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  1. I fully echo KTC's comments...I think the wikileaks are important in understanding if the government is truly doing what it says it's doing to the people. From a civilian perspective from a country outside the US I'm also very interested to see in how exactly we work together as countries. I think this type of leak will ultimate be able to hold our governments more accountable to what their goals are and how they achiever their goals. My reference to games was more a term to show how interested I am to see/understand this information, what the subsequent reactions and effects will be and then how we as a people will help affect change.
  2. Jayshe

    Aveyond Club in Deviant Art

    lol Stardale always looking out for a scoop! Daeva-love your real like Rhen pic. I can join but I'm kinda like mika-I've never really created any art!
  3. @KTC lol my sentiments exactly! I can't wait to see what's considered important, what the US truly thinks about leaders/governments, and what the heck goes on behind our backs that we have no clue about. The games are about to begin!
  4. Jayshe

    Internet Message Boards

    @pinkjaguar13 I don't know why trolls are the way they are and of course I agree that they're wrong. This isn't quite the same thing as being mean for spoiling an ending to something, but it is the ultimate despicable troll behaviour-Thought you might enjoy this article here of an internet troll earning jail time for being stupid enough to brag to people on his street about being an internet troll. Again, no idea why it would be brag worthy and I can't comprehend why someone would ever want to say terrible things on a memorial site...brutal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-11650593
  5. The wikileaks documents that were released today were valuable enough that the US was warning all it's allies about it. They're US State Departments documents that were leaked-here's a few of the statements from the paper: The U.S. government, which was informed in advance of the contents, has contacted governments around the world, including in Russia, Europe and the Middle East, to try to limit any damage. Sources familiar with the documents say they include corruption allegations against foreign leaders and governments. he White House said the leak of the diplomatic cables could compromise private discussions with foreign governments and opposition leaders and may put at risk the lives of named individuals living “under oppressive regimes.” Apparently it's thousands and thousands of documents...even bigger than the Iraq leak of 400,000 documents a couple of months ago. I think it's pretty legit.
  6. The wikileaks documents that are just coming out may be interesting in this matter and show just who's helping or deterring the North and South. From one of the articles I read it looks like Iran's on the North's side as the North helped Iran to get its nuclear weapons.
  7. Jayshe

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    BuryTheCastle, I remember seeing that handle. Stella.Nox is a great one too
  8. Jayshe

    Need help with Problem

    You can also try to avoid him if you really don't like him and just talk to him (nicely) when you are in situations that you have to interact!
  9. I understand where the firefighters were coming from but I think they were wrong. My view is totally that as if I were a neighbour as if I was that guy's neighbour I'd be pretty angry. My concern would be that they only started to try to put it out once it started to burn the neighbour's house...what about the smoke damage that would have occurred before any flame jumped to the house? What if the firefighters couldn't control the fire at that point and it completely damaged my house...prevention seems far safer than letting it get to that point. What about the mess/clean-up/eye sore of a burnt down house beside you...presumably the re-construction would be worse since they let the house burn further, meaning as a neighbour I now get to deal with the noise of that beside me. Overall whether my neighbour had paid $75 bucks or not I would want any fire that could possibly effect me out as part of my $75 fee.
  10. Jayshe

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    Blurble-not sure if it's new but I just sat for a good five minutes watching your avvie...love it. 'It's complicated' lol
  11. Jayshe

    Mouse control v keyboard?

    I also prefer the keyboard...I think it's because I started playing RPGs before there were options to use a mouse and now that's how I associate playing with them. I did try the mouse but I figured if it ain't broke don't fix it! lol
  12. Jayshe

    Magic Debate

    There certainly are a lot of documented miracles...or phenomenon we just can't explain. Perhaps we lack the science to do so but I like to think in greater forces in the world out there-that's magic to me.
  13. Jayshe

    Facebook games

    I'm not sure whether this should really be posted here or spam haven...so mods feel free to move this as you feel appropriate. Facebook games. Mindless, souless, and obsessive. The storylines are weak at best and for the most part non-existant...the tasks are predictable and rarely humourous...so why are they taking the masses? Why, when I love the thought and intricacy that goes into most RPG games, am I obsessed with them?? Farmville, Frontierville, Zoo World...if you have a fancy for anything in life I guarantee you it's been made into a facebook game. So who participates? Who doesn't? Do you think these are a flash in a pan or are here to say? And more importantly I need neighbours...
  14. Jayshe

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Welcome Yuffie! I didn't realize that there were so many FFs until reading yours and connie's posts. I feel like it's something I'd like...is FF all computer based or does there happen to be one for the Wii?
  15. Jayshe

    Legalizing Prostitution.

    There's a reason that prostitution is called the world's oldest trade...I don't think it'll ever be just stamped out. I think that if prostitution followed KTC's original suggestion (like it does in the Netherlands etc) that it'd be a whole lot safer for prostitutes and customers alike if it was legalized. I think realistically prostitution will occur whether it's legal or not (clearly as it does today) so I like the idea of making it safer for everyone involved.
  16. I just saw the exciting news! Congrats Mopiece (represent!) and UntoldReveries-both exciting news.
  17. Jayshe

    Teeth pulling... Weeeee...

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out...they ended up putting me under for the surgery and it was my first (and only) experience I've had being under. I didn't have any crazy talk while going down but I woke up throwing up either due to the pain or a reaction to the whole thing. Yuch. So overall not a great experience but I remember loving the applesauce, pudding, and ice cream I got for days after!!!! Braces...I had them for a year and although I'm still appreciative as to what they did to my teeth I can't say I was ever all that excited to have them. Why the excitement?
  18. Jayshe

    Post Your Picture!

    @Argoyle-and here I had been thinking there golden retriever mix (maybe that other side!) but I can totally see the border collie now that it's called out. She's adorable!
  19. Jayshe

    Post Your Picture!

    @Argoyle-what kind of dog do you have? Great picture of you two. @Griselmay- don't say that, you're pretty-your smile is great Kirara- lol love your second pic...you've got spunk!
  20. Jayshe

    Avvies and Siggies (remade)

    Ashen-oooh love your set. I noticed it on another thread and came here specifically to tell you
  21. Jayshe

    what is it with teachers getting all angry?!

    I don't understand the cutting of the marks-you either got the marks or you didn't based on your work, not on personality. How can you tell the marks were cut because of the incident? I can't imagine a principal would stand for that.
  22. Was there any reason given for why she is retracting her statement? Are charges still being pressed? Is she separated now from her brother and father?
  23. Jayshe

    World Cup

    It's down to the final 16 now, with Uruguay moving on and the US just eliminated. I'm overall not a huge soccer fan but in general love sport. Even though I'm not overly into soccer, I'm completely fascinated by the World Cup. Is there anything else out there that brings countries from around the world leveled out onto one platform? Is there anything else that can unite an entire country together to put their differences aside and root for their side? I pretty much feel the same way about the Olympics, but there is something about the World Cup that I think (and this is a huge gasp on my part) might be even better. Is anyone else out there watching and caring?
  24. Jayshe

    World Cup

    Sana totally agreed...and I always seem to have a hard time judging if the yellows are warranted or if the players were diving.