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  1. rin966

    Exit Fate

    I think it will be good game will you give me the download link?
  2. 1: Ahriman Lair{of course} 2: Dreamland {because, the witches} 3: Lamp land {It's so Long!}
  3. Thank you now i can give the squirrels the battering ram
  4. Hey i'm new in the amaranthian kingdom My name is Rin966 Location: in place are very bright in Asia Likes : Game,reading,and have fun Dislike : Virus,computers error,spinny plot game,stupid people
  5. How about the story between aveyond 1 and aveyond 2? I curious how big world in aveyond 1 shrink in aveyond 2. it must be had a story and how the oracle had children it will be interesting if the story revealed
  6. more twisted story will be make it more interesting in game
  7. I think most of tales series use it, it really a great batlle system.
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