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  1. Hi guys! I just started playing again the Aveyond 3 series and i have a problem . Now i m at TLO. The battles are working really really hard. They have a big lag. The rest of the game is working ok,it has a bit of a lag itself . Please help! 😥
  2. It s not aveyond. Not that type of game. it was free but i can t remember from where i ve downloaded it. It was like a story, in some points you have to choose from 2 options for exemple, and then the ending of the story is changing . Smth like the picture i attached
  3. Hi guys. I m looking for a game that i ve played a long time ago and i can t remember the name. It was a story game, with choices and multiple endings , and a couple of puzzles. I think it starts with a girl (with long purple hair if i remember correctly). She had a best friend-blonde . If you have any ideea about what game i m talking about,please let me know. Thank you in advance !!
  4. In act IV after i resqued Anna from jail what do i have to do? I tried to go on the Sacred Mountain but is saying "We better don't go there just yet"
  5. Yay! Thanks i found them all
  6. BTW which is the password for the first door under Rome ?:| it shows me only the number zero...
  7. Can somebody tell me where do i find the algae? And also i can't find moss from a fisherman's boot and herbs. BTW which is the password for the first door under Rome ?:| it shows me only the number zero... Please edit your post if you need to add something and nobody has posted after you ~~ UntoldReveries
  8. Everything was so good, but the maps were pretty small. I just got the Mel ending. So sad Stella died. But if I would get her ending, she would be in chapter 3?
  9. Why 1000 GP? Those are pretty much money.
  10. sweet

    Post Your Picture!

    OH GOD! :laughing: next time turn the light on, i'm curious to see how you look
  11. Finally, so good! Now I don't need to ask the others for help!
  12. sweet


    I'm downloading it right now.
  13. thank you again! i'll make sure i'll get them!
  14. thank you, but those are all?
  15. are there another gems than sapphire?
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