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  1. Jayshe

    List of Quests

    Claire-one of the users posted a walkthrough that describes a lot of the quests here: PDF: http://www.4shared.com/file/110506617 ... /Aveyond_3_chapter_1.html Text: http://www.4shared.com/file/110492109 ... eb2/Aveyond_3__2003_.html (needs maps from Guides, Tip section) (If that link doesn't work it's found in this forum)
  2. Jayshe

    GoN Quests?

    I've missed the soul quest too! I thought I had talked to everyone in Gheldare...who do I trigger it with?
  3. Jayshe

    The merchant pass

    I think Kirro/Kirroha posted you a big smiley face to say that it was!
  4. Jayshe

    GoN Quests?

    Will all of the side quests save over from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 if I don't complete them by the Ch. 1 ending? (I sometimes accidentally prompt the story line when I mean to complete a side quest first)
  5. Kirroha-don't some of the proceeds for the strategy guide go to Amanda at least? I would hope so! I do agree it does feel like a bit of a desperate way to make more money. At the same I think it's a little silly to get it anyhow considering everyone here is so good about answering any questions...and very promptly too!
  6. Jayshe

    Aveyond iPod Project - REVIVED!

    Wow, amazing work. You should definitely make an Aveyond 3 project!!!
  7. I know I'm late on this but what a great idea! I'll keep my eyes peeled for future events.
  8. Jayshe

    Ice skating

    Where do I learn how to skate? I believe I need the skill to proceed but I seemed to have missed the house in whichever town where I can learn the skill.
  9. Is there a monster guide to come? I'm having trouble beating the Poltergeist and was wondering around what level is suggested before fighting it?
  10. Jayshe


    Unfortunately I too have that problem! Thank you so much for completing...it will be a huge help.
  11. Jayshe

    Can't get rid of Curse?

    Oh yes, that's so silly of me, of course she's wearing the cursed armour. Thank you!
  12. Jayshe

    Should I buy it?

    I say go for it! I have loved every moment and I'm not whizzing through it...of course I'm taking a lot of time to explore every area and speak to every character...so if that's the type of gamer you are it's overall really fun.
  13. Excellent news...just about to go back to playing it! (I have been trying to savour it and keep from finishing it all at once!). Once last question-I've read on here that the Orb series could extend out to a number of chapters (maybe even 6?). Are the plans for the chapters to always center around the same characters (so really Mel as the main) or would they change viewpoints?
  14. I haven't finished it yet but so far I LOVE it. Love the storyline and the characters. Perhaps because I'm only part way through, it hasn't seemed like there have been many side quests like the last Aveyonds. Are there more to come or am I just missing on triggering them?
  15. Jayshe

    Chapters- Like or Dislike?

    I like the concept in that overall we'll get games a lot faster than just once every year or two. Selfishly once I start playing though I want to play for as long as possible so it's just me being disapointed when I get through it too quickly! Of course like the other Aveyond games it just means I have to play it again! I love that there's the choice between normal and expert for that very reason...
  16. Jayshe

    best place for levelling up

    Grim-gryphon-once you level up to level 99 do the monsters stop being around as there's no more point to leveling up through them? I'm pretty sure you had a choice for that in Everlong and I can't remember if that's the case in Aveyond.
  17. Jayshe


    I did Mage this time around but there didn't seem to be as many 'group' spells as some of the other guilds.
  18. Jayshe

    Book Page

    I have come across 8 book pages. What do I use them for? How do I activate the quest?