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  1. Like another poster before me--I have the half-made grub potion (sans grub) in the cauldron and can't move forward with the agreeable potion because I didn't know there was an order it had to be done in and I didn't know there would be a secret ingredient. I do not have another recent save to return to and kind of object to having to backtrack anyway Is there a way around this? On a side note: This is the only part of this otherwise entertaining game that frustrates me. As a rule, I don't use walk-thrus (in my mind--what would be the point?) and one of the things I've loved about Aveyond games (and I'm a long-time fan) is that the majority of the quests can be done in any order, as long as the characters have enough power and the right tools. The only way I could have seen this coming is if I'd purchased the walk-thru.
  2. Thank you for replying. And I will, but I sure hate to lose all that progress. I've been playing Aveyond games for a long time and have never run into this. Honestly, I'd prefer not to do so again. I'm fairly sure I don't need access to this feature.
  3. This is a new one. I'm in Whisper Woods and somehow or another managed to call up the Debug menu and my character was frozen for a few seconds. I have no idea what key I hit but suddenly the character advanced on his own to a scene with a dragon. It's like it skipped forward in the storyline, handed the dragon an "artifact" and then I was able to take over. By this point the debug menu was gone and the storyline resumed like the character had never seen the dragon before. However now my character can't go down any of the ladders. At all. Help? I will try going to my previous save, but I kind of hate to lose the progress.
  4. I don't have that option. However I've been playing a similar game of late, am nearly done with it, and am now suffering from the same problem that I did in Aveyond. I suspect this is an RPG maker issue.
  5. I have twelve Karma points and am near the end of the game. Iya is at level 77. That should be enough to get the Phoenix Sphere, right? It's not shown up. Do I have to go to a particular place to get it? Because I've fought and beaten the Snow Queen without it, but I can't seem to beat the witch.
  6. I am a long time fan of Aveyond and thought I'd relive some pleasant memories by replaying Rhen's chapter. However after about an hour of game play, my arrow up key stopped working and I got Rhen stuck in the cave with all the mice in it? She can go down or left or right, but I can't get her to go back. I also ran into this in the menu when I backed out of the game. Is there a setting I've forgotten about? PS. I'm playing in Windows 7, using a standard keyboard--nothing fancy. 'Would love to be able to play this game today while I've got time. Wait a minute. I've just looked in technical questions section and can see that this is an unresolved problem. The suggestions made either a) don't apply to me or didn't work. I don't have a webcam, nor do I have a game pad. I do have a USB port mouse and keyboard and I'm not having any problems with this outside of Aveyond. My drivers are all updated. I've already reinstalled at least three times. What's left to try? Merged posts and topics. ~Mopiece
  7. I've scanned the threads about the harp string but didn't see the answer to my question. I know where the harp string is at, but the character there only complains about having to play it I'm down to four entries in my journal: deliver wine to Ghedaire (sorry about the spelling) butterfly wings find relics take four keys to Naylith What step am I missing? . thanks
  8. Thanks for replying. However, he's not there. In the room is exactly: the two women sitting at the table who are there to see their kids, the musician who says nothing, the guy in green in white who talks about how crowded it is in the room, and the treasure hunter. That's it and that's the only characters that I've seen in the room from the beginning. After the murder, I'd already gone to the constable and suggested that Tervad had killed the guy because I found the list on the guy's desk. The constable said it wasn't enough. Did this somehow mess things up? Thanks. Edit: Ahh! Wait! I found him. I decided to try talking to the empty chair by the wall just for fun. The guy appeared and began answering questions. Interesting glitch. aislingyngaio: Merged posts
  9. I played this game a couple of years ago and thought it would be fun to replay. Tervad's been killed. I've found the note upstairs and went down and reported it to the detective who says (of course) that it's not enough. So after puttering around with it off and on for a couple of days, I checked a walkthru and found that I needed to go talk to the poison dealer at the pub. I'd already been to the pub a couple of times previous to the murder, but hadn't seen him (there was a treasure hunter there and a guy talking about how crowded it is and a couple women who've come to see their sons, the cook and the musician, but that's it). So I headed back over and find that he's not there. What am I missing? Is there some other quest I need to complete first? Thanks!
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