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  1. no u have to keep wrighting, its a great story, something i actually want and like to read and i hate reading. keep writeing
  2. when sailor moon disapears just change your party around so that someone else will be the leader and u can change it back if u want after u get the gate unlocked.
  3. haha funny story. it toke me a while to read but thats just becuse im a slow reader and i get distracted really easily. cant wait for the next update:D
  4. wow thats awesome. i hadent heard from u for a long time so i thought the story was over. but im happy u did more:D:D:D
  5. awww that is sooo cute.i think avey's was better even though it was a bit short it was still good.
  6. yas the government is giving every yr9 student in sydney a laptop for schoo. and what i mean about the maths thing is instead of ding the work on my laptop that the teacher set i just go on amaranthia for a hour
  7. yer school is not very amusing but since i got given a laptop from the government cause im in year 9 i have found a way to entertain myself during maths (by going on amaranthia for a hour). hehehe
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