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  1. Excited! Just downloaded - will be fun to play through again.
  2. I'm well out of college (or university as we called it here) and I'll admit that I had plenty of time for friends/gaming/what not as I may not have paid as close attention to my studies as I could have. However my study of the subject of life was amazing! lol The real time suck that I'm now dealing with is two kids under the age of 3...and I have no doubt that the demands on my time will only continue to grow. At this point I save an hour for myself each evening after the kids have gone to bed and all the chores are done...it's my free hour for reading/games/tv which is when I usually get my play in. If I didn't keep that hour to myself each day I think I may go insane!
  3. Wow that would be amazing!! Would love to play on my iPad.
  4. I like riches to rags where the character learns how to handle the rags (and become a better person) and winds up back in riches. So that's a lot of both riches and rags.
  5. I prefer an installer! I have an oooooooooooold computer (I bought it in 2001 so yes I know that's ancient in computer standards) and for some reason zips don't always work. Installers seem to be more reliable for me.
  6. Jayshe


    I am afraid of small places underground. I went spelunking once as a kid and felt like I was suffocating and that the ground was going to crush me. The idea of going far below ground into a mine or a small cave has me taking big gulps of air as if to remind myself that I'm not actually in that situation. Since my fear has nothing to do with enclosed rooms, elevators, or anything above ground I wasn't sure or not if it is claustrophobia. After reading about claustrophobia on wikipedia however I think it is. These two definitions rang out: Claustrophobia is typically thought to have two key symptoms: fear of restriction and fear of suffocation. However, claustrophobics are not necessarily afraid of these areas themselves, but, rather, they fear what could happen to them should they become confined to an area. Often, when confined to an area, claustrophobics begin to fear suffocation, believing that there may be a lack of air in the area to which they are confined. Very interesting and definitely how I feel!
  7. It sounds like Chaos Rings especially would be my ideal for battle. That's a really neat idea to also be able to level up the monsters as your skill level gets higher.
  8. lol @ theone What a ridiculous question, that's hilarious! And people took this seriously? And writing a question like that is considered being a troll? Or is it more that a silly question encourages people to be trolls in their answers?
  9. I'm with Esme. I think I'd have trouble believing even 1% of Americans thought that. That's still 3,000,000 people!
  10. Oh cool, I would love to play a game with that. Being able to turn it back on though would be nice if you still needed to level up.
  11. I don't know if this is possible but if there were some sort of switch or something for when you've come to the end of a map that a character can click to take away the monsters in the area for future re-runs into that map then it's up to the user's choice on whether or not to keep on fighting the same monsters. I have no idea if that's possible but it's an idea!
  12. I'm with you on most of your list shaz. The two that really stick out for me: Fast Travel - It can get tedious repeating the same scene over and over again so this makes a huge difference. Unless I need to level up/get me some gold of course! Crafting - I love crafting superior armor. However I do not like crafting when I'm guessing at ingredients. One of the items not on your list but in one of the Aveyond games Amanda included names and sayings from real guild members in each of the guilds - I thought that was really neat.
  13. With those choices I may end up just sticking to shellfish! I don't have qualms about dumping a lobster into boiling salt water (probably the no seeing its guts kinda thing) but I'm not so sure I could look a pig in the eye and then shoot it. At least not unless my bacon craving gets out of control...mmmm bacon.
  14. Jayshe


    It sounds like the mantra for good dinner conversation - stay away from religion and politics! lol That being said I obviously wouldn't expect that to be the case with direct family. From the sounds of it she really wants you to be as adamant about the issues as she is and if that's just not the case (or it grates on you) then I probably wouldn't go there in the first place. Either that or stick to less heated political topics like Clint Eastwood's rant.
  15. I just thought I'd mention I love this game although it is apt that LONG is in the title!! I have started this game on four separate occasions and haven't actually finished it yet. :S On my last attempt I'm stuck in the final castle but every time I log on I immediately get into a fight with an end guy that I just can't beat. Ugh. It looks like it's time to start again although I swear I need at least a week of free time to do so.
  16. Argoyle congrats! He looks adorable. I have a lot of understanding on what you must be going through right now. I had our son on Feb 5th and wow have I not had a lot of time these days! How many weeks is he? @BryceJ lol pickles and ice cream...luckily I escaped that craving! My tastes turned from loving salty things to sweet...that and absolutely wanting a glass of red wine by the end. There's nothing quite like going 9 months without to REALLY enjoy it when you're allowed.
  17. @theone - this comes from a little far back in the thread but you questioned how if you dislike studying engineering how can you like the job...I just have to say that often times jobs can be totally different than university classes. I'm a marketer and my hubby's an engineer...both of us are working in our fields and the actual application is completely different from trying to study the disciplines. Unless you do co-op, or are doing practicals (like parts of teachers college, nursing etc.) school tends to be a lot different than the actual job.
  18. I don't have any new advice that hasn't been offered. But *hugs* your ordeal sounds really scary to me. Good luck-we're thinking of you-and stay safe!
  19. Oh wow, I had completely forgotten about that site. Thanks Taz for posting! I vaguely remember starting under a new handle here as I believe I lost all my post count with the transition to this site. Good thing the ease and beauty of the site made up for it!
  20. haha Ooops, good point! I should have thought of Mantis off the bat.
  21. I would have said no but I can't believe this case even got through to a judge It's probably better to say you can't successfully sue for almost anything!
  22. @Moony-what's your druid name? (or am I very slow and it's Moony lol)
  23. @Sophia-I totally agree with your comments. It sounds like the dad has had some subtle manipulation going on. One of the comments (I'm not sure in this article-I had read it previously in another paper) was that one of the examples of bad parenting was a birthday card that the son didn't like. SERIOUSLY?!! How did he miss the fact that his Mom remembered and sent him a card to recognize him on his birthday!
  24. Mmmm, I don't think we should be posting thoughts on the game until the game is out. It's not really fair to everyone here and the only ones who can discuss are the beta testers. Maybe a discussion to have in the beta testing thread in the guild forum (sorry aisling!)?
  25. I graduated with a bachelors of commerce about 10 years as well - so no feeling old Argoyle I actually went back to school for a year to get my math teachables after graduation as I couldn't decide between a career in marketing or teaching. I finally did decide on seizing an opportunity in marketing and have been working in the consumer package goods industry for the last number of years. I'm actually about to enter a new career however-that of Mommy. It's exciting and exhilerating-and we'll just have to see if I end up returning back to marketing after maternity leave is over or where life takes me. Aeternus-I hear you on nurses salaries. A few of my friends after graduating went down to the States for a few years as it can be pretty lucrative (at least it was for them) and allowed them to save up/pay off student debt/save for a mortgage before moving on back up here. Have you thought about becoming a nurse practitioner? A couple of my friends completed a program at OttawaU for a dual masters/practitioners license and I think that helped their income boost.
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