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  1. I just wonder if it was after MoGF or before MoGF. I have some problem with mood.
  2. Well you was right. Our mr. Snark king is suit Len so much. And honestly i like them more than the other couple. And Kirroha i dislike your lecture!!! I never ever play demo in whole of my live becaues i always play the full one! (well duh I'm being sarcastic again...)
  3. I just reload it for second time and poof Gyendal is over! I'm around 57-59 that time. Just inflict some status affliction or whatever it names. well i reload the first one simply because i forget to equip Ulf! just do some leveling and look around stone... cave(I forget the name)
  4. wow, what a damn hilarious! I just couldn't stand to not LOL.
  5. Well when we could got that Raven Bad Endings 2? I don't like waiting. Cain outnumber all of the character yay!^^
  6. Wow thanks a lot! Even I have a really bad impression with Demo(It makes me want to play the full one) i will try it.
  7. Crab or whatever you talk about is didn't that hard to kill. I finish them in my first time kill them. No reload or anything. Well I'm still around fifty lvl.
  8. Ehehe i'm just play Cain best ending today.(Best safe for the last LOL) I think Shea is not that cute or whatever. The creator said this one will come next year. Oh,Painfull. If you want details it listed more in the forum though. (Erm, sorry but i didn't like RPG battle system in it too much.)
  9. wait for a minute! I believe in other series Shea is one of the bad guy. And now did he being in good side?
  10. I playe dit a long time ago. but i think Avrail caould be found in the hill to north then west in a cave.(later you will come back again here)
  11. I played it and didn't know there is about a book to the fairy children whanever it.
  12. Oh that very loooooooooooooong time. I looking forward to it though. Good Luck then!
  13. I like AV1 AND AV3.AV2 is somehow not to good for me. at technical it wasn't that bad, maybe the monster in AV3 LoT and GoN is a little bit to easy to defeat.
  14. in GoN you can not get the spider egg. So I advice you play LoT again and play GoN again from beginning Spider egg hekp lot, but other alternative you could just buy weevil scroll in Ged'ahre(even it was expensive)it was just my advice
  15. well another reason i lazzy walked from MMO to Thais castle, even get winged shoes from Giant in Naylith. I have another save slot with Mel the bride so it doesn't matter if i want to marry Edward with another girl except Stella.If someone want to marry with Mel i hint to not miss some candy event(i forgot what it named) in Witchwood
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