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  1. Mager prob

    Thak you so much. Now i can change to my hearts content. Many thanks, Luv cuppa xxxx
  2. Mager prob

    I have read w/through ect:, and i cannot change party, even when i am in item or equip screen. What am i doing wrong please. Thank you. :S
  3. Lost again

    Thank you UntoldReveries. I know where book is just got lost 2 catacombs. Many mant thank's. Luv cuppaxxxx.
  4. Lost again

    Sorry me agaign, Cant find catacombs, 4got where they are got item for barnaby? family book. Tkanks for putting up with me. :oops:
  5. Ghder

    Thank you UntoldReveries. Got death certificate and am now in cave hope this leads 2 Gher'd. Once again many many thanks. Luv cuppa xxxx.
  6. Ghder

    Me again. So sorry to trouble you, got map of Ghder vampire place. need to deliver wine there. Looked at world map cannot find. Thank you. :taz:
  7. Messed up.

    Many thank's. Will do Luv cuppa xxxx.
  8. Messed up.

    I need the harp string, i had it but saved in wrong slot. I am in naylith and need it for the harp player. Is it important that i have it. Thank you. :innocent:
  9. Mushroom

    Thank you so much UntoldReveries. Your patience with me is a virtue. Many thanks Luv cuppa
  10. Mushroom

    Sorry to trouble you afaign. I have been lokkinging for mushroom to get fairy dust. Been all thru forum posts and cannot find it. Thank you. :oops:
  11. Lost dog

    Thank you for help. Played LoT. Still on my comp in files. Will play again after i finish GoN. Once again many thank's.
  12. Lost dog

    When i go back to thais the little boy asks me to find his dog. I am well into game and about to enter whisper woods. I am leveling up, i need more gold to buy fairy amour and stuff. So i need to find the dog. Been all over the wood with wolves but no dog.Please help me i feel sorry for him. Many thank's. :x
  13. water works

    Many thank's to all. Great help. Brilliant comunity. Luv cuppa.
  14. elvin village.

    Thank you UtoldReveries. Great help. :AngelFriend: :thanks:
  15. So sorry cannot find evlvin village. Looked at maps still cannot find. My poor eyesight is going. Must be my age. :hammer: No not me comp just banging meself on me ed,for forgrtting.