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  1. I recently got TLO but the game is unresponsive when it comes to the dig site down in the sewers. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game with no change in this. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to remedy this?
  2. I have the shovel. And it doesn't say anything at all. Am I possibly in the wrong spot? I don't think I am but still.
  3. That doesn't seem to be the problem as I have uninstalled and reinstalled it with the same results.
  4. Not particularly. Perhaps my version is flawed? I'll reinstall it and see if that works but possibly not.
  5. Yes. The book has been read and Lydia's plans have been heard. Any other ideas because I honestly have not the slightest?
  6. Hi. So I have the shovel and June has unlocked the gate but I can't seem to be able to dig in the corner to get the note and the key. Is there anything else that I need for this to work? Please and Thank you.
  7. I get to the first but when I try to load I keep geting Script 'Scene_Load' line 97: EOFError any one knowwhats going on, the other games will load?
  8. I gave it to the squirrels for the dinamite, oh well.
  9. How do you get the key to save the town on the east island?
  10. Also you have to put the map file in the folder with the other maps.
  11. All she tells me is that 1 of her husbans gave her the lamp & that he is alway by the demon Caves. Am i missing something?
  12. Mines Build B So would that be the first one?
  13. How can I find a dragon bridal?
  14. How exactly do I do that? Never mind i think i got it.
  15. Were can i find the skull to unlock Halloween Hills, i think in the place were the music Druid is but i'm no sure.
  16. Thanks, BUT HOW DO I DO THAT
  17. how do i get the rowboat, the lady with 4 husbinds does not what him, is there another way?
  18. is there a spisific order neaded to find the Druids? If so, what is it?
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