the quests you find there will lead you to the next wyvern flames.
  13. No there isn't. In The Darkthrop Prophecy, the only way in and out of the Ghed'are/Wyrm Forest area is the reaper express.
  14. EDIT: Accidentally double posted due to an internet connection error. Please delete this one.
  15. It should be as easy as saying "yes". But you can only have one of the mirrors in the forest. If you've already taken another mirror, you can't have the truth mirror.
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