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  1. @diamond-I think it's pretty clear from everyone here. Talk to an adult/cop asap, especially given what you've witnessed. @Night-I really appreciate your questions/thoughts to ensure this is serious. Accusations like that are incredibly serious. A good friend of mine is a teacher and had a horrible accusation against him (which ended up stemming from tapping a girl's shoulder to move forward which the class witnessed but after the rumour mill turned it came to the attention as something much more serious). Although he was cleared he had to sit out of two months of school and he feels that now tarnishes his rep. Sad.
  2. Aveyond06-there's still the decent Everlong for free (and this guy is definitely doing it for the love of the game). Just note the word long in the title. Long game...LONG!!
  3. I'm all about the battles-although I do appreciate when some of the monsters don't come back a second time when there's a map you seem to have to go through over and over and over!
  4. I went back and forth in high school whether or not to get one, and ultimately didn't-I couldn't settle on exactly what was so meaningful to me to have an image or sign of it on my body forever. That's not to say I never would-I can see something encompassing family, I just need to get it into art in a way that I find impacts me. I think tattoos can definitely be seen as art. Have you ever seen some of the work that comes out of the show LA Ink? Some of it is pretty incredible and those tattoo artists are definitely artists in their own right.
  5. My words almost exactly echo Ashen. I'm not afraid of being dead. I am afraid of a painful (/terrifying moments before death if say I was trapped by a serial killer lol) death. However I also believe in reincarnation and life after death so the being dead part seems part of the natural cycle to me.
  6. I know the registration of guns hasn't done anything to lower crime-that's why the Conservatives want to kill it! The lower crime rates have existed far before the registration came into effect a few years ago. It's also true that most of the guns that have been involved in violent crime have been attained illegally-in Toronto most can be chased back to being brought over illegally from the US. A lot of focus in Ontario is put on how to stop the flow of arms from the US. It wouldn't stop the underlying cause of crime but it would make it harder to commit. The main focus on lowering violent crime is going after the underlying reasons. Per capita (again Canada) the highest violent crime actually happens in Saskatoon and Regina. Now that can be a whole argument in itself, with a lot of questions against poverty and the proportion of natives and how they're treated.
  7. My hubby and I met when we were back home one summer from our respective universities. What was supposed to be a summer fling surprised us both and ended up lasting, mainly because we decided distance was a stupid reason to break up when we loved each other. We ended up doing long distance during school terms for the next three years (and one year when I got a job in another city) but it worked. We're just coming on 10 years together (married now) and I can't imagine my life without him. I think the reason why we work so well is that he's absolutely my best friend. Kipani-you had a really interesting comment about 4/5 online relationships working, possibly because online forces you to talk and get to know each other. Although my hubby and I didn't meet online, during our first school term away I was in Scotland & he was in Canada and we were both pretty broke, meaning that to talk we did it almost all online since calling was expensive (and Skype wasn't invented!). Anyhow, I think it's the same idea, as we got to know each other so much better since the only way to stay in touch was to talk. I found it harder to get lost in small talk, since he didn't know any of the people I was living/hanging out with over there, so ended up really getting to know our ideas, goals, and opinions with much deeper topics. Kleptin-and may I add what a nice topic
  8. @Connie-Is there a place that work farms have been implemented? What an interesting concept! @kipani-I don't know about comparing Asian countries (haven't looked into it), and it's not apples to apples since we have different systems, but the violent crime rate per capita in Canada is far lower than the violent crime rate per capita in the US and Canada does not have the death penalty. I don't actually think has anything to do with the death penalty question however, but instead to tougher gun control laws. If the ultimate goal of the death penalty is to scare people from committing violent crime I would look instead first to how to limit access to easy to kill weapons and the underlying reasons for crime.
  9. @kipani This is my personal opinion, however I feel that the ultimate decision is life vs. death, and that we aren't qualified to decide whether a person lives or dies. My statement is not black and white-because I feel that I can't judge whether someone's life is taken away, does not mean that I don't think we can't judge punishments on anything or anyone. Judgments where we can't change the results, or at least compensate for them should we be proven wrong at a later date are in my eyes too extreme. If I judge someone should die and later find out evidence to prove that I was mistaken it's not like I can bring them back to life. However we could release someone from jail or compensate for the time lost. Quote: The death penalty has been given to innocent people a little over 100 times. However, people out on parole have murdered again more than 1000 times. That is 100 people too many that have lost their lives by mistake. The fact that people on parole have murdered more than 1000 times is irrelevant. It does not make it right that 100 innocent people were killed through the wrong judgment of others. Had they instead been given a life sentence the wrong judgments could have been altered. People out on parole who have murdered is a whole other mistake altogether. Clearly they should not have been given parole.
  10. My thoughts echo Connie's earlier post...I don't think I can judge whether anyone deserves to die or not. If I happened to be an omnipresent being that could look into people's minds to understand what their true intent is/was, (are they true evil?) perhaps I could pass judgment, however I obviously can't do that. I can't really understand intent nor implication and how would I be all that different from a murderer to begin with by deciding someone's life/death? Just because I think my intent is in good faith? And that doesn't even begin to touch upon the amount of times it has turned out an innocent has actually been given the death penalty after a wrongful conviction (even once is too many).
  11. We had student pubs (and restaurants) on our campus...what was great about them was that they were also completely run by students. Not only did it create jobs but it gave a few students a really amazing opportunity to learn how to run a business (answering ultimately to the university body). Plus they were fun chill places to relax! It may help that the drinking age is younger here than the US (19) so that the majority of students are old enough to use the establishments.
  12. Can you make a cake in the microwave? I didn't know you could! You could also try cakes that don't need to be baked...we used to do one with chocolate wafers & whipped cream which you let sit for a few hours...the moisture from the whipped cream softens the wafers and essentially makes one chocolatey cake!
  13. @ Kipani - awwww, congrats, what a sweet, beautiful looking daughter @Ryo- eek you look so cute all dressed up, must have been great fun!! @harmonic - love super chill, looks like good hanging out fun @watershine - wow you have incredible blue eyes, jealous! @mooney- I need antlers like those, cute!!
  14. Jayshe

    On a "Journey"

    REM of course I should have thought of that! I did think of a couple more today: AC/DC-how did I not think of that one off the bat! NOFX-lol back to my angry teen days where my favourite song was 'stickin' in my eye'...yeah, enough said.
  15. Jayshe

    On a "Journey"

    Shaz-maybe it's only up here in Canada they were referred to as BTO but they were! I googled it out of interest and yup, according to wikipedia: Bachman–Turner Overdrive (frequently known as BTO) is a Canadian rock group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that enjoyed a string of hit albums and singles in the 1970s, selling over 7 million albums in Canada in that decade.
  16. Jayshe

    On a "Journey"

    BTO = Bachman Turner Overdrive lol I'm drawing a blank for my generation
  17. I think this might be my favourite background too so far...gorgeous and makes me want to snuggle up by a fire! Can't wait to visit the Dire Woods
  18. I fully echo KTC's comments...I think the wikileaks are important in understanding if the government is truly doing what it says it's doing to the people. From a civilian perspective from a country outside the US I'm also very interested to see in how exactly we work together as countries. I think this type of leak will ultimate be able to hold our governments more accountable to what their goals are and how they achiever their goals. My reference to games was more a term to show how interested I am to see/understand this information, what the subsequent reactions and effects will be and then how we as a people will help affect change.
  19. lol Stardale always looking out for a scoop! Daeva-love your real like Rhen pic. I can join but I'm kinda like mika-I've never really created any art!
  20. @KTC lol my sentiments exactly! I can't wait to see what's considered important, what the US truly thinks about leaders/governments, and what the heck goes on behind our backs that we have no clue about. The games are about to begin!
  21. @pinkjaguar13 I don't know why trolls are the way they are and of course I agree that they're wrong. This isn't quite the same thing as being mean for spoiling an ending to something, but it is the ultimate despicable troll behaviour-Thought you might enjoy this article here of an internet troll earning jail time for being stupid enough to brag to people on his street about being an internet troll. Again, no idea why it would be brag worthy and I can't comprehend why someone would ever want to say terrible things on a memorial site...brutal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-11650593
  22. The wikileaks documents that were released today were valuable enough that the US was warning all it's allies about it. They're US State Departments documents that were leaked-here's a few of the statements from the paper: The U.S. government, which was informed in advance of the contents, has contacted governments around the world, including in Russia, Europe and the Middle East, to try to limit any damage. Sources familiar with the documents say they include corruption allegations against foreign leaders and governments. he White House said the leak of the diplomatic cables could compromise private discussions with foreign governments and opposition leaders and may put at risk the lives of named individuals living “under oppressive regimes.” Apparently it's thousands and thousands of documents...even bigger than the Iraq leak of 400,000 documents a couple of months ago. I think it's pretty legit.
  23. The wikileaks documents that are just coming out may be interesting in this matter and show just who's helping or deterring the North and South. From one of the articles I read it looks like Iran's on the North's side as the North helped Iran to get its nuclear weapons.
  24. BuryTheCastle, I remember seeing that handle. Stella.Nox is a great one too
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